Tomodachi puts the most dangerous anime game from Hide & Seek

The following contains spoilers for Tomodachi Game Episode 7, “It’s a game where you wait, you wait, you wait…and you keep waiting,” now streaming on Crunchyroll.

As the third round of Tomodachi’s signature psychological thriller anime begins in earnest in Episode 7, Yuuichi and Tenji begin offering what appears to be a mutual show of support. Despite their weakness in the first truly competitive stage of the competition, it appears that their collective talents are just what they need to return to the top.

But with potential opponents on both sides of the field, it can be difficult to secure an easy result. This, along with Yuuichi’s somewhat sadistic streak, raises a potentially sinister question: When faced with a potential loss, would Yuuichi be willing to subject his teammates to risky situations to secure victory?

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The rules of the friendly Hide-and-Seek game, as set forth by the constantly alien mascot Manabu, are fairly simple. Each team participating in the game Tomodachi chooses one individual to hide somewhere, pinned to the huge forest of a playground. The remaining members must snatch victory by removing their opponent’s hiding member, while providing their own food and water. While communication via authorized mobile phones is permitted, the use of force to extract information from the other team is prohibited.

Yuuichi and Tenji start the game on uncertain terms, having just come out of the aftermath of Bad Mouth Board Game full of betrayal. However, they are both empowered by their respective goals to destroy Tomodachi and seem ready to rely on each other. Tenji chooses to be hidden from the group, although apparently the three days of confinement and food shortages prior to this game were taxing on him.

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Two days into the match, this decision proves to be almost a fatal mistake as Yuuichi leaves him alone without nourishment or supply the entire time. In a fit of panic, Tenji begins to ponder the logical idea that Yuichi may have abandoned him in retaliation for his past manipulation. Although he eventually decides to keep trust in Yuuichi, things get so bad that he ends up hallucinating from starvation.

This worst-case scenario seemed to be true when a member of Group K spoke to Tenji over Yuuichi’s phone, claiming that the latter did not even try to leave his comfort zone. The accusation seems valid at first, but a quick penetration of the base camp reveals just how difficult Yuichi’s separation is, as he and the mysterious Maria are constantly under surveillance by large numbers of Group K.

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Even regardless of the potential for deception between friends, Yuuichi clearly has a challenge ahead of him in Episode 7. Not only do the members of Group K pass the first two rounds of Tomodachi with their cramped status as it is, but the management explains that they owe their unity and ingenuity Co-op for their history as aces for their high school basketball team. Pairing that with the strategic intelligence of their captain, Juuzou Kadokura, makes them more than a match for anyone in such a high stakes game.

Yuuichi and Tenji must also worry about adding a suspicious Maria Mizos to their group. Since a friendly Hide-and-Seek game allows switching teams for debt relief, any participant who lacks real connections with teammates can present a real threat to stability and success. Truthfully, this mistrust is unfounded, because Maria is actually a factory by the management to monitor Yuichi’s actions. This skepticism was part of the reason why Tenji chose to be the Hidden One – the only role that has the power to compromise the game.

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But the scariest part about the game’s events is that Group K’s report on Yuuichi was accurate. He didn’t just try to find the opponent’s lair – as of the end of the third day, he didn’t try to bring Tenji any necessities to live. Furthermore, episode 7 of Tomodachi . game He ends up submitting Yuuichi a request to switch to Group K’s side, making it sound as if he intends to betray Tenji.

Yuuichi’s ability to leave Tenji reeling is unsettling, especially since he knows how long it has been since the latter ate or drank anything. This supposed disregard for someone who previously claimed to be one of his best friends seems to bolster the judges’ claims that Yuuichi is a monster who has no problem manipulating others. However, this would be a new low, as it would mean that he was perfectly fine with putting Tenji in mortal danger.

However, Yuuichi’s history in the Kokkuri-san Ouija Board and Bad Mouth Board Game proved that he was able to corner his opponents by manipulating their perceptions and expectations. Given that losing a friendly Hide-and-Seek would end the match for him, Yuuichi’s showing of indifference to Tenji’s life and survival would likely have been a ploy to deceive the members of Group K into giving him the win. Regardless, although his plan might bring him victory and Tenji, the price it might have cost him was still unclear.

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