What Death Note character are you, based on your horoscope

Animation beginners should not miss Death Note, which has become a classic in its own right. This anime deals with a wide range of philosophical topics. Light Yagami, a young fellow granted the power to bring death to anyone he desires by simply writing their names inside a book, is the protagonist of this supernatural anime.

As the story progresses, Death Note delves deeper into the human condition. Many Death Note fans have a favorite character. But have you ever thought about who you look like in the anime series? To better understand the characters, it is better to examine their zodiac signs.

What Death Note character are you, based on your horoscope

Aries: Milo

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Aries is a noisy zodiac sign, and Mellow is a strong competitor. Like an Aries, his demeanor is laid-back and unassuming at first glance. The perseverance and ambition of Aries are well known. As Kira continued to beat him, he began to lose his composure. Milo is prone to irritability, which is typical for those born under the fire sign. Milo has big goals and is willing to go to great lengths to achieve them. Aries are known for their recklessness, and Milo is no exception.

Cancer: Rem

Rem, as seen in Death Note (Image via Studio Madhouse)

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One of the most endearing traits of a Gemini male is his quick intelligence. Because of their dual temperament, they are very kind, but this can only last for a long time. Charming, cunning, and cunning all at once, even to those who know him well, Light appears to be little more than a hardworking and extremely responsible teenager at first sight.

But under this gentle front hides a darker mentality, whose warring lofty values ​​and cynical contempt force him to resort to drastic measures. The Notebook making Light states that it intends to change the world in any way possible. His high aspirations don’t mean he can’t be tough or cold.

Leo: Misa Amani

Misa Amani in Death Note (Image via Studio Madhouse)

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Turan seems to have massive reserves of strength and stamina. As a member of the task force, Aizawa is a well-respected thinker. Given how seriously he takes his job, it’s no wonder he doesn’t approve of Misa Amani’s cheating. He scolds Tota for his irresponsible behavior. In light of the fact that Aizawa prefers to operate within the law while L often deviates from it, L’s consideration of Aizawa is lukewarm.

Scorpio: Ryuk

Ryuk, as seen in Death Note (Image via Studio Madhouse)

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Capricorn people are rational, competitive and hardworking by nature. However, it can also be harsh and frustrating at times. Those born under the sign of Capricorn are connected to the element of the Earth, and this is understandable in how rooted they are in the pursuit of their goals. Although he appears lazy and rude, L is a brilliant mind, although many people doubt his talents when they see him.

Overall, L is a skeptical skeptic about everything, as well as incredibly accurate and analytical. He is an excellent problem solver because of his talent for deception and his willingness to extremes. He used risky tactics with death row convict Lind L Taylor, who pretended to be himself on live TV to get Kira.

Sagittarius: Naomi

Naomi, as seen on Death Note (Image via Studio Madhouse)

Well educated and well experienced, Virgo people possess some of the best qualities. In the eyes of a Virgo, the hard work is worth it. When it comes to a project, they are not afraid to throw everything they can into it, no matter how difficult it may be. Mikami is dedicated to Kira, believing that he is his god. Mikami grew up with firm values ​​of justice and truth. Like the light, he despises crime and has a strong desire to punish its perpetrators. Possessing a black and white perception of people, he went so far as to describe everyone he encounters as either virtuous or evil.

Pisces: Kiyomi Takada

Kiyomi Takada, as seen in the Death note (Image via Studio Madhouse)

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Despite his intelligence, Nir lacks cultural skills, which is bad at dealing with people. Once he has the unwavering support of his colleagues, he can show his actual logical talents. Nearby, like Aquarians, has a calming effect. Even within the limits of accepting situations in which he feels personally invested only, Nir has been revealed to have greatly admired L’s tactics.

It’s common for Aquarius to embrace their originality and creativity, even if it means they stand out in an unconventional way. Like L, Near exhibits a wide range of bizarre behaviors in the course of his daily activities, which is evident in the aforementioned trait.

Libra: hypochondrium

Watari, as seen in Death Note (Image via Studio Madhouse)

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There are times when Libras are too soft to the touch and comfortable in their favor. Despite this, they are mostly hardworking workers who reach the top of their fields. Similarly, Watari, founder of Wammy’s House, is also a well-known innovator in death note. He built an orphanage for children with unique skills with the fortunes he earned as an inventor. Like L, the letter “W” is used to symbolize itself on computer screens. Since L’s stay at Wammy’s House, Watari has always been a fatherly figure for L.

That’s all from our end. Don’t tell us who you recognize in the comments section.

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