Top 10 Anime Villains Ranked by Ranking

Every good anime starts with a solid story and a great hero. However, it is often the opposing forces, the bad guys, who really manage to attract fans and get them to invest in a story. With such a wide range of genres to choose from, the animation presents the audience with a wealth of villains. From dark to humorous, from arithmetic to madness, everyone has always loved a good villain.

Taking into account thousands of anime fan reviews, Ranker has compiled a list of the most famous and greatest anime villains of all time, ranked by the genre’s most dedicated fans.

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10 cell

The cell smiles dangerously

Created with the purpose of being the perfect warrior, this Dragon ball Z The villain stands in tenth place among the fans of Ranker. With over 19,700 votes, Cell is often considered one of the show’s strongest villains. As its name suggests, the cell was made up of cells of other powerful characters, making it the ultimate fighting machine.

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Ciel was a true villain through and through, she was a ruthlessly sadistic character and combined elements from the other main characters’ personalities, making him both cunning and confident. With the ultimate goal of becoming perfect, it was revealed in the show that Goku himself would not be able to defeat this villain.

9 King Bradley

A close-up of rage looks serious at Fullmetal Alchemist.

King Bradley, also known as Wrath, is the main villain in Fullmetal Alchemist series. Despite his identity as Fury, Bradley is often considered more sympathetic and honorable than his fellow villains, but this serves to make him even more misguided. When King Bradley gets really angry he lives up to his name rage.

He’s also considered one of the best-written villains, and his thrilling original story and entire army at his disposal really make him a villain that the characters around him fear.

8 Don Quixote Doflamingo

Doflamingo flashes a devilish smile in One Piece

Don’t be fooled by his bright and cheerful look like this piece The villain is one of the most evil people. While he may not stand out as the most powerful villain in this anime, Doflamingo is a puppet master who was a major antagonist and influence in the events of the story before he first encountered the Straw Hats.

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Usually this is motivated by devious reasons, and beneath this character’s quirky and flamboyant personality is a violent and bloodthirsty villain. Manipulative and evil, Doflamingo’s nickname as Joker fits perfectly with his character, the love that the audience enjoys Batman The villain similarly reverses with this anime antagonist.

7 Frieza

Freeza Energy Blast Dragon Ball Z

Second Dragon Ball The villain that appears, Frieza was ultimately the show’s biggest threat to Goku. As one of the most powerful beings in that universe, Frieza’s civilized and refined behavior only underscores his brutal and evil nature.

Another terrifying sadist, NCO voters clearly love the villain through and through. Despite the appearance of this character, Frieza was definitely one of the terrifying antagonists who wreaked havoc and havoc on audience screens, earning him the rightful place on this list.

6 Hisoka

Although not always considered a villain, Hisoka has been voted by anime fans as one of the most iconic villains of all time. While there may be some debate over his status as a villain, Hisoka is undoubtedly one of the biggest antagonists in Hunter X Hunter Franchise business.

Another character often compared to The Joker at first glance, Hisoka is self-serving and his love of bloodshed makes him the perfect killer sociopath. His choices to save and help the main characters on multiple occasions also add more depth to his character, making him more interesting to the audience.

5 Dio Brando

Dio Brando laughs and points

Dio may not be the best written villain in JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure But it is certainly the most famous and the most famous. Offering plenty of memorable moments and easy meme, it’s no big surprise that Dio is considered one of the greatest villains in anime among fans.

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With an endless ambition for power, Dio seriously lacks any empathy or morals. A typical villain in this aspect, Dio excelled as the main antagonist of the series.

4 Susuke Aizen

A picture of Aizen sticking her teeth in bleach

As the main villain in whitening The series, Aizen’s charisma and wit are what make him stand out as one of the greatest villains in the anime. Born incredibly strong, Aizen longed for someone who would eventually challenge him and that came in the form of the main character, Ichigo.

Calm and polite, his character rarely shows signs of distress and always seems to have every situation under his control. This makes the effect of the story about his character later on much more satisfying.

3 light yagami

Light Yagami of Death Note Evil Laughter

As the main hero and villain as well death note, Light is one of the most exciting characters not only in anime but in TV. A natural-born genius who is constantly praised by those around him, Light begins his journey with arguably moral intentions.

However, his strong sense of justice becomes distorted as the series progresses. Soon corrupted by his own power, Light moved from killing criminals to developing a god complex. As the series continues, he grows crueler and crueler, bringing him closer as a complete villain.

2 cartoon character name

Due to its long-acting and multi-series nature to date, Naruto The franchise has spawned a lot of great villains in the anime. Often considered one of the best series, Uchiha was a villain that fans found interesting due to his cool, dominant personality and his unique villainous origins.

Another character who started out as wanting peace but ended up becoming a villain through merciless actions, the Uchiha has a lot more depth than most villains.

1 Pain

Voted by anime ranker viewers as the greatest anime villain of all time Naruto‘Spain. Nagato, better known as Pain, is often considered the best-written villain in the series, despite his tough competition.

Driven by the horror of the destruction of violence and war, his tragic backstory and desire to make the world better, along with his ideology, balanced strength and character development are all just some of the reasons why fans praise this anime villain as the best among the best.

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