Top 10 Anime That Will Make You Think

Most cartoons have indisputable entertainment value, however, not all stories are just blood and guts or laughs and laughs, as many tales have the added “Aesop’s Fable” element to them. Sometimes the depth of the story is subtle, while other life lessons will slap viewers in the face; But finally, related issues come to the surface, refusing to ignore them anymore.

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This popular animation will motivate fans to use their thinking hats as many ideologies are discussed in unclear ways. Whether it’s trying to relate to social issues, or getting around scientific concepts, ideas presented in cartoon form are not quick to blow one’s mind off.

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10 Quantum Physics: A bastard doesn’t dream of a Bunny girl Senpai

The concept of “puberty syndrome” may seem wild and strange, but when Ryo Futaba begins offering scientific explanations for these strange phenomena, viewers begin to think of the possibilities. Puberty syndrome is basically the physical manifestation of adolescent anxiety that will make one invisible, body swap, lose memories, and more, as some sort of coping mechanism.

Where most people with the disorder don’t believe it, Sakuta Azusagawa and Futaba turn to science (not some magical ritual) to salvage the situation. Ideas based on quantum physics are broken down to fit the theory neatly and the puzzle can be solved.

9 Human Nature: Darwin’s Game

If given the opportunity to end another person’s life with seemingly no consequences, but instead receive generous rewards, will the moral compass falter? This is the question that Sudo Kaname and the rest of my players are asking Darwin game They must face off as they enter the non-virtual world of the ultimate death race.

The goal of the game is debatable. Where some say that one only needs to survive, others focus on the element of killing, whereby monetary rewards are awarded to the winners of each death match or tournament. Most players are fueled by desperation and bloodshed, while some are merely victims of unfortunate circumstances; Viewers find themselves thinking about which category they would fall into if they were caught Darwin game.

8 Art Definition: Blue Period

What is art? A question that even most professionals struggle to adequately answer. Yatora Yaguchi discovered his natural creative talent relatively late in his life and had only a few short months to prepare himself for his entrance exams at the Tokyo Art Institute. In a crash course in art, viewers follow Yatura, Yuka and their fellow colorists as they embark on the emotional journey of artistic discovery.

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One of the most important topics blue period It is the idea that anyone can create art, so long as they put in the effort, are not discouraged, and eventually learn how to see the world from a new perspective. Who knows what hidden talents lurk there.

7 Residential space: tropical children

This six-episode mini-series packs a lot of depth into a short amount of time, with viewers encountering a variety of concepts to think about. From artificial intelligence so sophisticated that it can predict the future, to thinking about what would happen if humanity tried to populate space, Tropical children It covers many bases of science fiction as viewers gain insight into what it could be like to live on a space station.

The idea of ​​living in places other than Earth is slowly becoming a more realistic concept since some billionaires have joined the space race. It could be a reality sooner than most people thought, and the pros and cons of space travel are fully adequately evaluated as the differences between the life of space-born Toya Sagami and that of Earth-born Tayo Tsukuba are becoming more and more apparent.

6 Good vs. Evil: My Academic Hero

In a story of heroes versus villains, choosing the “good side” should be easy, right? wrong! My hero academy He has an uncanny ability to make villains associated while casting doubt on the integrity of heroes. The boundaries between black and white are blurred as the heroes focus more on their fame and fortune than on actually helping society, and the bad guys want nothing more than to do justice (well, some of them anyway).

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After some time, many fans find themselves building their own dream team, with characters from each side of the coin. They slowly realize that no one is completely good or completely evil, as each character’s true intentions are slowly revealed.

5 Gender roles: the revolutionary girl Utina

Utena Tenjou isn’t satisfied with how things are working at Ohtori Academy, and won’t roll over and commit just because she’s a girl. This strange society reflects old school traditions where a girl’s hand is “won” by winning a duel. When Utina defends her best friend, Annie, Hemia from humiliation, she inadvertently gains Rose’s bride in the process and is then forced to continue fighting for Anne’s honor.

Utina refuses to conform to typical gender conventions because she sees no value or integrity in labeling and personifying people. She doesn’t just want to save Female, but she also wants to help her find her independence and abandon the oppressive stereotypes that have weighed on these girls for so long.

4 Accountability: Death Note

Being able to play God may be too much for some, but that doesn’t stop fans from subconsciously (or on purpose) adding names to their inner personas. death note List. Who does the cut and why? Is there really a legitimate reason to cause death, and where is the line drawn? Lots of questions, but young Light Yagami confidently claims he has all the answers, while causing death and destruction with the flick of a pen.

Having so much power can easily bring out the worst side in anyone, and it’s practically impossible not to think about the options. In Light’s mind, all the death he causes is for the greater good, a concept that doesn’t work for everyone.

3 Understanding Social Anxiety: Komi Can’t Communicate

If anyone has wondered what social anxiety feels like, then Komi can’t communicate It’s the perfect place to start with an accurate (and fun) analogy. Komi is a goddess by high school standards and quickly became the most popular girl in school. Her extreme social anxiety is repeatedly thought of as an elegant aloofness that only the most adorable children can possess; However, it is Komi’s overwhelming fear that makes her speechless.

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It’s easy for fans to put themselves in a comic place to discover the inner workings of an anxious mind. One might also think about what they would do in the case of Tadano Hitohit, as a friend trying to help someone with a possible mental disability.

2 Motherhood: Edens Zero

This science fiction may tickle the brain with the concept of gravity manipulation, however, the perception of motherhood is another major theme in Edens Zero’s story. During her travels, Homura Kōgetsu teams up with Shiki Granbell and together they search for the Four Shining Stars; One of them is Homura’s beloved teacher.

Homura was abandoned as a young girl, but luckily the robot Valkyrie Yuna raised her while her real mother pursued fame and fortune. Regardless of her dedication, Valkrie was prevented from claiming the title of mother, because the machine (apparently) could not love. Who deserves medals: a machine without a heart, a human without a bone, or a body?

1 What constitutes talent: piano forest

Who is most talented: one born with a natural ability, or one who put in years of hard work and dedicated practice? This is the debate between Shūhei Amamiya and Kai Ichinose in piano forest, where two boys on both sides of the track find in common their love of classical music. Both intending to win the Chopin competition, these friends must decide how to deal with the growing competition between them.

The choice between being supportive or frustrated is put on the table, and jealousy begins to cloud their judgment. Shūhei feels more deserving of his devotion, but why should he take this from Kai’s skills? Talent, whether it is inherent or acquired, must be valued, though.

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