Top 10 most beautiful demon slayer characters, ranked

One of the best parts Demon Slayer It has a wide cast of lovable characters. Although there are a lot of despicable villains, the kindness of the heroes balances everything. Following Tanjiro Kamado after joining the Demon Slayer Corps to avenge his family and heal his sister Nezuko, he encounters a lot of interesting characters.

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Whether it’s the eccentric Hashira of the Nine or the combined strength of the main trio, there is never a dull moment in the series. Demon Slayer It can get dark at times, but fans appreciate the heroes’ kindness, courage, and compassion for illuminating the nightmare reality of the series.

10 Orokodaki was a kind tutor to Jiu and Tanjirou

Urokodaki is the former Hashira water. He is the one who created the Water Breathing Technique and passed on this technique to Jiu and Tanjirou. Although he is typical friction, he is a compassionate mentor who wants to see his students succeed. This is why his training is so hard and rigorous.

He was one of the first to believe that Nezuko would never harm a person and even hypnotized her to make sure she would see humans as family and other demons as enemies. When Tanjiro and Nezuko were taken to meet the corps commander, Orokodaki wrote a letter explaining Tanjiro’s situation. The message was enough to change some of the insect’s views, even just a little bit.

9 Shinobu keeps her inner turmoil hidden behind a smile

Everyone knows that Shinobu is the gentle insect of Hashira with extensive knowledge of medicinal herbs. They inject demons with their poison and kill them with a smile. To her fellow demon slayers, she appears playful, polite, and sometimes playful when she annoys others. However, behind this facade lies tons of internal turmoil.

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In fact, Shinobu’s hatred of demons has been devouring her for years because of what happened to her sister. When her inner darkness appears, it is not beautiful for any demon around her. Shinobu has a temper that would put Inosuke to shame. However, this should not detract from the fact that she is a really nice person.

8 Tengen is flashy, but that’s not the only good thing about him

The first thing Tengen wants everyone to know about him is that he’s the most interesting person they’ve ever met. He’s eccentric and tends to make some worrisome statements, like he said when he said he’d be so giddy watching Tanjiro’s blood vessels burst.

However, its luster is not its only good quality. Despite his constant bragging, feats and an obvious divine complex, Tengen is a compassionate man who just wants to do his best. He cares deeply about his three wives. In addition, he tried very hard to take care of the main trio through the arc of the recreation area.

7 Giyu was the first to see the potential in Tanjiro and Nezuko

Giyu first met Tanjiro and Nezuko after Muzan massacred most of the Kamado family. Tanjiro tried to escort his sister to safety, but Jiu ambushed them and tried to kill Nezuko. However, he was surprised to see that Nezuko, despite her hunger, was more interested in protecting Tanjiro than attacking him.

Giyu was the first person to see the siblings’ potential and even recommended them to Urokodaki. By doing so, he violated the rules of the Demon Slayer Legion. Later, he breaks the rules again when he protects Nezuko from Shinobu. Giyu doesn’t seem to have as much hatred toward demons as the rest of the Legion do – at least if they’re not actively killing humans.

6 Inosuke may act like a wild boar, but he has a lot of impressive traits

When Inosuke first appeared in Demon SlayerFans found it hard to believe that he could be an ally to the main cast. He was rude, quick to anger, and believed that violence was always the answer. In one of his first scenes, Inosuke would attack Zenitsu for trying to kill Nezuko, although he never met her.

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However, while working alongside Tanjiro and Zenitsu, Inosuke learned some valuable lessons. Although he always tries to provoke others to fight, he comes to accept that he may not be the strongest. Inosuke has learned to respect the people around him, and now he understands the importance of being a loyal friend.

5 Rengoku was a favorite among other Hashira

Rengoku’s death left a huge void among his comrades Hashira. Even before his death, they praised and appreciated him. He was a favorite not only among the Insect, but the Legionary Corps as a whole. Rengoku was an open and compassionate man who took every job with tremendous passion and excitement.

He was such a nice guide for a short time that he worked with the main trio. He used his last breath to encourage Tanjiro not to stop fighting, and even acknowledged that Nezuko was a true member of the Demon Slayer Corps.

4 Zenitsu just wants to prove his worth to the world

Although he is a coward who can’t help but collapse under pressure, Zenitsu still hopes to prove his worth to the world. Despite his weaknesses, Zenitsu has grown significantly throughout the series and even become more courageous, as when he did not hesitate to stand up to Daki.

Although he is the biblical definition of a coward, Zenitsu’s best qualities are often overlooked for its less than delicious qualities. However, there is no denying that Zenitsu is a kind and loyal friend of Tanjiro. Plus, he’d do anything to protect Nezuko.

3 Nezuko is the friendliest demon in the series

A few demons have proven to be able to coexist with humans in the series, such as Tamayo and Yushiro. However, Nezuko is the friendliest demon that anyone will ever meet. As a human, she was open and compassionate. But as a demon, she has proven her loyalty not only to Tanjiro, but to all of humanity.

Unlike most demons, Nezuko has managed to retain most of her human feelings. Although she is noticeably less emotional than the humans around her, she remains in touch with her feelings and is not afraid to express them. Since she views humans as family, she will sometimes fantasize about her missing siblings in humans that she encounters.

2 Mitsuri had nothing to say about anyone

Since she’s Love Hashira, it makes sense that Mitsuri would be one of the kindest and most sympathetic characters in the Demon Slayer. She always compliments the people around her, even if only mentally. She can also find everyone’s best qualities.

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While others may find someone else’s behavior just distasteful or just abhorrent, Mitsuri will find a way to compliment them. Its kindness is one of the reasons why it is another favorite among the insect. Even her warmth and generosity melted the icy heart of Obanai, the lively Hashira.

1 Tanjiro’s sympathy knows no bounds

Tanjiro’s outstanding quality is his empathy. When he kills a demon, he wants to stay by their side and listen to their last words. When Tanjirou killed the demon drum, he praised it for its strength and confessed the demon art. The compliments made him cry as he broke down because this was the first time someone had seen any value in his work.

Several similar events in the series prove that Tanjiro treats both humans and demons with equal amounts of kindness. However, one scene in Mugen train Prove that Tanjiro does not have a malignant bone in his body. When one of the insomniacs working for Enmu wanted to locate and destroy Tanjirou’s spiritual core, a group of orcs appeared and gently instructed him to do so. Even though he tried to destroy her, Tanjirou’s soul manifestations still wanted to help him.

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