Twitch Rivals Feed: Tfue’s Tfault Throwdown

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Contestants compete across six Zero Build matches, with points awarded based on where they placed in each game. In addition, one point was awarded for each cross out. The winner gets eighteen points for taking first place. The contestants who took second to fifth place got fifteen points. Competitors who finished the round with a lower score received three fewer points. Unlike Zero Build Showdown II, only tents were banned in Tfue’s Tfault Throwdown, leaving tanks and battle buses available in-game.

The total prize money for the event was $10,000, with first place winning $2,800, second place $1,800, third $1,500, fourth $1,200 and fifth $900. There were also several bonus targets, each awarding $600: most eliminations across the event, by one team and player, and most wins.

The hosts for this round of Twitch Rivals were first-time pick Twitch Rivals fan Iain Chambers, fan favorite SanchoWest, and Javier “MonsterDface” Collazo. Before the tournament officially began, the cast gave an interview to Turner “Tfue” Tenney. Tfue was very excited to finally start the tournament, as this was his first time hosting a Fortnite Championship event. Tfue has shared with Twitch viewers that he is looking forward to future Fortnite events as well.

Game Summary

Tfue’s Tfault Throwdown opened with a slow and friendly first game. However, the situation escalated as a storm surrounded the players. The focal point of this tour was the wonderful centering. And although the team led by Javante “Boom” Anderson outlasted the match with the most eliminations, Team Zemie mechanically took control of the outskirts of the storm and wiped out all the enemies in their path.

From the start, the second game was all about fast, camouflaged courses. Team Marcus “Ranger” Pereira took the concept very seriously, and sat in a helicopter far in the sky until the end of the match. As the storm approached, the three teams led by Kevin “Tocata” Larinaga, Nathan “Ritul” Amundson, and Madinef were shooting at each other across the field. In order to break the monotony, Piero “pgod” Ramirez’s team walked the battlefield with three trucks. As expected, they were quickly eliminated. Surprisingly, Nicholas “Thiefs” Smorto’s team followed suit in a similar fashion but were more successful. In the end, Toccata nearly destroyed the tank before it was expelled. However, Reetlol managed to beat the tank and win.

On the other hand, the primary focus of the third game was centering. At first, Tfue’s team took a high position and eliminated every enemy in their sights. Unfortunately, instead of expertly using the accumulated reins, they had outlived their welcome in the area and were late in the rotation. Meanwhile, the pgod team was marking their territory with a staggering twelve eliminations. However, Zemie’s team was stationed on higher ground and easily cleared the area. In the end, Team Zemie only needed to beat Team Ranger, who had repeated their strategy in the previous round by sitting in the helicopter again. Team Zemie pulled them off, and they’re making huge headway.

Tfue once again ran the show in the first of Game Four. In a similar way, the Tocata team was trampling its opponents on the other end of the map. Naturally, the Ranger was safely seated in his helicopter, waiting for the match to end. But when the push came, and they finally left the helicopter, they were face to face with the ruthless Tocata team, who wiped them out effortlessly.

The fifth match was a rather oriented match, with most players sheltering in a car. Following in the footsteps of Team Ranger, Team Reetlol decided to reach new heights and soar through the air with their own helicopter. Up until that point, Team Ranger had dominated the airspace in the tournament. As expected, the Ranger team became turbulent with the Reetlol team and started bumping into them hard. The Reetlol team wasn’t about to give up on their new discovery so easily, and they responded publicly. In the end, both helicopters exploded, and both teams fell into the arms of Tfue, who had already crushed his enemies to the ground. Despite his attempt to rally, it was a futile effort, with Tfue claiming their first win.

The final match of the tournament was very intense, with Team Zemie and Team Tocata still vying for the top spot in the event. During the middle of the game, Tocata strategically positioned himself under the bridge, eliminating many players. Zemie did his best to keep up with the liquidations, but ultimately failed. Once again, the Ranger team noticed the fight from afar and went down in the final showdown. The chaos on the open court reached its climax as Vannesuh’s team beat their opponents.


With both Team Tocata and Team Zemie leaving no stone unturned in the last game of the day, it was very close to calling the winner right away. However, after counting the last minutes, Tocata won Tfue’s Tfault Throwdown with 130 points. Team Zemie finished second with 124 points, with Team Ranger rounding out the top three with 100 points. Player of the Tournament, and the player with the most eliminations was, as expected, Tocata.

Tfue’s Tfault Throwdown was the final event in the Zero Build series ahead of the Grand Finals, which will take place on May 25.

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