Top 10 anime killers

The anime is full of different warriors, but none of them are as interesting as assassins. They aren’t as flashy as some of the best anime fighters, but it’s their versatility and tact that really packs in you. Female killers, in particular, make up the lovable archetype of the female killer who completely destroys the worn-out girl in a metaphor of misfortune.

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Some of the best female killers in the middle seem humble or even completely innocent at first, but anyone who dares to disrespect them will be in for a rude awakening. Whether they hold blades, guns, or magical powers, these killers should never be underestimated or ignored.

Spoiler alert! This article contains Jujutsu Kaisen manga spoilers.

10 Chianti Sniper (Detective Conan)

Chianti works for the Black Organization, a criminal group whose motives hide in murky waters. She is the best sniper in the ranks of the group. She can instantly kill any target without leaving a trace with great accuracy and an ingenious understanding of her ranges. She is passionate about her job as a sniper and is ruthless.

Any target within 600 yards at Chianti is doomed. It is a valuable asset to the organization. She also does not work alone. Most of the time, she takes orders from Gin but works alongside Korn.

9 Nico Robin’s murderous past (One Piece) is often forgotten.

It’s such a shame that Nico Robin is one of them One piece Most of the characters are untapped. After she joined the Straw Hats, nothing else was revealed about her character. However, it should be noted that it was fatal.

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None of her victims or motives are expanded on, but it’s worth noting that with Hana Hana no Mi, she can control any part of the body remotely. If she wanted to break someone’s spine, she would be able to do so by spreading her hand across that person’s back. Nico has killed many people so hopefully her past will be fully explained as the story continues.

8 Yugao Uzuki leads Team Anbu (Naruto)

Yugao was discovered to join the Anbu Black Ops due to her mastery of kenjustu and her unparalleled sensory skills. She is an accomplished kunoichi and eventually becomes the leader of the ANBU.

Yugao trained under Hayate and eventually became so skilled with kenjutsu that she would rival him. She has a lot of powerful techniques that are enough to beat any opponent, like Haze Moon Knight. All of her movements benefit from her remarkable agility. Although she gave up her blade after Hayate’s death, Yugao eventually picked it up again during the Fourth Shinobi World War when she had to fight his reincarnation.

7 Maki Zenin has taken possession of her entire clan (Jujutsu Kaisen)

Maki had always despised the Zenin clan for keeping her away from her and treating her like a black sheep only because she couldn’t manipulate the cursed energy. Although she did not return home with the sole intention of killing her entire family, things turned out that way due to her father’s actions.

Known for being proficient with cursed weapons and gadgets, Maki definitely used her expertise during her attack on the clan. She cut off her family members one by one. Even the strongest fighters didn’t stand a chance against her, especially since her body had improved with Heavenly Restrictions.

6 Mirai Hitman (Pocket Noir)

Mirai does not think twice before killing her target. Killing people is the central aspect of her career path, so it wouldn’t make sense for her to be emotional or have other ideas about her actions.

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It may not be the most honest line of business, but it pays the bills. She is ruthless about getting the job done and will even throw her loved ones under the bus if it means she’s one step closer to success. While most people think of CEOs or other businesspeople when they hear the word “professional,” the way Mirai does her job also fits this definition.

5 Shinobu Kocho’s blade has poisoned countless demons (Demon Slayer)

All members of the Demon Slayer Corps used some kind of Nichiren blade, whether it was a sword or a set of huge machetes. Shinobu, the insect Hashira, uses a typical Nichiren sword, but is very different from the rest in the series. It is unique in that when it pierces its opponent, it injects them with poison to slowly kill them.

She is one of the best swordsmen in the Legion, and her skills have allowed her to take on some of the strongest demons in the series, such as Duma or Sister Spider.

4 The Snow Demon Kyoka Izumi made her an expert killer (Bongo Stray Dogs)

Before defecting to the Armed Detective Agency, Kyoka was used by Port Mafia as a killer. Her ability, Snow Demon, is a female spirit who possesses a sword. Her only goal is to kill, and she can only receive orders from Kyoka via cell phone. I have only recently learned how to effectively control the soul.

Not only does Demon Snow make her an expert assassin, she also has the physical skills to back her up. She is incredibly agile and can even fight in the air, thanks to her amazing acrobatic skills.

3 Irina Jelavich may not look like that, but she is a cold-blooded killer (Assassination chapter)

Irina is hired to join the group’s efforts to assassinate Koro-sensei. Although it doesn’t look like it, this woman is a cold-blooded killer. She will seduce her target to hunt them down and kill them when they least expect it.

Unfortunately, she faces a lot of ridicule from her students in Class 3-E due to her fickle behavior and childish disposition. Some even rewarded her with some obscene nicknames. Despite the constant quarrels, Irina takes great care of her students, and the feeling is mutual.

2 Akame stands out from the other killers in her series (Akame Ga Kill!)

Akame is the pinnacle of anime killers. She stands out among her fellow killers, even in her own series. She is very agile and swordsmanship.

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Akame’s cursed demonic sword, called the “One-Cut Killer”, is a death sentence for any poor soul that comes into contact with it. You will kill without showing any emotion. When she pursues one of her targets, she is completely ruthless. Before she was cursed, Akame used to yell at her enemies to “deposit” and deal with their elimination.

1 Yor Forger is “Thorn Princess” (Spy X Family)

Yor Forger joins Lloyd and Anya’s makeshift family to protect herself from being suspected of being a spy. You don’t know that Lloyd is himself a spy. She works as a part-time writer at Berlint City Hall, but her real goal in life is assassination.

When she takes on a new job, she goes by the name “Thorn Princess” and shows no mercy towards anyone in her path – even if it’s not her target. Every once in a while, her murderous tendencies will come to light during her daily life – especially in regards to Anya. If she is in danger, yor will become violent to defend her.

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