Why is everyone suddenly using Seer in Apex Legends?

When Seer launched in Season 10 of Apex Legends, he was all over the place. Release him in such a broken state that every squad—whether you play casual or ranked—had a fortune teller. This is pretty rare in Apex Legends given their diverse roster is generally well-balanced (although the likes of Mirage and Mad Maggie have never competed with Wraith or Bloodhound), and it indulged quickly. But Ambush Artist reappeared in Season 13, despite receiving no buffs. Why does the Apex community collectively mention its traits?

We have to start with a bior, which is what makes him such a useful character. His best ability is the passive ability, which allows him to see opponents’ locations within a certain radius. It’s an approximation and not a proper wall hack like Bloodhound, but it shows you the direction of your opponents at all times. The fact that his best abilities are his passive is a blessing in and of itself, as it means that he doesn’t have to wait for a recharge, he can just shoot his sights (whether or not the weapon is drawn) and spin around, sensing immediate danger and warning his team.

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The Seer Passive also pairs well with the Tactical, which fires a blast from the tiny drones right in front of it. This no longer deals damage, but highlights any infected enemies with a proper wall hack for all of your team to see, and cuts off any healing items they use or revives them. This works especially well with its negativity, which means you’ll always be basically aiming in the right direction. His Ultimate comes in handy too, creating a huge field of drones that spotlight any opponents running or shooting inside. It’s Wallhack Legends, baby.

Seer’s popularity fell off a cliff after the start of Season X. Taking the damage off his passive wasn’t a big deal, but the range and field of view of the ability being reduced did have a huge impact. His tactics were weakened as well, with her unwitting flashbang ability removed and his movement slowed while caught. His Ultimate Cooldown has also been increased by a third. So what brought him back into battle?

As with everything in Apex Legends, the answer is inevitably Phillip ‘ImperialHal’ Dosen. The TSM player is known in the community as the CEO of Apex, and his Twitch streams attract more viewers than any other professional player – sometimes even edging out the official Apex Legends channel during tournaments as fans scream to see his point. ImperialHal started using Seer, so the community got started, too.

At the time of writing, Hal has over 28,000 viewers watching his broadcast on Twitch. He is currently the second best ranked player on PC, and only uses Seer to close the gap in the leaderboard. There are 28,000 people out there who might consider using Seer the next time they log into Apex Legends. Not all of them will, some of them may not play the game – some people just enjoy watching the streamers – but even a fraction of those players who bring more fortune-tellers into the lobbies will have a detrimental effect. Suddenly, young Joey Apex, who doesn’t know what Twitch is and has never heard of ALGS, sees 12 fortune tellers in his silver-ranked match – possibly killed by one or his Seer teammate – considering using Legend as well.

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It’s probably up to one man to make a Meta Seer comeback, but will we see the same at the ALGS tournament in July? hard to say. Hal trained non-stop with The Legend suggests that TSM might use an unconventional lineup for the tournament, but I think they’ll play it safe with a team they know best. Hull’s current-seeded lineup from TSM includes teammate Evan Verholst Verholst on Valkyrie and Complicity’s Ryan Reptar Boyd who plays Luba. The Valkyrie is the only meta choice out there, and the lack of Gibraltar would be a death wish in the LAN. If TSM makes it to Match Point, and wants to change its team make-up to get rid of the other smell? Seer becomes a distinct possibility, especially with passive wall hacking that doesn’t alert their opponents that they’ve been scanned – something that makes your way to the final circle.

Will other teams copy it on the bigger stage? It’s an accusation Hal has made to other professionals before, but has been largely debunked. Besides, Beau ‘RamBeau’ Sheidy told TheGamer before Split 2 Playoffs, “You have to be innovative and think about it first to use it to your advantage.” Hal created with Seer, but opponents would be ready to face him in LAN. You better be prepared as well, because whether or not he appears in the ALGS tournament, Seer will appear in regular Apex Legends matches for the foreseeable future. Or at least until Hal turns into a Rampart.

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