Top 10 shonen anime that need a reboot, ranked

Anime explores different story genres and styles, but the shonen-driven theatrical performances are still some of the biggest and longest running.

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What is now possible in modern anime productions can easily put old series to shame, which is why it is not uncommon for retro anime to receive modern updates for a new generation. Shonen anime particularly tends to have strong reboots, but there are a bunch of series that would be especially ideal for the modern fix.

10 Yo Yo Hakusho is ahead of the curve with her humble heroes and constant struggles

Yo Yo Hakusho It contains just over 100 episodes, which is completely deprived of the shounen battle series. Yo Yo Hakusho It’s still touted as a classic shounen movie and a staple of ’90s anime, but its retro aesthetics and fast-paced finish keep it from being an impeccable masterpiece.

Yo Yo Hakusho He has the basis for a good series, not to mention a very cool protagonist. A recent reboot could result in a better-paced shonen series and feature more impressive visuals.

9 The unique voice of Katekyo Hitman Reborn! Wasted in favor of petty fights

Katekyo Hitman Reborn! It produced more than 200 episodes during the 2000s. Although it was a staple of shounen early in the decade, it has fallen into a forgotten relic seen as a product of its era. One of the biggest obstacles A new assassin is born! The faces are that the unique viewpoint and quirky energy that defined its early episodes are slowly disappearing in favor of shonen clichés.

A new assassin is born! Slowly it becomes increasingly generic and wastes its initial potential. Katekyo Hitman Reborn! It’s not seen as some sacred shounen relic so a recent reboot could just be an improvement.

8 The flagship is a tangled shonen athlete who sends his champion to the big leagues

Sports animations are incredibly popular and there seems to be a series for every recreational activity imaginable, whether it’s ping pong, synchronized diving, or skateboarding. Main is a 154-episode baseball-focused sports shounen game that elegantly chronicles the journey of a guru Handa from lovable minor league player to proud professional.

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Nothing wrong with Mainbut it is a mathematical shonen that has remained in obscurity and does not contain a fraction of what follows from contemporaries such as Haikyuu!! , prince of tennisor hello dunk For this reason Main It is the perfect sports shonen update for new anime fans.

7 Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic Transforms into a Deceptive Power Imagination

Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic It made waves during the beginning of 2010. But now that it’s been a decade since the anime was released, it’s all too easy to view it as a flawed adventure that doesn’t realize its full potential after looking at its trajectory.

Anime continues to blur the lines between shonen, isekai, and Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic He reconciles these areas comfortably through Ali Baba’s brave dungeon conquests. Magi It starts off strong, but loses momentum and the characters feel less distinct as they go on. There’s no reason a recent reboot can’t take the building blocks of Magi And we do something better.

6 Beelzebub turns the battle between good and evil into a satanic sitter party

Many shounen series leave their mark by combining harmonic metaphors with unexpected extremes, which is what happens in the case of Beelzebub Means diabolical babysitting duties. There is a fun idea at the core Beelzebub Where Tatsumi Oga needs to raise the Demon King’s child, which naturally provides a comic perspective on the action of the series.

There are playful characters and a natural sense of humor that drives Beelzebub Ahead, but the anime and manga series were canceled before the show ended. This leaves Beelzebub Narration about an annoying cliffhanger. A recent reboot can not only solve this problem, but it can also correct other issues that hampered in the beginning. Beelzebub.

5 D. Gray-Man is a first-class demonic act that still has a lot to say

D. Gray Man One of the iconic shonen anime of the 21st century, it has just over 100 episodes of engaging storytelling that rightly blends action, horror, fantasy, and more. An exorcist on par with the course in the shounen series D. Gray Man It follows an optimistic teenage exorcist, his deadly left arm, who vows to eradicate the demonic Akuma that is engulfing society.

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D. Gray Man Don’t get lost in padding or unfortunate storytelling, but it looks like a recent reboot can take those ideas and tell a story that’s at least twice as long. Not enough people remember D. Gray Man Although it will likely be the next big shounen series if it receives the right style update.

4 The Blue Exorcist isted his potential in shounen

The most frustrating thing that can happen to a burnt-out anime is a derailed season two, an animation studio switch, or a long plot. blue exorcist It begins with a thrilling story where the two sons of Satan begin to reconcile with their new power and decide to overthrow their evil patriarch.

Most blue exorcist The first season is considered a success, but the anime falls apart after it skips over the manga source and has trouble dealing with its story. The second season of blue exorcist Disappointment. It pollutes the entire chain and it’s time to reboot to correct these errors.

3 Ranma ½ is a TIme product ready for a modern update

Ranma ½ It is the popular shonen series that helped define the career of the legendary mangaka, Rumihiko Takahashi. Takahashi’s subsequent series, such as Inuyasha And the Yasahime: The Half-Demon Princess It is an effective blend of action, fantasy and romance that definitely learns from the mistakes made in Ranma ½.

The sex dynamics of the ’90s shonen series are always unsettling, but there is an endless heart Ranma ½This never. The series never gets too bogged down with its characters and relationships, but the combat is getting fizzy and running out of original ideas. new shot Ranma ½ It can fix these tonality and tempo problems.

2 The Flame Of Recca is extinguished before Shonen storytelling begins properly

ricka’s flame It is a satisfying shounen portal series for younger audiences since Rika Hanabichi’s quest to be a legendary ninja and the primary powers he acquires are common shounen habits. On top of that, the surprisingly short 42-episode run means it’s easy to get into Recca’s adventures, but there’s minimal conflict and a rushed ending.

Fighting styles and strengths ricka’s flame It deserves a proper exposure and a recent update that allows the series to breathe. Expanding on his ideas will help fans better understand why ricka’s flame It is special.

1 The rich, promised world of Neverland becomes simplified with a delicate second season

Neverland Promise He ended his two-season career in 2021, but a filthy sophomore season and awkward ending made fans demand a reboot. Season 1 of Neverland Promise It’s unusual – the patient narration turns a friendly orphanage into a house of horrors. The journey of these frightened orphans is a constantly electric one in season one, all enhanced by sudden plot twists and effectively world building.

Unfortunately, you can season two barrels by adapting the manga at a reckless pace where no weight bears any weight. Huge story arcs are skipped or summarized in ways that insult storytelling. The end is a shallow disappointment that soured public opinion in Neverland Promise As a whole.

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