Top 10 Anime Villains Who Look Like Heroes, Ranked

In the world of animation, just like American comics like Marvel and DC titles, villains tend to have a certain appearance that distinguishes them from heroes. Some characters may blur the line a bit, but in general, manga artists and comic artists alike tend to draw their villains in ways so that the reader intuitively knows what they’re dealing with. No one would mistake Madara Uchiha or Red Skull as a superhero.

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Then again, some artists invent and design gritty enemies that might look like villains, and on the contrary, some villains actually look like heroes because of their clothes, accessories, or facial expressions. Obviously, the actions and dialogue of these villains in the cartoon would classify them as villains, but if they acted themselves, they would be considered heroes altogether.

10 The contestant looks like a nice guy (fairy tail)

The fairy tale story The anime has a lot of villains that look really evil, like the horned Seilah or the brutal Jiemma Orlando, the master of the Sabertooth wizard. Then again, a few members of the Dark Guilds like Oracion Seis and Grimoire Heart didn’t look so bad from the outside.

An example is the racer mini villain, who has the look and personality of a typical anime racer who thrives on competition and high-speed freaks. He was definitely an opponent, but in the long run, he was far from that fairy tale storyvillain character. He didn’t even come close to killing anyone.

9 Griffith’s appearance has deceived everyone (Berserk)

Legendary villain Griffith, the leader of Hawk’s squad, initially fooled everyone. He was a charismatic, polite, and intelligent fellow who could attract and gain the trust of anyone he met, save for a few detractors like the Queen of Midland. For years, Griffith was an inspiring hero to everyone around him.

Then tragedy struck. Griffith fulfilled his destiny and joined the Divine Hand as Vimto, his ruthless, evil ambitions taking center stage. Determined to have his own kingdom, Griffith doesn’t care who gets hurt along the way. His beautiful exterior hides a savage spirit.

8 Meninas Macalon seemed pretty harmless at first (bleached)

The Thousand Years Blood War arc introduced a large handful of new villains, the Elite Sternritter. Most looked like villains like the fearsome and brutal Nodt Driscoll Berci, but the exception was Sternritter “P” Meninas McAllon, who had an ability called The Power.

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Menenas seemed like a charming young woman with innocent eyes and a relative lack of interest in combat. She almost looked like Orihime Inoue, but that all changed when she started fighting and throwing powerful punches. She even hit Ichigo and Kenpachi and didn’t feel bad about it.

7 Gabe Brown is Just a Kid (Attack on Titan)

While The attack on the Giants Famous for blurring the line between hero and villain, it can be safely said that Gabby Brown is the antagonist who looks like a hero from time to time. In the end, she was pretty much a “good guy” near the end of the story, but early on she wasn’t good in the eyes of viewers.

Gabby is a young girl with a jovial and boisterous personality, who looked like a mix of Eren Yeager and Sasha Prause. Gabe may have been more sympathetic, but this seemingly innocent boy shot and killed Sasha, which in turn turned the entire fan base on her. So she is evil after all.

6 Slidin’ Go dresses like a Pro Hero (My Hero Academia)

Initially, the line was clearly drawn between the costumed professional heroes and the villains and criminals who fought, but the boundaries became blurred as My hero academy He went. An example of this is the hero Slidin’ Go, who looks a bit like Mr. Incredible or maybe a really off-brand Robin.

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Anime fans should not be fooled. Slidin’ Go is actually a villain, a loyal member of the Meta Liberation Army, led by the super-villain Re-Destro. For a time, Slidin’ Go was convinced that Winged Hawks was another professional hero turned villain, but he was totally wrong about that.

5 Shizuko Murasaki Looks Harmless Enough (Hunter x Hunter)

The Phantom Troupe is a colorful gang of villains who love to fight people and steal things, and members like Uvogin and Feitan Portor appear as bad guys. The exception is Shizuko Murasaki, a lady who enjoys an innocent look with her big glasses and casual clothes.

Shizuku had deceived Gon and his friend Killua when she approached them on the streets of New York, and even Leorio thought Shizuku was just an ordinary young woman who loved arm wrestling. She actually belongs to a gang of brutal thieves, which is not the least sensitive. She can also use her Nen’s broom to clean up any messes after Feitan has finished killing everyone.

4 Ukiyo is a seemingly normal kid (Dr. Stone)

No one in Tsukasa’s Empire of Power was truly evil, with the exception of the spear wielding Hyoga. Most of these Stone Age villains simply needed a strong leader to protect them, and this was the case for ordinary guys like archer Ukiyo and music-loving Nikki.

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Ukiyo once worked with sonar in the 21st century, and 3,700 years later, he used his super-accurate hearing to track down Tsukasa’s enemies and shoot them with his bow and arrow. He looks fairly normal as a character, just a guy in a yellow outfit and a decent hat and bow.

3 Tsukasa Eishi let his food do the talking (food wars!)

Expert chef Tsukasa Eishi is hardly a villain in the long run, and was a loose ally of Soma during the BLUE Championships. But for a time, he was hostile to Soma as the first member of the Council of Ten and, for a while, the central Azami-Nigiri. Soma showed no mercy at all.

Tsukasa served Ishi Azami without question and did everything in his power to crush Irina and Soma in the Kitchen Regiment. In the end, he lost, and he was a generous loser about that, too. As his appearance suggests, Tsukasa isn’t a bad person – he just happens to be Azami’s most skilled follower.

2 Gloxinia is a colored fairy (The Seven Deadly Sins)

Gloxinia is one of those anime villains who isn’t a villain at heart, although he’s been a serious antagonist for some time, so he’s considered a villain in the anime. Gloxinia has the distinction of being the first king of the fairy forest, and is a neutral locus. But then he ended up joining the Decalogue with the Giant Drol.

Gloxinia and Drole were formidable enemies of the Seven Deadly Sins for some time, but later, he and Drole abandoned the Ten Commandments. In fact, he was finally on good terms with the Heroic Fairy King, Meliodas’ ally. Evil or not, Gloxinia looked just as good with its wings as colored as stained glass windows.

1 Princess Multi as Minnie Griffith (Rise of the Shield Hero)

In some ways, the despised evil princess Malti is a miniature Griffith. She was once highly influential, widely trusted, and held a position of power, but it all served as a front to hide her inner darkness. Like Griffith, Malty is a selfish schemer who has no qualms about betraying a friend/victim.

Malti and her father, the king, frame the shield hero, Naofumi Iwatani, and expel him from the castle, leaving Naofumi to fend for himself. Malti got away at first, but later her mother, the queen, brought both Malte and the king to justice, stripping them of all their power.

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