Why a direct attack on Titan would break the curse of the anime

The curse of live cartoon quotes for being bad is pretty much unbroken. Here’s why Attack on Titan has broken this trend to its backside.

Can Eren Jaeger and him? The attack on the Giants Friends finally break the curse of long-running live-action animation? The global popularity of anime seems to be on the rise, so it’s no surprise that Western studios are considering properties like Dragon BallAnd ghost in bowl And Cowboy Bebop Ready for live action. Most surprising is the reason for those studios keep Make adjustments to the animation despite the long and bleak history of fiasco. Practically every attempt was met with a wave of negativity, often due to unbridled deviation from source material, misunderstanding of source material, or selection of source material for which it is almost impossible to adapt.

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One of the most popular television animation programs in modern history, The attack on the Giants Not far from the adaptive conversation. Indeed, live work The attack on the Giants The film has already been released, and it premiered in Japan during July of 2015. Japanese animation adaptations generally tend to do better than Western remakes as a rule, but are well received in both parts. The attack on the Giants The film proved distinctly incomplete. That wasn’t a Hollywood deterrent. He. She And SparkleAndy Muschietti was still associated with Warner Bros. The attack on the Giants The movie was recently released in 2019, although the project’s lack of movement ability since then has reminded us of Connie Springer’s Titanic.

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Maybe a Muschietti movie will happen, maybe Netflix will eventually step in — either way, The attack on the Giants Possess all the weapons needed to slay that curse animation adaptation. A frequent mistake that occurs while switching from animation to reality is choosing properties that shouldn’t He is Transformed from animation to reality. Akira Toriyama Dragon BallLying well beyond recognizable naturalness, for example, translating Goku into live action authentically requires a huge CGI budget and a behind-the-camera visual director. The attack on the Giants Much better for this change. Aside from the Titans themselves, the world of Hajime Isayama is largely within the realm of audience realism… compared to a talking panda battling invisible monsters, or a stretching pirate punching a drunken dragon, at least.

Pure Titan in Attack on Titan Episode 81

However, do not mistake any direct action The attack on the Giants project He should Get its Titans right in order to succeed, but here lies another reason this anime can break the curse. Oftentimes, anime delves into the so-called “super valley” – a frightening phenomenon where something looks human, but is clearly not. The attack on the GiantsTitans is clearly a great example, and while the animators do a great job of exploiting the uncanny valley to make monsters creepy and unsettling, the live-action environment can wholeheartedly lean toward that sense. Assuming the designs and CGI can avoid getting sucked into unintended comic territory, and seeing these lumbering giants and humans in a live action context can It proves to be even more terrifying than it was in cartoon form, as everyone slides a Little In the Supernatural Valley due to his proportions and exaggerated facial expressions.

Another common frustrating predicament (seen in Dragon Ball EvolutionAnd death note And many others) is a practice of either alienating or popularizing animation franchises that are erroneously too appropriate for a lay audience. This almost always results in a finished product that leaves existing fans and total newcomers in disrepair. When The attack on the Giants The anime premiered in 2013, and its international crossover overnight appeal was astounding and almost unprecedented. Its audience breadth is already proven, and there’s no reason – creative or Business – to tamper with The attack on the GiantsThe formula is widespread as seen in live flops from the past.

although The attack on the Giants It seems appropriate for a live-action adaptation (a TV series is more preferable than a movie, perhaps?) and this hardly guarantees success. death note I fell into the same category once, and see what happened there. but with AkiraChances of getting a live adaptation disappear faster than a potato within a 10-meter radius of Sasha Prause, The attack on the Giants It may just represent our best hope of breaking the curse of anime.

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