Things We Wish We Knew Before Starting Demon Slayer Kimetsu: The Hinokami Chronicles

Capitalizing on the massive increase in the popularity of the Demon Slayer anime, Sega and CyberConnect2 have joined forces to launch a fighting game based on it. Demon Slayer: Kimetsu No Yaiba – The Hinokami Chronicle.

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Hinokami Chronicle features a story mode and a confrontation mode, allowing you to play as one of the many characters from the series and face off against other famous characters. Each has its own strengths, weaknesses, and unique fighting styles. Here are some tips for beginners to help you improve your game, and make you the best warrior among other players.


Use support fighters to keep pressure on opponents

Supporting fighters in Demon Slayer: Kimetsu No Yaiba – The Hinokami Chronicle are secondary characters that you can use in combat. You can summon characters to exchange points, perform a skill, or banish you. However, they are better at maintaining pressure on the enemy, making it impossible for them to get out of it.

When an opponent blocks your attacks, your character will bounce back for a second, giving the opponent space and a chance to attack you. You can avoid this by summoning the support fighter once the attack is over. It will keep the opponent on the defensive, and allow you to jump straight and continue attacking.

Building groups

Another way to increase the pressure on your opponent is to keep attacking them. You can combine various light and special attacks to create these deadly combos. Each character has their own set of light and heavy attacks, and you can take the character of your choice to a training ground to try out the different combinations of attacks.

The easy trick to creating a long lasting combo is to start with a light attack, then throw the enemy into the air with a special attack or tilt the left analog stick up. Follow up with a light attack and keep repeating the process. This will keep your opponent locked out and unable to respond.

Kick the enemy away when pressed

When you are constantly being attacked by the enemy, and your shield is on the verge of breaking, what you can do is push the enemy away from you. This will give you enough time to bounce back to your opponent, and follow up with a quick set.

You can push your opponent by tilting the analog stick while fending off his attacks. This will send your opponent a few steps back, and you can then use that space for a final performance, use a heavy attack, or dash backwards.

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Avoidance is a must

Mastering the art of avoidance can be difficult at first, but you can use it in many situations when you are able to. You can use parry to keep flowing in a group, or to dodge your opponent and fend off their attack.

Affinity is performed in much the same way as payment, but instead of pressing the block button, you can click the button instead. Doing so at the right moment will block the enemy’s attack and stun them for a second, giving you enough time to perform a final attack or perform a quick combination.

Attack animation breaks out when you miss

If you lose your opponent in some way when performing an attack, your fighter will be vulnerable to enemy attacks. They will be able to strike your character, as you will remain in the attack animation.

You can avoid this by hacking the attack animation using a side jump or move. Once you lose your opponent and are still in an offensive move, jump or swerve in any direction to recover quickly. This will allow you to regain control of your character and save you from punishing the enemy.

Use heavy attacks often

Heavy attacks can help start a group, or break free from players who keep pressing buttons. It also allows you to charge your attack while standing still and direct enemy attacks. After charging, your fighter will rush forward, inflicting a fatal blow that causes massive damage.

You can also use heavy attacks to hack your opponents guards.

Learn animatronic characters

Maintaining knowledge of the characters and their movements is also useful in combat. Since each character has different attacks, it can be difficult to know what to expect from them during your battles.

Knowing each character’s attacks and abilities will give you an advantage over your opponent, as you’ll be ready for what’s to come. You can always use the training mode to choose from the available characters and see their combinations of moves.

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