Top 10 anime quotes of all time

Japanese comics He can tell any number of stories, from simple love stories to intense heroes’ journeys. But it’s not just the memorable characters or stories – it’s the words the characters speak to each other. From fun single lines to whole sentences, each prolific animation quote is imaginative or memorable in its own way.

Perhaps the quote advances the story or describes the world the characters are in. Sometimes it just identifies a character’s personalities and provides insight into their motivations. Of every line said in the history of anime, only a handful can be considered the best. Here, in our humble opinion, are the top 10 best of all.

10. “I want you to make contracts with me and be charming girls.” – The charming girl Madoka Magica

One of the biggest traps in the anime is agreeing to become a girl witch with Kyubey, and it sounds too good to be true if you think about it. You can have anything you want in exchange for becoming a witch girl and fighting witches. At the same time, you are unaware of the cost of said desire and how it will lead to becoming the thing you are fighting against. Now when someone asks you to sign something, make sure you are fully aware of the terms and conditions before putting your name on the dotted line.

9. “If I die in the game, I die in real life.” – sword art online

This streak was creative and memorable for players who watched this anime. The fantasy of survival in the world of video games and the idea of ​​death in a giant MMORPG was scary and exciting. Imagine working hard at world of cans or Maine Craft Just because you are trapped in it, unable to log out. This show was also one of the first anime series for people, so having a simple line with a simple intro helped get new anime consumers excited to see another episode.

8. “Let’s all have fun and play together.” – no game no life

This is another good quote based on another isekai anime video game. Instead of being satisfying, it’s more informative and fun. no game no life Siblings transport Sora and Shiro to a world centered on video games with only 10 laws. The latter is the most important: “Let’s all have fun and play together.” It’s more than just a law – it’s also a mindset that God of Games wants people to follow, considering that games are now used in politics, conflict, and war. That’s what makes this anime great. He is not as obsessed as other isekai anime and he encourages everyone to make the most out of it and have fun.

7. “If my memories are erased, please make friends with me again, okay?” – fruit basket

This quote describes how true this anime is in season one and how it is about a cute girl who wants to be friends with a special family. Toru has shown that she still accepts the Sohma family without judgment despite their curse. At the same time, she breaks the illusion that the head of the family said that no one will accept them.

6. “The hero who has not cast a shadow, the great deeds of you and your fellow stewards will never see the light of day.” – Spy family x

This line in Spy family x The viewer mentions that the spies are working in the shadows and that they are not supposed to be detected, as most of the espionage facilities have an agent who is either known or seen in daylight. If you watched something like James Bond or Mission: Impossible, the villain knows who the protagonist is and what’s next. Unlike those in Spy family xLloyd must keep his identity out of sight while focusing on the mission. In the end, this quote is a good reminder that not all secret agents are seen and that what they do remains…well…a secret.

5. “People die if they are killed.” – Destiny / stay the night

This quote may sound stupid, but it’s too funny in hindsight. It literally refers to the obvious, but it sounds deep and dangerous. This quote may be inadvertently being mocked when the heroes of the cartoon say something serious just to motivate them or move the story forward. In the end, this quote also became a good meme.

4. “A while ago, you asked me why I didn’t join a band somewhere else, right? I think it’s fun to play with these members. I’m sure everyone else feels that way. That’s why we’re doing so well.” – K-On!

at K-On!Newest member Azusa is questioning her loyalty to the light music club, considering that they aren’t serious compared to when they were on stage. The answer to these doubts is that they are friends and that it is their friendship that helps them compose good music. Some of the teams are in it because of the fame or they are all talented. Meanwhile, school girls want to enjoy the time they spend together.

3. “I’ll have a potato chip and eat it.” – death note

This has to be the most dramatic potato chip eating scene ever. Not even a chip ad can bypass this. It is an intense and engaging game but it also plays a role in the cat-and-mouse chase game played by both L and Light. The line is also funny because of the way it’s said and how it made “eat potatoes” sound serious and dramatic.

2. “On that day, mankind remembered the horror of being ruled by it. The humiliation of being caged.” – The attack on the Giants

The first few lines of The attack on the Giants It describes not only what happens in the scene but also the main themes that the first season has in store for the viewer. This line is not the same as the one in sword art online Where it describes the obsessive situation they are in now, it is a reminder to the characters that they are not free.

1. “Believe!” – Naruto

This is one of Naruto’s famous quotes and perhaps the most memorable line in anime history. It’s more than just a slogan, it’s a promise. It’s Naruto’s way of saying that he will do whatever it takes to do great things in life. You see him as stupid and not being serious in most of his exercises, but at the same time you encourage him. He has potential as long as you can believe in him.

While the animation continues to be entertaining and tell compelling stories, those individual lines or certain phrases and sentences can make the show memorable, whether it’s to push the story forward, motivate the characters, or just describe what’s going on.

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