Top 10 Anime Transformations (Not From Dragon Ball)

It’s a fact of life that if an anime includes a great deal of fighting in it, it will have a transformation. popularize it Dragon Ball In the franchise, Transformations is an anime way of allowing characters to show off new levels of power and techniques while looking incredibly cool in the process.

While the many variations of Super Saiyan are fairly well known, they are not the only examples of transformations in the animation. Over the years, animations from mecha to magical girl to other shounen have made amazing transformations, and some fans say they’ve even excelled Dragon Ball‘s.

10 Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann is the top of the Mecha (Gurren Lagann)

When it comes to mecha anime, few can hold a candle to their ilk lagann gurren. This larger-than-life series from Gainax tells the story of Simon as he leads the titular mecha to defend Earth from increasing external threats. Unlike many other mechas, Gurren Lagann is able to transform, gradually getting bigger with each new form.

At the climax of the series, Simon and the team of Dae-Guren set themselves up against the power of an antivirus, who can manipulate the very fabric of reality. To face such an unstoppable foe, Simon and his cohorts combined their spiral power to create the largest mechanism in animation history. The results largely speak for themselves.

9 The Nine-Tails Chakra Mode unleashes the true power of Naruto (Naruto)

Over the NarutoThe titular ninja learned how to harness the power that came with being a Jinchuriki of the Nine-Tailed Fox. When he begins to rely on the Kurama chakra, he has access to various transformations that can help him in battle but at the risk of a fox taking over. After he manages to make peace with Kurama and his friendship, though, Naruto will unlock the Nine-Tails Chakra mode.

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While other Jinchuriki can transform into a replica of their tailed beast, Naruto is more of a chakra cloak in the form of Kurama. With this transformation, Naruto can use all of Kurama’s abilities along with his own. Using the Sage Mode chakra, he can become even stronger.

8 Baryon mode gives Naruto the power of the god (Boruto)

After becoming Hokage, Naruto continues to defend the Hidden Leaf Village from threats. However, nothing can prepare Naruto for the likes of Isshiki Otsutsuki, the leader of Kara. Despite his best efforts with Sasuke, they had no hope of matching an entity stronger than Kaguya’s. As a result, Naruto and Kurama will use their ultimate transformation for the first and only time.

In Baryon Mode, Naruto’s impressive strength and speed had already reached god levels, allowing him to be almost the best Isshiki. However, it proved to be a double-edged sword, as using it for a long time would put Naruto’s life at risk. In the end, Kurama used all his chakra and conveyed much of Naruto and fans’ grief.

7 The Avatar is a force of nature in its own right (Avatar: The Last Air Striker)

The final form of Avatar, the Symbolic State, appeared when Wan and the spirit of light, Rava, were bound together permanently. In this case, the avatars begin to channel the cosmic energy of the Raava and know their previous incarnations at once. As a result, Avatar can perform feats to bend those limits on par with the forces of nature themselves.

While it was supposed to be the trump card, the Avatar nation had some serious flaws for Aang and Korra. If they get into it without mastering it, they risk losing control and destroying everything around them. Even worse, if they die while they are in this state, Raava will die, ending the Avatar cycle forever.

6 Seeing Titan Raiders Transform Never Get Old (Attack on Titan)

in World The attack on the GiantsThere are nine Titan Shifters, members of the Eldian people who are able to transform into a Titan and back as they please. While each Titan is unique in appearance and ability, they all have the same transformation sequence. When the Titan Shifter turns, the area is covered in an explosion of steam and bright light. When the dust subsides, Titan is ready for battle.

As wonderful as the Nine Titans are, many consider them a curse. Their lives lapse into just another thirteen years. At the end of this time, they must let themselves be eaten by their successors to ensure the transmission of power.

5 The Sailor Guardians transformation is an all-time classic (Sailor Moon)

Noted and parodied across pop culture for over thirty years, Sailor Guardian is one of the most iconic transformations in all of animation. When Usagi Tsukino and her allies need to confront the forces of evil, they summon the magic contained in items such as a pen or a brooch to withstand their altered ego. The rest is anime history.

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Besides being a staple in the magical girl genre and anime as a whole, the Sailor Guardian form is also incredibly powerful. Using these forms, Sailor Guardians can control various elements of nature, cast magic spells, fly, and more. Sailor Moon’s power is so great that she can destroy entire planets if she wants to.

4 One For All: Full Cowl – 100% Lets Deku Go Beyond (My Hero Academia)

Since he inherited it, Midoriya has struggled for the ability to control One For All. When he initially used this Quirk at full force, the backlash threatened to damage his limbs to the point of rendering them useless. It wasn’t until the fight with Overhaul that fans got a taste of what Deku could do in full force.

While using One For All Full Cowl: 100%, Midoriya’s body pops and radiates raw power similar to Super Saiyan or Super Saiyan 2. Moreover, his physical prowess reaches the point where no one can match it in combat. In short, it gives new meaning to “Plus Ultra”.

3 Requiem Platforms Conquered (JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure)

There are platforms, and then there are mass platforms. Presented in the last chapter of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Golden Wind, Mass carrier is what happens when the stand is pierced by an upright arrow. If the user design is cool enough, the upgraded mount will have a level of power almost unfathomable. The only example of such a situation that still exists is Giorno Giovanna’s Golden Experience Requiem.

When switching to the form of the Requiem Mass, the Golden Experience Mass may seem a little strange, but it holds itself like Christ. His divine ability to undo any action taken against him brings him close to invincibility, condemning Diavolo to an eternity of suffering he deserves.

2 Luffy’s gear skins can handle anything (1 piece)

As the future Pirate King, Luffy must be strong enough to handle anyone who gets in his way. Fortunately, Luffy has learned how to use the properties of his rubber body to the fullest. Luffy can increase his speed in various gear shapes, amplify his bones and muscles, and cover his body in Haki to take on almost any opponent.

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None of Luffy’s techniques hold a candle in the form of the awakened Devil Fruit, Gear Fifth. In this form, Luffy can greatly break the laws of reality, and move and act as if he were a straight old man. Looney Tunes cartoon. In this case, it’s pretty much the anime counterpart to Bugs Bunny or Popeye.

1 Ash-Greninja is the Pokémon Evolution fan who never knew they needed a (Pokemon)

Mega-Evolution was introduced in Gen VII of the franchise, and was one of the most popular additions Pokemon That the fans got. Then the anime came along and took the concept one step further by giving Ash’s Greninja his unique Mega-Evolution look. Born from the strong bond between Trainer and Pokémon, Ash’s Greninja takes on a form similar to Ash, along with a shuriken worthy of a ninja.

To say Ash-Greninja is strong is an understatement. In this form, Ash’s Greninja becomes one of the most powerful Pokémon Ash Ketchum ever. While the form has the side effect of merging their senses together, the benefits more than make up for it.

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