Top 10 anime characters that can read minds

The cartoon characters possess an amazing array of superpowers and magical weapons, from advanced ninjutsu to bankai and quirks. Many of these superpowers echo those in the American superhero comics, with telepathy as a prominent example. It’s a fairly rare power, but mind reading can make a huge difference in battle, as Professor X demonstrates in X-Men.

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A handful of cartoon characters can use special techniques or their natural talents to sense other people’s feelings, thoughts, or memories, often to give them an advantage in a battle scene or to gather vital information from an enemy who refuses to speak. With that in mind, anime has some of the smartest, coolest, and best talented mind readers out there.

10 Anya Forger Can Hear Lloyd and Yor’s Thoughts (The Spy X Family)

One of the newest and most famous examples of anime telepathy is the pink-haired girl Anya Forger, an extraordinarily talented little girl who can hear everyone’s thoughts, whether she likes it or not. Anya was auditioned once and then ended up in an orphanage, but her life changed for the better when Westalis spy Lloyd Forger/Twilight adopted her.

Anya is now happier as Lloyd and Yor’s adopted daughter, and she makes good use of her telepathic gifts to help Loid or cheat on exams at Eden Academy. But she’s more than just a mind reader – Anya is also a kind, caring and brave kid who will always stand up for what’s right.

9 Bock can feel the feelings of bravery (berserk)

Rambunctious he have A brutal and dark tone as the seinen classic, but it also has room for more playful or charming characters like evil Isidro, young witch Schierke, and little boy Puck. chronologically. Puck has been with Guts since the events of the Black Swordsman arc, and he can sense the Guts’ mental state as well.

Puck cannot read the words in someone’s mind, but he can easily sense the feelings of another being, a milder form of telepathy. He is often overwhelmed with the sadness and anger present in Guts’ mind, but eventually he gets used to it. He also has moderate healing powers with his fairy dust.

8 Puck Is A Telepathic Cat (Re: zero)

There are actually two types of mind reading pucks in the world of animation, and Re: zero Puck has much more abilities than Rambunctious One. This disc can read a person’s thoughts more comprehensively than simply sense feelings. He is able to read superficial thoughts and even telepathic communication with certain people.

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Rather than being a fairy, this wand is an ancient spirit cat that can take on a gigantic form from time to time. He can also use magic in battle to help defend his friend Emilia, and he can also drain mana from other living beings, which sets him apart from other spirits.

7 Goshinki could read minds in battle (InuYasha)

The evil Naraku created a good number of demons to fight the InuYasha party, with Kagura the wind witch and the mirror user Kanna being two notable examples. He also made the short-lived but terrifying third minion named Goshinki, a creature Kagura once considered her brother.

Goshinki was a horned demon ghoul who could read minds in battle, allowing him to predict and thus nullify the movements of his enemies, even Miroku’s wind tunnel. Despite this, Inuyasha quickly kills Goshinki in his demonic form, and a little later, Sesshoumaru forges Tokijin’s sword from one of Goshinki’s fangs to compete with Tetsusaiga.

6 Ino Yamanaka Jutsu Works in Minds (Naruto)

Ino Yamanaka the kunoichi is an expert in her family’s hidden techniques, which are mainly based on the mind. She can use the Mind Transfer Technique to place her consciousness in another person, as she demonstrated against Sakura Haruno during the Chunin Exam. But Ino can do more than that.

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Like her father Inoichi, Ino can use her genjutsu-based abilities to delve into someone else’s mind and prove their ideas to obtain much-needed information. This is very effective when captive shinobi refuse to speak, even if Ibiki tortures them. Some information simply cannot be tortured by a person.

5 Mao Read Too Many Minds (Code Geass)

While planner Lelouch Lamperouge can use his thoughts to verbally instruct others, he soon learns that other geass archetypes have completely different powers. Lelouch saw it himself when he met the little villain Mao, a young Chinese man who allowed him to read other people’s thoughts.

However, this telepathic gift from CC came at a cost. Mao could not stop his powers, and he was quickly overwhelmed by a sea of ​​other people’s thoughts. So, listen to CC audio recordings to help him focus. It wasn’t easy for Lelouch to figure out a countermeasure to this kind of telepathy.

4 Nodoka Miyazaki Can Read Minds with a Book (Mahou Sensei Negima! / UQ Holder)

Initially, shy Nodoka Miyazaki was just an avatar dandere library girl, a lover of books who could not prove herself at all. Then she meets her cute teacher, Neji Springfield, and even makes a pact with him for a magical artifact—in this case, a telepathic book.

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Nodoka used this book, and she clearly read anyone’s thoughts if she knew their name. She often did this to analyze the weaknesses or intentions of a strong opponent, but he also used it with her colleagues and friends. She was often confused by what her book had shown her.

3 Terrence Darby Can Sense People’s Intentions (JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure)

standing in JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Capable of a variety of dazzling effects, including telepathy. In the stardust crusaders ARC story, Jotaro and his friends go up against Terrence D’Arby, the gambler Daniel J. D’Arby’s loving younger brother. Terrence’s Stand, Atum, can read minds to an extent.

Terrence uses Atum’s mind-reading to cheat in video games, and it works perfectly for Kakyoin. Terrence also used the power of his Stand on Jotaro until the latter cheated again with Joseph’s Stand to win a baseball video game. Mind reading is powerful, but there are ways to get around it.

2 Piccolo has the abilities of a mind reading symbol (Dragon Ball Z)

While the famous Namekian Piccolo isn’t primarily known as a telepath, he does have some slight telepathic abilities, and can use them to sense someone else’s thoughts or communicate with them directly. He sometimes does this with Trunks and Gohan.

This is not all he can do. Piccolo is also capable of flying, merging with other Namekians, regenerating his body and even conjuring objects such as swords or his head. Most of all, Dragon Ball Fans often view him as the true father of Gohan in spirit. He may be the best father after all.

1 Mewtwo has tremendous psychic powers (Pokemon)

The legendary Psychic Pokémon known as Mewtwo has many powers and abilities, from telekinesis to conjuring barriers to mind control, not to mention reading those minds to gain new information. In fact, reading people’s minds is one of the first things Mewtwo ever did while creating it in Team Rocket Lab.

Mioto felt the fear and ambition of humans, and thus learned to fear them at once. This inspired Mewtwo to separate from the human creators and create an island where Pokémon, including clones, can live independently and not suffer from the ambitions and cruelty of the human race. Hence, the first Pokemon Movie.

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