Top 10 Anime Heroes of 2021

Content Warning: This article contains references to bullying and suicide.

The new season of My hero academy It arrives in October of 2022 and is one of the most awaited anime of the year. This is because of his lovable main character – Izuku Midoriya, who is now stronger than ever after developing and crafting his newfound power bestowed upon him by One For All. He will soon face a great battle against Tomura Shigaraki to save his friends and the entire country.

Like Izuku Midoriya, other anime released in 2021 have main characters with corresponding traits, who will fight for loved ones and stand against injustice, while also trying to overcome the simpler obstacles in life. Extensive storylines that follow their progress have helped capture the attention of fans and their desire for more content.

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Takemichi Hanagaki: Tokyo Revengers

Takemichi Hanagaki in Tokyo's Avengers are bloody and wounded

Tokyo Avengers It follows freelance journalist Hanagaki Takemichi who lives an unsatisfactory life until his death. After his death, he awakens 12 years into the past as he is forced to calculate the ultimate fate of his friends while trying to prevent the future.

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Because of his knowledge of the future, Takemichi is insecure and cries a lot, as well as holding a grudge against the wealthy. However, as the anime progresses, Takemichi gradually turns into a different person who is no longer a coward. Slowly, he becomes a man of “unwavering conviction” who refuses to back down despite all the difficulties stacked against him – making him an interesting main character to watch and cheer on, as he overcomes impossible odds.

Langa: Sk8 Infinity

Sk8 Infiniti It originally follows Ricky, a skateboarder who participates in a secret underground skating rink as the best skaters in Japan settle their differences by competing. Langa is a Canadian transfer student who specializes in snowboarding but eventually starts skateboarding with the help of his new friend Ricky.

However, despite other amazing main performances in Sk8 InfinitiLanga is the one who has captured the hearts of fans, starting out as the underdog. He is generally shy and reserved but becomes the center of attention when he skates and takes the audience’s breath away. Langa has also been confirmed to be gay, which is a rare occurrence in the sports cartoon genre, which drew fans even further in hopes of watching their gay love story unfold.

Itadori Yuji: Jujutsu Kaisen

Jujutsu Kisen Itadori

Yuji Itadori is a kind-hearted teenager who joins a mysterious club at his school for fun, but discovers that its members are true magicians who can tamper with the energy between beings for their own benefit. After Sukuna’s finger is swallowed, it becomes possessed by a demon. Against all odds, Itadori remains the same and values ​​life, even though the entity within him does not.

Besides identifying him as friendly, open-minded, and funny, one of Yuji’s distinguishing features is his willingness to sacrifice himself for others, which his grandfather’s last words provoked him to die surrounded by others who cared about him. No wonder fans have flocked to Itadori and begged to post more content, because they can’t get enough of his unparalleled personality.

Kumi Choco: Kumi can’t communicate

Komi on the board at Komi Can't Communicate

Komi is a beautiful and impressive girl who sees the whole school as being out of her league, but in fact she lives with an anxiety disorder that makes it difficult for her to talk to her peers and make friends.

Despite her struggles, Komi wishes to improve herself, showing tremendous character development. Her dream is to make 100 friends, which is a beautiful and realistic goal. This romantic comedy has delighted the hearts of fans, especially those who can sympathize with their communication disorder and want to see her overcome it by achieving her goals.

Takt Asahina: Takt Op. Saucepan

Takt takes place at Takt Op.  Saucepan.

Tact up Destiny It is a new anime based on the game tact up. It is set in the futuristic world of 2047, where music cannot be played freely because it attracts monsters called D2s. Tact is the bandleader who signs a contract with Musicart Destiny.

There are many unique characters in this anime, but the main heroine, Takt Asahina, is a combination of arrogance and ultimate kindness that makes it impossible not to admire him. He believes that music comes first and his goal is to bring it back to the people for all to enjoy. Although it may seem unpopular at first, due to the surrounding circumstances, viewers and fans can’t help but sympathize with him and want to see him grow up.

Ai: Wonder Egg Priority

Ai Ohto, the protagonist of the Wonder Egg Priority anime.

This anime follows young Ai as she records a Wonder Egg in an abandoned arcade, causing her fate to be exposed from that moment on. Ai is an introverted girl who spends most of her time alone and hates being around people until she finally befriends an imperfect student named Koito Nagase.

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After Koito’s suicide, fans watch Ai try to deal with the guilt and grief she is experiencing after losing her only friend. But as the anime progresses, Ai sees growth and begins to show kindness as she meets other characters along the way. Her motive to avenge her dead friend illustrates a beautiful story of coming of age as she overcomes her fears and learns to trust others, despite not being able to do so in the past.

Fushi: Your forever

Still image from the animated series To Your Eternity.

Unique from the rest, this anime is about an immortal being, Fushi, who takes many forms, including the image of a deserted white-haired village boy and a white wolf in order to figure out what it means to be human.

Before achieving a sense of self, Fauci simply imitates the actions of others based on instinct, but over time his personality develops and he turns into a caring individual determined to create peace in the world. This anime has a very interesting protagonist, and fans watch him try to understand human emotions and feelings despite having the gift of immortality and unfathomable knowledge.

Tatsu: The House Husband Method

Tatsu and Masa from the house husband's way

This comedy follows a former Yakuza boss who retires from crime to become a housewife to support his wife Miku. Tatsu is known to take everything he does very seriously, especially his work as a housewife.

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What makes Tatsu so likable is his fun. He uses yakuza-esque language in ordinary situations, which often makes something simple and innocent seem threatening. He also turns out to be paranoid as a result of his bloody past, even when performing the simplest of everyday tasks. Tatsu is an amazing hero because, despite his inner struggles, he cares about the people in his life and keeps taking an extra step for them, even if it hurts him in the process.

Kyoko Hori: Horimiya

Pottery characters from the HoriMiya anime series.

Horimiya It is an energetic teen romance story about Kyoko Hori and Izumi Miyamura, two high school classmates who quickly fall in love. Hori is a famous honor student who lives a not-so-great home life where she must raise her little brother by herself and run the family because her parents are too busy.

What makes Kyoko so likable is that she is usually an energetic and popular person who always creates a happy atmosphere despite the hardships she has to put up with at home. She shows initiative when it comes to taking care of her family and friends. This anime has lived up to expectations by offering a dependable comedic love story that stars as Hori herself as she learns how to navigate life.

Fina: Fina – The Pirate Princess

Veena looks scared in the pirate princess in us.

Fina: Pirate Princess It is an adventure film about a young woman named Vena, who gets swept up on a mysterious mission surrounding a stone left behind by her late father that could allegedly lead her to a destination known as Eden.

Despite her traumatic past and the mystery of the unknown haven, Veena is a cheerful woman who shows courage and leadership as she enlists others to follow and aid her in her quest. What makes Veena so likable is that despite her perceived shyness, she is also very serious and also shows an incredible amount of sympathy for her buddies during their travels, making her a character that many look up to.

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