Which shounen anime are you based on your zodiac sign?

From Dragon Ball to me My hero academythen to The attack on the GiantsWith its updates and revivals, this modern big-hit animation that has exploded in popularity again has caused a storm of popularity around titles of the same genre.

So much so that people have noticed that these nicknames may have more in common with who they are as a person than they thought. With a plethora of new shounen titles on the horizon, it is no exaggeration to say that many of them fit into a person’s identity when compatible with the signs of the zodiac.

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12 Attack On Titan (Shingeki No Kyojin) (Aquarius)

Giant giant attack on titan

Idealists and freedom fighters, every Aquarius is driven to fight for a cause they believe is right. Not much different from the purpose of the main characters in The attack on the Giants. Their vision of change often portrays them as deep thinkers and highly intelligent people. Their progress leads to change because they are the bearers of their will.

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The attack on the Giants He bears this proverb perfectly. As the story of a human fighting against the hand that has been handled, the anime is a euphemism for those who rebel against fate. Perseverance and leadership of characters in the face of adversity reflects Aquarius’ passion and desire to reach their goals.

11 My Hero Academia (Boku no Hero Academia) (Pisces)

Talentless nana MHA Deku My Hero Academia

Pisces are known for their kindness, selflessness, and tendency to put others before themselves. hero trait My hero academy Live as a symbol to protect the common people. However, this can be a mistake, as it often leads them into trouble. Their empathy and understanding of emotional capacity changes other people’s opinions.

What is the best whale anime from Mine Hero AcademyOne of the best anime about superheroes. The heroes in this title compete day after day to keep Japan safe from the evil of others, and put their lives on the line for justice. Building positive images to reassure the world of their presence, they inspire others to protect as they do.

10 Hunter X Hunter (Aries)

Kill a frown in Hunter x Hunter

Aries are very passionate about getting things done. Courageous, Aries will often take over before anyone else whether it’s to achieve their own goals or just to have no fear.

Hunter X Hunter It is all about courage and being able to move forward in spite of the adversities you have faced. Whether it is Gon who is searching for his father or Killua who is turning away from his family’s ideals, each of them deviates from what is normal for him to search for answers.

9 One Piece (Taurus)

One piece squad shot.

This asterisk is known for being committed and always on one goal no matter the situation, being One Piece in One Piece is the goal of the main characters’ desires throughout the entire series. This makes them people they can count on to complete what they plan to do.

The title that summarizes these ideas is pieceThe adventures of Monkey D. Luffy and his crew are a tale all about the pursuit of one’s goals. Their determination is what drives them through the show despite the tragedies they face. As goofy as Luffy and his crew are, they are always expected to get the job done.

8 Gintama (Gemini)

Swordfightng samurai in Gintama

Gentle and fun-loving, Gemini is a gentle observer of the world and often alternates between being ready for fun and at other times being serious and thoughtful, like main character Sakata Gintoki who laughs when he wants and fights when he needs to.

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Gintama A series with a lot of choppy scenes, it’s a show that can leave viewers laughing their hearts out in one episode and then go through some of the most heartbreaking moments in anime three episodes later. The contrast between the show’s highs and lows as well as the manners each arc teaches leads to an inspiring series of fun, crying and laughter.

7 Fairy Tail (Cancer)

Lucy and Natsu from Fairy Tail

Cancer places great importance on their relationships with friends and family, and they do everything they can to ensure the safety of either of them. They are often pessimistic and insecure about any other matter when they are not concerned with the things they are interested in.

When it comes to family, fairy tale story The series is no stranger to the strong relationships that come with it. fairy tale story A guild in the series famous for their camaraderie, fans note that the guild makes one of the best families in the shounen genre. All this accompanies the feelings that each member has to do anything to protect that family.

6 Dragon Ball Z (Leo)

Dragon Ball Z characters that can be in Goku's second tournament for power team Vegeta Brody

Leo is often represented as a kind-hearted and strong-willed person. Their ferocity is similar to that of a lion, they are motivated to achieve the goals they set regardless of adversity. They have a charisma that makes making friends easy and a leader in a group like them.

Dragon ball Z Full of characters that resemble the ideas of a lion. Each character undergoes rigorous training to face challenges, whether it’s to protect loved ones or simply a desire to be the strongest in the universe. The main character, in particular, Son GokuAnd the He possesses the power and charisma to lure former enemies into allies.

5 Future Diaries (Mirai Nikki) (Virgo)

Yukiteru Amano and Yuno Gasai embracing in Diary of the Future

Virgo bearers tend to put reason before emotion, even applying this principle to relationships. As such, they are often referred to as the most careful of the signs of the zodiac. They leave nothing to chance and make movements based on precision, adhering to every detail to make sure everything goes as they planned.

The title that includes these ideas is future diaryOne of the best Battle Royale anime in this genre. Each character moves towards their goals very cautiously, showing distrust at the slightest moment when they think that there is another force standing in their way. With all characters having their own intrigue, it parallels the planning and seriousness of Virgo.

4 Nichio (Libra)

Comical reaction from Mio and Yuuko in Nichijou.

Peace is a Libra’s main priority, a silence they can enjoy and relax in without worrying about anything that might try to invade their lives. While they enjoy peace, don’t mistake them for being an antisocial type of person, as they tend to seek out those they might consider to understand themselves.

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Nishio It’s a glamorous series with almost no drama except for two existential crises about a robot that wants to be human. Other than that, the characters are enjoying peace, enjoying every day with each other and enjoying living their lives. The title tends to have awkward moments and gags that emphasize the ideal that Libra is striving for.

3 Only the world knows (Scorpio)

Kanon Nakagawa in the world is known only to God

Scorpios face any challenge they might encounter and tend to do everything in their power to solve it. Like the main character of this title who is forced to act when his life is in danger. They have secrets close to their hearts, and see betrayal as the worst thing someone can do. With a straightforward attitude, they are charismatic but don’t always enjoy socializing.

Only the world knows It follows the story of the protagonist not much different from these Scorpio traits. His actions have been carefully determined and calculated to ensure victory, yet it is rare throughout the show that we get a glimpse of who he is as a character.

2 Possession of the Lost Heaven (Sora no Otoshimono) (Bow)

Icarus of Heaven lost his possessions

Sagittarius is known for their general curiosity and energetic behavior often called the travelers of the zodiac. With how open they are, they tend to be very outspoken with their ideas, which makes the situation awkward because it’s paired with their humorous demeanor.

Sagittarius is also known for its openness and creativity. Sora no Otoshimono It represents the ideals of the zodiac as the title is all about exploring different ideas and themes. So often that it is recommended to others as one of the funniest cartoons. The title is catchy for those looking for a laugh.

1 Death Note (Capricorn)

Death Note Light Yagami and Shinigami

Capricorns are often seen as responsible and disciplined. They have a great capacity for self-control that enables them to pursue realistic goals set by themselves or anyone else. Although they may view themselves very highly, they sometimes subconsciously push their opinions onto others.

These principles apply to the title, death note. Throughout the show, Light Yagami uses his newfound power to achieve the justice he sees on his mind. Although with his wit he cleverly overcame every obstacle, it was his arrogance that eventually consumed him. His goals and aspirations were achievable due to self-control and pragmatic behavior.

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