Will Naruto return to Fortnite? New skins, expected release date, and more

Will Naruto return to Fortnite? Lots of gamers want the answer to this question, and fortunately, there’s good news. In a recent announcement, Epic confirmed its upcoming collaboration with the Naruto series.

Since the initial release of Fortnite x Naruto in Chapter Two of Season 8, players have been expecting another collaboration that will introduce additional characters from the franchise.

Chapter 3 of Season 3 of Fortnite turned out to be one of the best seasons, in terms of collaboration. The season boasts an impressive project with Lucas films that introduced Darth Vader to the game. The highly anticipated Naruto collaboration will only boost the reputation of this season.

It has been hinted that Naruto will be returning to Fortnite before the new season launches. However, there has been unfounded speculation, which has been further watered down among the previously leaked rumors of the upcoming Battle Pass. Players can rejoice as Naruto is officially confirmed to be back in Fortnite.

The Naruto franchise will return to Fortnite for a special collaboration

According to a tweet recently shared by the game’s official Twitter account, the upcoming collaboration will be called Fortnite x Naruto: Rivals, and will be available on June 23, 2022.

The collaboration is expected to bring new skins from the Naruto franchise.

The official announcement comes after speculation about the collaboration has received a lot of attention. Leaks and rumors about Naruto returning to the game began to emerge after a comic book was discovered in Japan with characters from Naruto and the Fortnite logo.

The upcoming collaboration is expected to feature Itachi, Hinata, Orochimaru, and Gaara characters. These skins will likely be sold in a bundle, with the option to purchase an individual leather.

Chyna, a prominent leaker, shared on Twitter that Epic is working on Kawaii2 challenges. Kawai is the code name for Naruto’s Challenges. Although this is speculation, it originated from the source of the upcoming Battle Card Squadron.

Recent events have given the speculation some credence, which now seems more reasonable following the official announcement by Epic. Although it is speculated that the skins will follow the same path as the previously released Naruto skins.

It’s not entirely absurd to speculate that skins could really be a part of the Battle Pass bonus rewards as Epic has yet to reveal the remaining pages of bonus rewards.

Rumor: Apparently, the same person who posted the Battle Pass leak posted minutes later that another Naruto collaboration will be released in June. Recently, Epic started working on “Kawaii2” challenges. “Kawaii” = the code name for Naruto’s challenges https://t.co/oIZFdRzvsA

Since the announcement, there has been no update regarding the collaboration. It’s all speculation at the moment, and the upcoming collaboration could be very different from what has been rumored so far. If players remember, Fortnite has hosted a skins challenge. The same can be assumed for the next iteration.

Until Epic drops any further updates, speculation will grow and it will once again be chaotic for players as to what to believe.

With the collaboration only a few days left, it seems possible that Epic could provoke something related to it. As the release date approaches, it’s possible that previous versions of Naruto skins will once again populate the Item Shop.

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