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Since the end of the 20th century, video games have become more and more popular among people. Not only does it offer a unique experience that can’t be found anywhere else, but it also allows players to enter and interact with fantasy worlds in a way that was not possible before. Over the past decade, the stories in video games have become more complex, with plot lines as attractive as the gameplay. In fact, some games, like the one created by Telltale Games, put story first and leave gameplay as a secondary priority.

One aspect of the medium that sets it apart is that video games allow fans to play in worlds based on their favorite TV and movie properties for the first time. This has resulted in many manga and anime adaptations for video games. With that in mind, there are still plenty of video games with great stories that deserve a citation. Anime has unfortunately not received one. These five games should be given a chance to shine on screens in a whole new way, with the potential to transcend their source material.

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Guilty Equipment

For those who already know about the series, this is a no-brainer. The Guilty Equipment The franchise is one of the most ridiculous and hilarious fighting game series of all time, featuring an impressive cast of characters that have great style, paired with an insane storyline. In other words, it really does feel like an anime, with the graphic style and character design heavily inspired by the anime. The menu’s attacks and powers are also very similar to the anime, featuring insane elemental abilities and paradigm transformations reminiscent of many shounen series.

The events take place in a world where humans have found a way to enchant humans, creating creatures known as Gears, and Guilty Equipment The franchise has an incredible potential to be adapted into animation. Following a bounty hunter known as Sol Badguy, players continue his quest to eliminate all Gears and their creator, known as “That Man”. While the first game lacked plot, since then the series has put a lot of effort into building the world and the story. An adaptation of the anime would be ideal, as it could simplify the rich knowledge of the series and provide more context for the events of the story. It can also be a great way for potential fans to join the series.

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Back in the PS3 era, Disreputable It was the main reason why many chose the system over their competitors. With an action-packed story about a man who wakes up after an electrical explosion trying to keep his friends and loved ones safe in an isolated and crime-ridden city, Disreputable It was a blast to play and the perfect series for an anime adaptation. With anime superheroes it’s all the rage these days, Disreputable May he be a hit among fans, old and new.

Cole MacGrath is a great hero who deserves more time to explore in depth. His strength was reminiscent of famous heroes like Static from DC, and he could even summon powerful lightning strikes. what makes Disreputable This wonderful characteristic of the adaptation is that in many ways, its original story never ended. Offering two different endings, one good and one evil, the second game of the series originally designed itself around the evil ending being the ultimate choice, with Cole turning into a revolutionary anti-hero for powerful individuals. While fans haven’t been able to fully see this storyline, this anime adaptation would be a great way to explore this original concept and transform the already complex Cole MacGrath into a more layered character.

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vein code

very much like Guilty Equipmentthis choice may seem obvious. vein code It is a game like souls about vampires trying to maintain their sanity and the survival of humanity in a world where it is impossible to find human blood. Following a player-created character who awakens with strange powers that allow him to revive blood-producing plants, the game was as fun as it is over the top. With complex weapons and a variety of blood-based powers, the player can eliminate hordes of vampires who have gone mad due to starvation.

What makes the anime adaptation of this game quite a bit is that unlike many spirit-like games, it has chosen to adopt an anime aesthetic to go with its anime-inspired story. There are unique characters with intricate designs armed with interesting powers, intricate weapons, and unlike many games of its kind, vein code It actually takes a long time to develop the story and the lore. The player has the opportunity to explore his characters, learn their motives and backgrounds. For a game that has so much potential to be something revolutionary, it’s a pity that it failed to live up to its potential. However, there is a chance that the anime adaptation could do what the game cannot.

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God of War

The God of War The franchise is easily one of the biggest and most well-known franchises of all time. Following the demigod Kratos, the series takes place in ancient Greece and follows the protagonist on his quest for revenge against the gods of his homeland. While the original games were action-oriented experiences, over time God of War Games are starting to get more diverse, with the franchise’s soft reboot of 2018 astounding many with its touching story.

If there’s one thing anime fans enjoy, it’s exciting fights. a God of War Adaptation of animation has the potential to provide a high-risk business. While most of the animation toy with the idea of ​​evil deities, very few of the cast consist of mythical deities, creating a feel unique to the series. An interesting aspect will be the opportunity to explore Kratos in a more introspective way. Kratos was originally a character fueled by his hatred of the gods after they tricked him into killing his family. As iconic as Kratos is, it wasn’t until 2018 God of War Rebooting that his character was given room to grow. The animated adaptation will be able to provide much-needed depth to Kratos that the original series lacked.

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human kombat

For some reason, there’s just something about fighting games that makes it a perfect fit for anime, and human kombat is no exception. With a surprisingly diverse roster of characters and a surprisingly rich lore, the groundbreaking franchise of NetherRealm Studio will be one of the best battle anime ever. It contains everything from ninjas, soldiers, cyborgs, evil wizards, monks, gods, and even actors with superhuman strength. It’s definitely over the top – but that’s what makes it so fun and perfect for an anime adaptation.

For a very silly series, human kombat She has a deceptively intriguing storyline that blends her blockbuster action with drama. Since the series’ reboot in 2011, the series’ story has become just as important as the gameplay mechanics, with many new characters added to the roster to develop the relationship dynamics. In an adapted anime, not only will the story have more time to materialize, the battles will become eye-catching scenes not even Demon Slayer can compete. With the franchise at an all-time high, there’s no better time to take advantage of it human kombatGlobal popularity and anime release.

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