Top 5 Fortnite Players by Earning

The highest-earning Fortnite players in the United States have been revealed. Here’s how some of the best players stack up against each other.

It’s no secret that the esports industry is a particularly lucrative industry. A new study from Solitaired only bolsters this fact by revealing the highest paid players in the United States. Fortnite in particular often elicits some surprising reactions from the general public, largely due to the young ages of some of the game’s top competitors, even by esports standards. These professionals are the ones who find themselves making over a million dollars in profits – some before they are old enough to drink.

The study focuses solely on the earnings of these players, without taking into account revenue earned from sponsorships or other sources, such as broadcasting. With that in mind, here are the top five earning Fortnite players in the United States.

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