Top 12 Pro Teams in Fortnite

in competition fortnite, overall financial success is determined primarily by one important factor; How far did your team finish in the 2019 World Cup? The biggest esports event of that summer was unique in both the competition and the massive amount of money that was distributed across the prize pool; Nearly $40 million between Singles Finals, Duos Finals, Creative Finals, and Pro-Am Finals.

The scene has continued to thrive and find stability since then, but no event has quite grabbed the attention of the 2019 World Cup, and the huge prize pool is still the main determining factor when ranking most of the teams that have made the most money from competing in fortnite.

Here are the 12 best teams/organizations when it comes to it fortnite Competitive success according to esports earnings.

12) Team 9z

9z Team, an Argentine electronic games organization, has received a prize of $ 1.002 million from its profits fortnite. The vast majority of those earnings came from the 2019 World Cup: 9z’s k1ng team finished fifth in the Solo division, earning $900,000, and teamed up with xOwN in the doubles division to earn an additional $100K.

11) Ghost Games

Ghost, based in North America, earned $1.216 million from competition in fortnitemostly coming from the many competitions held in 2018 and 2019. Ghost earned $200,000 in the 2019 World Cup, but the biggest singles player to earn came from the 2018 Summer Skirmish Week Eight, where Bizzle (now with FaZe) earned $180. thousand dollars from second place.

10) Liquid Team

Team Liquid, a huge international organization, received $1.314 million from fortnite competitions, with more than half of that from events in 2018. Liquid took home $350,000 in winnings in the 2019 World Cup Finals, most of which came from ninth place at River Knights, which represents the largest individual prize win.

9) LeStream Esport

LeStream Esport, a French organization founded by WebTV platform LeStream, has earned $1.363 million in fortnite. Most of that comes from eighth and ninth places in the 2019 singles world cup, where Skite and nayte grossed $900,000. The duo Skite and Vato also earned an additional $112K from the doubles finals with a 10th place finish.

8) CLG

Counter Logic Gaming, a North American organization, earned $1.86 million in fortnite. Almost all of these gains came from the Psalmist, who is now an inactive member of the Guardian Valorant The list, ranked second in the 2019 Singles World Cup, earned $1.8 million.

7) TSM

TSM, a North American organization, received $1.981 million from competition in fortnite. Over $1.4 million in total revenue came from various competitions in 2019, including the Singles and Duos World Cup Finals, and a first-place finish from MackWood, ZexRow and yung calculator in the Season X Finals for the Eastern North American Region.

6) NRG

NRG, a North American organization, earned $2.039 million from fortnite. Like other teams, most of their winnings came from the 2019 World Cup, where EpikWhale, now with TSM, finished third in the Solo Finals to take home $1.2 million. The other 2019 World Cup competitors got an additional $250,000 from NRG.

5) FaZe clan

FaZe, one of the biggest brands in esports, earned $2.216 million, roughly split between competitions in 2018 and 2019. The single biggest source of earnings came from the TwitchCon’s Fall Skirmish Week Six Grand Finals, with Tfue and Cloakzy taking home 510 thousand dollars. with first place.

4) 100 thieves

100 Thieves, Another Huge E-Sports Brand, Earned $2.236 Million fortnite Competitions. Like many of the other teams on this list, the vast majority of these earnings were made in the 2019 World Cup, with Ceice and Elevate third in the doubles finals to earn $1.8 million.

3) guards

Sentinels, a North American organization, received $3.209 million from fortnite. As expected, most of that number is made up of Bugha’s $3 million earnings from his first-place finish at the 2019 Singles World Cup.

2) Cooler Esport

Cooler Esport, a UK-based organisation, generated $3.318 million in fortnite profits. The majority of that earnings come from Aqua and Nyhrox, both of whom are no longer with the organization, as they finished first in the 2019 World Cup duo, claiming $3 million.

1) Lazarus

The first profitable organization in fortnite It is Lazarus who earned $3.616 million. Lazarus was the only organization to finish in the top five in both the Solo and Duos Finals at the 2019 World Cup. Rojo and Wolfiez finished second in the Doubles Finals to earn $2.25 million, and Kreo finished fourth in the singles titles to take home $1.05 million. additional.

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