Top 10 Animations Like Psycho-Pass

With the first two seasons now available on Crunchyroll, psychological corridor It is one of the most popular science fiction anime of all time. The idea of ​​an artificial intelligence system that judges whether or not a person will commit a crime is pretty dystopian, and the bloody way this show behaves in its characters is horrific. The exciting nature of this series, along with its captivating surroundings, is one of the biggest reasons why so many people love it.

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Lots of people get preoccupied with this series and are then left in a vacuum once they get out of the episodes. There is not much anime like psychological corridorbut people who want to try out slightly different scenarios can check out the following shows that should be right up the alley for fans who love the series.

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10 I hope the agent

A cyberpunk anime is very similar to psychological corridorAnd the I hope the agent Fantastic series. This psychological thriller asks fascinating questions about whether self-aware Android deserves the same rights as humans.

The only problem with the show is its pace, which can be ridiculously slow at times. However, if viewers can get past this minor annoyance, they will be able to enjoy one of the best sci-fi shows out there.

9 monster

monster It’s a beloved show that can have a slow tempo at times, but that’s a pretty small complaint at the end of the day. After all, this faithful adaptation is considered by many to be one of the best anime thrillers, with a captivating story that will keep viewers ready until the end.

The name monsterJohann Liebert, one of the coolest antagonists of all time. Watching the main characters try to chase him throughout the series seems like a futile exercise given how smart Johan really is.

8 darker than black

A science fiction and thriller movie with an amazing idea, darker than black It is somewhat anime. The show centers on the idea of ​​some individuals becoming contracted, allowing them to use supernatural powers for a cost.

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darker than black It is a completely original anime, and indeed a massive achievement for how good it is. The action scenes are smart and feel different from the usual raw power battles that are shown, for example, in most shounen animations.

7 Ghost in Shell: Independent Compound

ghost in bowl It is a name that needs no introduction. The show features a cyberpunk aesthetic that will make you feel right at home with its fans psychological corridor.

The original movie is a historical release in itself, and independent complex It adds more complexity to the world. Watching a futuristic version of the police taking down hateful criminals may be a straightforward concept, but it’s an amazing story independent complex That really makes this anime shine.

6 Paranoia factor

Legendary director Satoshi Kon is responsible for creating one of the most engaging mystery thrillers in the history of animation. Paranoia factorThe premise of the idea is deceptively simple and hides a wealth of layers that add so much richness to this spooky story.

The show is incredibly stunning, and fans will find it hard to put this show down once they’ve gone through a few episodes. The fact that the illustrious Madhouse produced Paranoia factor It also does not hurt.

5 ID: invaded

ID: invaded Relatively unknown as far as the anime recommended in this article goes. The protagonist of this tale has a painfully dramatic story, in which his motives are strong enough to make him the highlight of the experience.

ID: invaded He takes a devious look into the mind of serial killers and how they can be stopped before they complete a crime. There is a system in place for the same thing, which is quite reminiscent of psychological corridor.

4 horror in echo

Speaking of underrated anime, horror in echo It’s also worth yelling at on its own. The anime is simply excellent, and it’s a shame that not many people talk about this great series.

This psychological thriller has some social commentary that makes it a very engaging watch. The turmoil the main characters have been through is brutal and makes them quite lovable, even though they can be morally bankrupt at times.

3 from the new world

from the new world It shows the reality of what would happen if humans had access to psychic powers. The untold death and destruction that can follow are realistically depicted in from the new worldwith modern society collapsing in an astonishing fashion before being reshaped a thousand years later.

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This is where the anime begins, and the setting is so fixated that a lot of people are likely to be addicted from the start. is similar to psychological corridorAnd the from the new world It goes through some twists and turns, especially during its second yard.

2 death note

There are not many popular cartoons like death note. The battle of wits between Light Yagami and L is simply legendary, producing about 20 episodes as powerful as any other anime out there.

Near’s appearance after L’s death makes the second half somewhat unsettling, but it’s still a decent show that deserves all the credit. Fans of thrillers with a touch of the superhero will have a great time death note.

1 Code Geass

Another amazing mystery movie where the protagonist’s mind is simply in a class of its own Code Geass. This show is an absolute masterpiece that makes the most of its premise and uses a morally questionable but infinitely lovable protagonist to great effect.

The power of Geass allows for some amazing moments where presentation writing creativity is most evident. This, along with a cast of great characters and some emotional moments, establishes Code Geass A must watch for fans psychological corridor.

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