Top 10 Sad Witch Girl Anime Ever, Ranked

Every year offering hundreds of new anime series, there is a wealth of eclectic storytelling genres catering to every imaginable interest. Some types of anime take time to find their audience, but the fantasy and thriller novels of Magical Girls have been a staple of anime for decades.

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Magical Girl programming usually fits within the broader shoujo and jose demographics, but these types of series are progressively subversive and unpredictable. In fact, some magical girl anime series, although full of cute visuals and icons, are emotional attacks that will make the audience cry.

10 Princess Tutu becomes a thoughtful exploration of humanity and heartbreak

There is a beautiful story at the core Princess TutuBut it is a story that borrows so much from fairy tales and folklore that there is, of course, a darkness attached to its premise. Princess Tutu He cleverly avoids the magical girl model by transforming a duck into a human girl, the legendary ballerina Princess Tutu.

Princess Tutu faces the important responsibility of healing a prince’s broken heart, but this journey also opens her eyes to the compromises she once experienced. There’s a melancholy tone that’s getting louder like Princess Tutu Continue, right down to its bittersweet ending.

9 Tokyo Mio’s magical animal hybrid still can’t escape the burdens of life

One of the reasons for that Tokyo Miu Miu He can make an impression on his audience as he dresses himself as a very spacious and playful property. Not only Tokyo Miu Miu Embrace the flowery tradition of magical girl storytelling, but combine it with the anime’s obsession with anthropomorphic creatures.

The five talented individuals in the anime transform into Mew Mews, charming girls’ versions of endangered animals. easy to write Tokyo Miu Miu As a blank fan service it lacks depth, but there is adult material that invades the narrative and highlights the darker side of this fantasy.

8 Nurse Angel Ririka SOS Burdens is 10 years old with the fate of the planet

Nurse Angel Ririka SOS This is a 35-episode magical anime series from the ’90s that evokes colorful characters and vibrant aesthetics, but there’s a very sinister energy running through the trick-or-treat anime series.

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Ririka, Seiya, and Kanon become special individuals who are destined to become nurse angels and save the planet through the power of the Flower of Life. The Nurse Angels’ battle against the evil forces of the Dark Joker begins in familiar territory, but Ririka is forced to make impossible decisions, and the success of her mission requires a difficult sacrifice.

7 Nanoha the magical girl pits two fictional characters against each other

The Magical Lyrical Girl Nanoha It is a 13-episode witch-girl anime from the 2000s that looked exactly the same at first. card captor sakura After young Nanoha Takamachi is tasked with collecting all the scattered Jewel Seeds. Nanoha’s mission intersects with another magical girl called Fate’s Special Mission.

The conflict that forms between Nanoha and Fate reaches surprisingly dark places, but the anime also reveals a tragic backstory for Fate’s character who strips the element of fantasy out of this world. The magical girl Nanoha Technically it concludes with a positive ending, but it’s still overwhelmed by the penalties and consequences for its characters.

6 Utah Kata examines a torn home life with little hope of happiness

ta kata It’s another potent tightrope journey between the elements of a magical girl and intense psychological melodrama. Topics in ta kata It feels more connected to the modern set of subversive anime series out there, but it dates back to 2004.

Ichika Tachibana’s life changes forever after she gets a magical amulet. However, these aggravated plays are more than a candidate for research into heavy topics like sexual abuse and mental illness. ta kata These fears come head-on, making for a powerful yet polarizing magical girls series.

5 Revolutionary girl Utena embraces loss to empower her amazing personalities

The revolutionary girl Utina is a must-see magical girl series that uses the shoujo genre to offer some important deconstructions of established gender roles. Utena accepts the call to action and experiences tremendous powers, but considers herself a prince, and uses that power to save her fellow prince rather than act as a girl in distress.

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The revolutionary girl Utina Inspirational and positive for young girls, but it’s a story that always tests Utena’s strength. Utena faces constant duels and witnesses endless tragedies. The anime’s edge isn’t as evil as other series, but the characters are still forced to grow up like orphans and accept death.

4 The Magical Girl Raising Project forces these fictional characters to fight to the end

One advantage of established genres like Magical Girl is that they can be broken down into more specific areas. There are a growing number of “game of death” anime series, many of which also fit the magical girl genre. The Magical Girl Raising Project He examines the concept that there may be too many magical girls in the wild and that it is necessary for them to get rid of the herd.

These respected personalities are forced to fight for their lives. There is a strong possibility that all of the heroic magical girls will die by the end of the series, which makes it a much safer strategy for rooting than the evil characters who make decisions in this world.

3 Magical Girl presents a world full of unrepentant monsters

A group within the same universe as magical girl apocalypseAnd the magical girl website It is a long punishment exercise that is one of the hardest hours to pass. The series’ magical hero, Aya, is constantly abused and on the verge of giving up life.

The girl’s magical powers become a lifeline for Aya, but these fantastical heights cannot compete with the overwhelming darkness that fills this world. magical girl website Filled with so many evil perpetrators that the series is almost parody. It is no exaggeration to say that every character is either a despicable abuser or a powerless victim.

2 The priority of Wonder Eggs is a frustrating rumination of guilt and pain

Wonder Egg Priority He strays from the norm and doesn’t get caught up in all the visual metaphors that accompany the other Magical Girls series. However, the same themes completely consume the anime, and the female characters of the series grapple with new and amazing powers. Many battles in Wonder Egg Priority They become metaphors for the personal problems that plague these characters.

Each character is at risk in a different way, and heroine Ai Ohto is still grieving after the suicide of her best friend. Wonder Egg Priority He is fearless when it comes to the materials he deconstructs, but also the heavy way he overcomes the team of characters.

1 Puella Magi Madoka Magica turns Operation Magical Girl into a time bomb

An increasing number of Magic Girl anime series are adopting the ergonomic core elements of the genre, only to pull the rug out from under the audience and leave them shocked. The charming girl Madoka Magica He is the most successful in this trespassing exercise.

The series balances the fictional empowerment of magical girl powers with character weaknesses. Accordingly, the ascent to the witch girl is tantamount to a death sentence. Death and darkness equal the path in Madoka Magica. still The series concludes with a nihilistic message that reinforces the notion that a happy ending is impossible for these characters.

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