Top 10 Most Parental Anime Characters (Those Who Aren’t Parents)

Although a lot of mainstream anime seems to lack respectful and involved parents, that doesn’t necessarily mean that the anime is completely devoid of such integral numbers. Available in all shapes and sizes, young and old, there tends to be someone among the central staff with a strong paternal gene – the insurmountable need for protection and nurturing.

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To celebrate this Father’s Day, it is only appropriate to honor a handful of anime characters who have followed their fatherly impulses. Sometimes, all it takes is a word or a push to start a massive wave of change.

10 Kunikida will protect his city and everyone in it (Bunguo Stray Dogs)

in stray bongo dogsKonikida is the type of father who wants his children to stay out of trouble – that is, Dazai. Of all the Port Mafia members, he is the most straightforward and obsessed with rules. As proven by countless events in Yokohama, Konikida cherishes human life so much that ending a human life is never a feasible option for him.

During Hunting Dog Arc, Kunikida’s ideals are called into question by Saigiku Jono, who notes that he will indeed feel relief from the death of his comrades. However, Kunikida jumped out of the helicopter and activated a grenade, “With this life as fuel – I will fly forever!” Nobody should interfere with what they value most.

9 Gojo aims to rebuild a new era for Jujutsu magicians (Jujutsu Kaisen)

Honestly, Gojo’s messy and conceited nature might not raise him as a particularly ideal parenting figure. However, the Jujutsu Kisen A magician would not drag anyone into a battle they were not obligated to win. On a whim, Gojo invites an apprentice Itadori to his battle with Jogo’s cursed spirit of a special class for educational purposes; All inconsistencies ceased in the milliseconds that Gojo’s range expanded.

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Obviously, Gojo’s childish demeanor makes him more interactive with the youngsters under his wing. In turn, it also became attached, motivating them to break out of their comfort zones. For example, it was Gojo’s advice that prompted Megumi to let go of self-control to tap into his true potential. Above all, Gojo wants these kids to be nurtured in the gentle world of jujutsu – kinder than he’s ever been.

8 Makoto will be creating an entire generation of swimmers (for free!)

If asked to the survey, fans free! He could only vote for Makoto Tachibana as the most caring and selfless character. Merman Harrow gets out of the bathroom every morning to go to school. He plunged into the treacherous waters despite his shock to save Rey from drowning. Makoto really puts everyone above himself.

Near the end of the second season of free!Makoto encounters Goro Sasabi, a boy who hates water, when he volunteers at a children’s swimming academy. Makoto sympathizes with his struggle, and teaches Goro backswimming – the freedom to look at the sky to allay his fears. From that moment on, the desire to bring children closer to their water dreams took root in Makoto.

7 Yato Reforged Yuki so he can get a second chance at life (Noragami)

In the first season of NoragamiYato had no idea how to communicate with his chosen one, considering that Yukine immediately called him scary and annoying. At the point of no return seemingly, Hiyori Yuki admitted that Yato cared for him like a father, pulling at his heart strings.

Referring to the soul as “the one and only,” Yato would enhance all of Yuki’s exploits by encouraging him to “light the way” for him. Having suffered abuse in his previous life, Yuken never experienced true family love. Essentially, Yato changed that – cherishing Yuki wholeheartedly and giving him all the ingredients to transform into a newer, more sacred being.

6 No harm done to Mickey under the guard of the Draken (Tokyo Revengers)

Anyone familiar with Ken Ryugiji, also known as Draken, from Tokyo Avengers He knows he has a heart of absolute gold – even if his tattooed body elicits feelings of intimidation. Having grown up in a brothel, Draken’s constant exposure to women causes him to train his hands to be tough and gentle.

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Over the Tokyo AvengersViewers can spot Draken not only looming at Mikey like an overprotective father bear, but they can also see Draken styling Mikey’s hair and laying it on his back while he naps. In Episode 5, he takes the emergency flag out of his pocket so Mickey can enjoy his kid’s meal. Ken Ryuji is arguably the most parented gang member of all time.

5 Tsuchigomori is determined to help Hanako even in his afterlife (Hanako-Kun bound toilet)

in toilet bound Hanako-kunAs a former class teacher, Tsuchigumori pays special attention to Yuuji Amane and his strange injuries. Despite Amane’s dismissive attitude, Tsuchigumori expressed his continued concern. After Amane’s lifespan is cut short, a predetermined derailment of Amane’s fate shakes Tsuchigomori to the core. Then it became the moonstone of Yorashiro’s safety in Tsuchigumori. Yorashiro is a precious property, and the moonstone has stirred up a lot of feelings for Tsuchigumori after Amane’s death.

In episode 6 of toilet bound Hanako-kunWhen Amane interacts with Nene and Kou, Tsuchigumari notices the transformation in the boy’s personality – the weakness they extracted from him. Thus, Tsuchigomari had no objection to revealing his and Amane’s history with Nene, trusting her to make good use of the information.

4 Koro-sensei Nagisa inspired to bring passion over talent (Classroom of Assassination)

Koro Sensei Assassination of the seasons He is an excellent teacher. Although his assigned role was to train this group of children to become killers, his first priority was always ensuring that they could fend for themselves once he was gone.

In particular, Koro-sensei has established an incredibly strong relationship with Nagisa. In Episode 31 of Season 2, Koro-sensei comes to the fore to defend Nagisa against his mother, whose exploitation shaped a treacherous nature within him – skills perfectly aligned with assassination. Ultimately, though, Nagisa chose education because of the love and wisdom of the newcomer Koro-sensei.

3 Yugo lost his life so the kids could live theirs (The Promised Neverland)

in Neverland PromiseYugo could never have foreseen the disaster that the orphans of Grace Field House would impose upon his monotonous existence when they bumped into his lair – nor how grateful he would be for it. While Emma could be optimistic about something wrong, and Yugo drugged himself to get through hardships, he inevitably gave in after constantly insisting that she could help him.

As it is, Yugo would come to save Emma’s life many times, viewing her and the other children as beacons he couldn’t let die. They resurrected Yugo new life, even reuniting him with his long-lost family – so it only made sense for him to give back.

2 Aizawa will do anything to survive the endgame (My Hero Academia)

In episode 5 of My hero academyShota Aizawa is presented as the man with a dry humor willing to fire the student who scored lowest on the Quirk anxiety test. It is a stark contrast to Class 276, where he shouted into the sky that he refuses to die until he can see each of his students graduate and ascend to the tournament.

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From observing Eri to raising Shinsu to be his disciple, the influence of these reckless children with a pure heart has undoubtedly fortified Aizawa’s heart. Over time, they became the main reason for perseverance. Aizawa would even sacrifice his limb to ensure longevity, determined to protect and watch their respective futures – a sentiment surely shared by all of the Guardians.

1 Leorio adopts Gon Freak (Hunter x Hunter)

Leorio from Hunter X Hunter He may only be 19 years old, but when it comes to his newly acquired family of three – Gon, Killua, and Kurapika – his deep-rooted fatherly instincts overshadow everything else. No fan can forget the warm scene in Season 6 when Leorio, ugly tears streaming down his face, drop everything to get Gon back.

Leorio fired himself from the stage, and frantically sped away, unable to comprehend the scene before him until the boy was safe and sound in his arms. The moment these two people collided in midair, Leorio was holding Jun for dear life, he was Hunter X Hunter Fans unanimously agreed that Leorio was the real father of Gon Freecs.

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