Top 10 best anime sequels from The Legend of Korra

Avatar: Another Airbender It is one of the most critically acclaimed shows that an animation has to offer, and I left a few big shoes to fill in once it was over. After years symbol picture Follow-up received in the form of the legend of korra, It features a new crew and a brand new avatar that inhabits the world that has evolved since the Hundred Years’ War.

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While The legend of Korra It was enjoyed and praised by fans, for one reason or another it was not universally loved symbol picture The fan base is somewhat divided. For viewers looking for that exciting spark from a sequel series that expands a fictional world and pre-created characters, there are plenty of anime that have just that covered.

10 Digimon Tamers has opened the door to endless possibilities for franchising

While Digimon It has had many seasons over the years, most of which are not direct sequels, rather choosing multiple continuities. He was the first of these Digimon Tamerssporting a new cast and a more mature tone than the previous iteration while also opening the door for the series to go just about anywhere.

in a world where Digimon The franchise is hugely popular, Takato Matsuda wakes up to a surprise when his fan-made Digimon comes to life one day. Soon, Takato discovers that Guilmon isn’t the only Digimon who has entered the real world as he and his fellow Tamers team up to protect him from evil enemies.

9 SSSS.Dynazenon is a worthy follower of SSSS company

Diazinon It is a worthy supplement to SSSS.Gridman who maintains Enjoy the Beast of the Week theme with the addition of a more focused core cast, layers, and continuation of the theme of facing one’s problems rather than running away from them.

Yumoji Asanaka’s normal life changes completely with the arrival of the berserk Kaiju. To combat it, a mysterious man named Gauma summons a giant robot named Dynazenon which ends up bringing in completely different people, including Yomogi and others. Together, the Dynazenon will battle these monsters while their pilots overcome their emotional hurdles.

8 Re: Zero II improves the cast more than the previous season

Re: to zero The long-awaited sequel season continues to expand the world in new and terrifying ways as the cast, new and old, is developed further than before. By the end of the season, what viewers might think they understood about some of the characters will be turned upside down.

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After rescuing Emilia and stopping Betelgeuse once and for all, Subaru doesn’t have much time to rest as he finds out that Rem has been attacked by more Bishops of Sin, with everyone’s memory of her erased. Even worse, more threats seem to make their way towards the sanctuary in the woods where a great experience with Emilia awaits him and where the only way forward is to overcome the past.

7 Joe’s glory days are over in Megalo Box 2: Nomad

While the first Megalo Box It was a typical sports drama, Megalo Square 2: The Nomad He takes the end of the story of the underdog feeling happy and decides to tell a story about Joe’s return to rock bottom. With that starting point in mind, this season takes on a sad tone with more drama and emotional punches that don’t hold back.

In a world where boxing has evolved with the help of metal structures called “gear”, the nameless and gearless Joe boxer took the championship title in his first ever Megallonia Championship. However, after a devastating loss, Joe vanished, spending the next seven years in a downward spiral while haunted by his past.

6 Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn sees the world century in disarray again

run after Char’s counterattack, mobile suit gundam unicorn It is another entry to the global century timeline, where there is no good or evil, only moral shoots. Combine the amazing action of mica with Gundam The most famous topics about the horrors of war, Rhino It shows how fragile peace is always in the global century.

The year is 0096 of the Global Century, and as war seemed like a far-fetched fantasy, Neo Zeon collided with the Federation of Earth and conflict erupted once again. Ordinary Banagher Ties soon finds himself stuck in the middle of it all after rescuing a girl named Audrey Burne and giving her the key to her special mobile suit, the RX-0 Unicorn Gundam.

5 Demon Slayer has been followed up with a new movie and season

in amazing motion, Demon Slayer Not only did you get a movie that started where the first season left off, but the series also got a sequel season and continued from that. demon slayer Beautiful animation and impressive action continued to impress both Mugen Train Arc and Entertainment District Arc as the world and characters expanded even further.

After recovering from their battles on Mount Natagomo, Tanjiro and his companions board a train to investigate the mysterious disappearance and meet the Flame Hashira, Kyojuro Rengoku. Things quickly get dangerous as it is revealed that one of the Twelve Kizuki is on board and has the evil machinations of the train passengers.

4 Part 1 and Part 2 of Attack On Titan The last season is completely different from the previous one

The attack on the Giants It started as a horrific war between man and beast. However, the timeline shows how different the series has become, not just with where the characters are now but with its moral ambiguities. World The attack on the Giants He’s always been heavy, but his last season is doubling more than ever.

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Four years after Parady Island discovers the truth about their world and history, Eren Yeager launches a ferocious attack on Marley. The beginning of a murderous whirlwind of revenge, chaos and betrayal rocking all sides of the conflict, the world is about to experience a terrifying roar like no other.

3 Part 3 and beyond of JoJo’s bizarre adventure was nothing short of the best series

The first season of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure The first two parts of the series featured, which was much different than Part 3, as it continued to pursue more heroes and focused on Stand users. as a result of, stardust crusaders onwards create some Joe Joe The most memorable and unique moments, characters and battles – many of which were the best of the series.

The rivalry between Jonathan Joestar and Dio Brando ended when they drowned to the bottom of the ocean. For a while, that was the end of it, until 1983 when Dio’s sarcophagus was discovered, and the reign of terror began again. Members of the Joestar Dynasty will rise to stop him along with a powerful new ingredient entering the mix, Stands.

2 Dragon Ball Z is a sequel that has become a household name

while the original Dragon Ball It was an action and adventure comedy with some treasure hunt elements, Dragon ball Z Increase the action as you expand the world of the franchise and create more characters and moments that have become an icon of the anime medium.

Years after Goku and Piccolo duel, Goku and Chichi are now living a quieter life with their son Gohan. However, this peace is soon interrupted by the arrival of Raditz, who reveals that he and Goku are both of a strange race of warriors called the Saiyans. Determined to protect his adopted home world, Goku and his friends will face the upcoming Saiyans and anyone else who threatens Earth.

1 Naruto Shippuden is Naruto at his best

Many things have changed in the time between Naruto And Naruto ShippudenAs the characters grow and the tone becomes more intense, yet Naruto himself still has that child-like energy. With improved animations and some of the best arcs and battles in the series, viewers will see how far Naruto and his friends have come.

After Sasuke left Konoha to pursue a mission of revenge, Naruto went to train with Jiraiya Toad Sage in order to become stronger. Two and a half years later, Naruto returns home with his determination and dreams of becoming the strongest Hokage ever. He’ll need that strong-will too, because Akatsuki’s evil plans will endanger the entire ninja world.

Riko, Reg, Kakarot and Tanjiro.

Top 10 anime series better than the promised second season of Neverland

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