Top 10 Underrated Shoujo Anime Every Fan Should Watch

When anime fans think of shoujo, they usually think of slice of life, romance, or drama. Some of the best shoujo series like fruit basket They are loved for their storytelling and character development. Shonen may get the most attention because of their vigor and characters, but shojo is the best when it comes to creating stories that people love.

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However, not every shoujo series gets the attention it deserves. While like a string fruit basketAnd theOran High School Host ClubAnd the Nana Considered the best shoujo to offer, there are plenty of other great series that tend to stay under the radar.

10 Kimi Ni Todeok has an amazing romance

Kimi ni Todok It is a story of romantic life that follows a strange girl named Soko, who is often compared to Sadako of the Ring because of her long black hair. While her nickname is sly and cruel, Soko is actually a shy and shy girl who desperately seeks to make friends.

The trials of her daily life and her growing relationship with Shota are what made this series so great. Anyone who hasn’t seen it surely misses it.

9 Vampire Princess Miu is a unique fantasy

Vampire Princess Mio It is a gothic horror story about a girl named Miyu who is destined to capture demons known as Shinma. Miyu may protect the human world from Shinma herself. But she’s also Shinma’s half-vampire, which puts her in a lot of trouble with human spiritists.

This unusual series has a much darker tone than most shoujo anime, but the show’s unique storytelling and use of horror models make this anime worth watching.

8 Escaflowne: A Girl in Gaea is also Mecha & An Isekai

escaplon isekai is unusual about a girl named Hitomi who is transported to another world after her grief calls upon Lord Folken. While in the land of Gaea, she became known as a winged goddess who could summon the power of the legendary dragon’s armor.

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Not only is this shojo an isekai but also a mecha anime with a lot of cool characters and an interesting story. The movie is based on an original series from the ’90s, but it still does an excellent job of adapting the original story, and does a better job of developing the characters.

7 The nannies at school are a story about the family

Nannies at school A mini-series about Ryuuichi and his brother Kotaru who become orphans after their parents are killed in a plane crash. The brothers move in with the headmaster of Ryuuichi’s school, and in return, Ryuuichi must join the school’s babysitter club.

While this series doesn’t shy away from heavy themes, it’s mostly a light-hearted series with an incredibly nice cast.

6 The Revolutionary Girl Utena is an older series that’s still going strong

For fans of shoujo anime, The revolutionary girl Utina It is one of the beloved classic anime, but to the rest of the anime community, it doesn’t have many followers. The series takes place years after a princess was given a ring by a prince after the death of her parents.

This story inspires the protagonist, Utina, who dreams of one day becoming a prince. This series may appear to be very episodic in nature, but with the amazing character development, the series becomes so much more than that.

5 Kase-san and Morning Glories is an amazing Yuri love story

Kase-san and Good Glories OVA is an LGBT+ slice of life about two girls who start dating in high school. Yamada is a cute girl who is fond of plants and Kassi is a famous girl who has the best athlete in the school team. Their relationship is portrayed in a positive light and is very beneficial.

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It’s also a great example of high school relationships because it shows off all that comes with falling in love for the first time. Not to mention, it has some amazing animations that take the story to the next level.

4 Him and its circumstances comedy and romance

The romantic comedy series revolves around a girl named Miyazawa, who is the class actress and the most popular girl in the school. Despite outward appearances, Miyazawa is incredibly absurd, believing that she is the ideal because she has been praised for her intelligence, beauty, and social skills.

However, there is one person more perfect than her, and that is the other actress of her class, Arima. This series may be a comedy, but it still does a great job developing the characters. More importantly, it contains a wonderful love story for shoujo fans to enjoy.

3 Neighborhood stories have a unique style and amazing characters

Most shojo fans are familiar with the series Nanabut they probably haven’t heard of Yazawa’s other series called Neighborhood stories. This series follows Mikako, who dreams of becoming a fashion designer. This series may contain some comedy, but like Yazawa’s other works, it also touches on a lot of deep and mature themes.

The characters feel real and experience a lot of evolution throughout the show. Not to mention, the art style is incredibly unique and unlike any other shoujo anime.

2 Kaze No Shojo Emily is a fun, character-driven story

Kaze no Shoujo Emily It is a series based on the book new Moon by Lucy Maud Montgomery. The story revolves around an orphan named Emily who goes to Prince Edward Island to live with her relatives after her father’s death. While her life was quiet and easy with her father, she found her new life to be different and more complicated with her relatives.

The story isn’t very exciting, but it’s the relationships and character development that make this series so good. Not to mention the fun feeling that anime fans will love.

1 Rainbow Days is a magical love story

While most romantic animations follow the love lives of a married couple, this series follows the romantic relationships of four high school boys. The four boys are incredibly different in personalities, ranging from love-mad dreamers to serial flirts.

Even with all the love that revolves around it, each character is well developed, and the relationships that develop are incredibly cute and charming. The series also includes a lot of entertaining comedy, which makes the anime even better.

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