Top 10 Anime Characters Khoncho will choose as his avatar, ranked

The Egyptian Gods group might not be the most popular character roster, but that hasn’t stopped the MCU from making it a huge part of the new Phase 4. moon knight The series used Stephen Grant and Mark Spector as the Rosetta Stone to help translate the new mythology into the digestible genre of superheroes.

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Stephen and Mark’s adventures lead fans to the Egyptian moon god Khuncho before diving deeper into the world of gods and avatars. Of course, even after the introduction of Amit and Turrett, Khuncho and his avatar were able to control the spotlight. Many anime characters can make decent avatars for Koncho as well.

10 Spike Spiegel has a lot in common with the current avatar of Khuncho (Cowboy Bebop)

If Mark Spector can set a precedent for Khonshu’s preferences when choosing an avatar, it’s fair to assume he’d find value in Spike Spiegel. the hero of the story Cowboy Bebop He served as a gangster in his previous life before loaning his talents to Jet as a bounty hunter.

Thanks to the strength of Khoncho’s support for him, Spike was able to take on Vicious without killing himself. He would also look amazing in the indestructible Moon Knight suit.

9 Vegeta’s soft moral compass fits Khoncho’s questionable agenda (Dragon Ball Super)

In order to get revenge on that night, Khuncho needs an avatar willing to bend the rules in order to seek justice. In short, the avatar of Khuncho needs a flexible moral code and the strength to take on difficult and sometimes violent tasks.

Vegeta is the perfect candidate for this position. The Saiyan Prince spent years serving Frieza as a planet-killing machine before joining the Z fighters on Earth. Vegeta’s time with Frieza weakened his moral compass and turned him into the exact type of character he’s looking for in an avatar.

8 It will be difficult for Khuncho to control Sasuke, but he will make a great avatar (Naruto Shippuden)

Naruto’s rival and lifelong friend had a hard time redeeming himself after teaming up with Orochimaru in the original series. While training under the legendary Sannin, Sasuke let his definition of morality bend and break until he had absolutely no sense of right or wrong.

Khoncho would surely benefit from Sasuke’s soft moral compass and revenge plot, but he would still have trouble convincing the last Uchiha to serve them.

7 The Hawks like to get their hands dirty for the greater good (My Hero Academia)

The champion who is currently ranked second in My hero academyThe hero ratings are known to get his hands dirty in his fight for justice. In the latest anime arc MHA, Hawks goes undercover as a villain in order to find out the plans of the League of Villains.

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The Hawks’ ability to blend into both hordes of heroes and villains makes him an invaluable asset to someone like Khonshu. Falcons won’t even need the Moon Knight suit to fly, leaving the Egyptian god with more power to fly into other parts of the Moon Knight suit.

6 It would be easy to team up with an Egyptian god after teaming up with Satan (Black Clover)

If Asta was willing to borrow power from a true demon, there was no way he could refuse Khuncho’s help. The Magic Knight free of magic from Hage Village is indeed one of the most powerful characters in black clover With the help he received from Liebe. If Asta was able to summon the power of Khuncho and strengthen his body with the Moon Knight suit, it wouldn’t be possible to stop him.

The only problem with this pairing is Asta’s stubborn insistence on working through the books. Khuncho will be full of hands trying to take revenge on those who Asta thought deserved a second chance.

5 A shield hero will never refuse a suit of armor from Khuncho (The Rise of the Shield Hero)

Naofumi might now be filled with a Spiritual Tortoise, but if Khuncho came calling, the power of the Moon God would surely tempt the shield hero.

Naofumi does not lack in terms of durability. With his large arsenal of powerful armor, this hero is one of the strongest and most enduring characters in the Hero’s Shield Rise. However, it is unlikely that Naofumi would turn down the opportunity to wrap his entire body in a sturdy suit backed by the Egyptian moon god.

4 Decem’s experience as a referee makes him perfect for the job (Death Parade)

Deuteragonist of death procession He has great experience being the arbiter of justice in the lives of strangers. During his tenure as judge of the afterlife, Decim threw thousands of people into the void without shedding a tear.

Khoncho will appreciate the avatar with Decim’s cold demeanor. Of course, all this would explode in the face of Khuncho when the Egyptian deity found out that Decim was imbued with human emotions that allowed him to sympathize with those whom he was supposed to judge.

Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood Use Scar as a backup antagonist to show how corrupt the Amestris Nation really is. As Roy Mustang and Ed delve into their nation’s mysterious past, Scar was on a revenge mission for justice that few could understand.

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Khuncho’s level of god-like awareness would have allowed him to look at Scar’s situation and sympathize with the Ishvalan Warrior-Monk. Even if that wasn’t the case, Khuncho would most likely take advantage of Scar’s avenging heart and give him his power.

2 Norman Brin and Khuncho’s suit would be a deadly combination (The Promised Neverland)

Anime adapts to Neverland Promise It went into a downward spiral the moment Norman was removed by Emma and Ray. While the three were a team, they balanced each other out and crafted one of the greatest escape plots in anime history.

Once they were separated, Norman’s brain took him in a dark direction that would have earned him Khoncho’s respect. Fortunately, Khonshu was not around to incite Norman’s questionable behavior and Emma showed up just in time to stop him from playing the villain.

1 Asuka will do anything to get past Shinji & Rei (Neon Genesis Evangelion)

Asuka’s inferiority complex is a major point of contention throughout the plot Neon Genesis Evangelion. After mastering the EVA 2 unit in Germany and moving it to Japan to work alongside Shinji and Rei, Asuka struggled to embrace her new team and worked hard for excellence.

Khuncho will be happy to take advantage of Asuka’s weakness by giving her the strength she needs to overcome her rivals. He’ll also be happy to embrace Asuka’s brilliant mind and hero complex to make her do his thing.

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