The toughest challenges in the history of Fortnite

Epic Games and People Can Fly may have initially been designed for fortnite To be more of a co-op base builder with players competing against hordes of AI enemies, but the introduction and immediate success of the battle royale mode made the developer focus on the game and refocus it on this hugely popular feature. Since its release in 2017, fortnite It was a cultural mainstay, infiltrating every corner of the internet and placing itself at the center of an unprecedented wave of popularity for online battle royale items. As is the nature of a live service game, fortnite Almost in flux, with new modes, character skins, and co-ops released through several post-launch seasons.

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Another aspect that keeps the game fresh and attracts players is the arrival of new challenges. Together with other items fortniteGameplay, Challenges are a great way to gain XP and have some fun as players put themselves up for daily or weekly tests of skill. Some of them may be very silly, some are fun, but some can really test the player’s ability and offer some challenging objectives and missions. Over the fortniteDiverse history of updates and new content, there are a few memorable challenges that have really pushed players to their limits.

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Looking for a llama

fortnitePinatas llamas may have become a popular mascot for battle royale, but they are hard to find in the game. Supply Llamas, as they’re called by their official name, are pretty rare, even if players are deliberately looking for them, but the loot they drop can make chasing them worthwhile. They’ve also upgraded since their debut, changing from stationary items to objects that can move and even teleport away. With only a few llamas spawning on the map per match and a limited time to hunt them down, this challenge caused some problems for players who spent a long time chasing these fickle creatures.

Dealing with damage

playing in fortnite It can be frantic, fun and exhausting, and it can be hard to find one good weapon, let alone five different ones. This challenge required players to damage five different types of weapons throughout the match and was difficult to accomplish in the heat of battle. Dealing with fast-paced PvP combat on its own might be a challenge, but the attention to switching weapons, as well as searching for different types along with just trying to survive the encounters, has made this a challenge a bit difficult for some players.

Ax prioritization

Challenges focusing on specific weapons can be challenging, especially when they require players to use only one type to take on enemies. The ax is undoubtedly a useful item in fortnite It is a distinct piece of in-game weaponry, but that doesn’t mean it’s always the most efficient way to dispatch other players. With the vast majority of players opting for long range weapons like shotguns and bows, it can be really tough to get close and personal enough with an opponent to deliver a fatal blow with a melee weapon. This challenge called for players to deal 250 damage to enemies with an axe, and it proved very difficult to manage even if it seemed very simple at first glance.

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Cracking chests into reels is risky

Added in season four, Risky Reels was a landmark in the North of the Pyramid and East of Bonnie Burps that became the site of a particularly difficult challenge. It required players to find and open seven chests during the match, which in and of itself doesn’t seem too bad, but with all players likely to search for chests scattered in the area, it made them hot spots for combat and high sought after commodity. Not only did the players have to keep an eye on the chests, they also had to fight other players who were looking for the same thing. Given the competition to find unopened chests and the item’s relatively low spawn rates, this made this a very difficult challenge.

Welcome to the world of John Wick

Fortnite has had many collaborations over the years with many different movies and game franchises that are hard to keep track of. There have even been partnerships with pop stars and in-game concerts, demonstrating the wide appeal and invasive popularity fortnite throughout the culture. One of his previous collaborations was with John Wick, the titular killer from the popular noir action movie franchise. This team has added a limited time fuse bonus to fortnite, which brought new skins and required players to kill opponents to earn gold coins. The team or player with the most coins at the end wins the match – the challenge clause – which has proven to be a controversial title, as well as some great content.

cloak of madness

Few of the challenges that appear in fortnite It relies on weapons, with players tasked with inflicting damage with certain types or finding a set number of weapons. Some are related to timed modes or new maps, but some are incredibly random. One of the weirdest things was the challenge that asked players to dress five times in five seconds. This seemed relatively silly and straightforward, but was actually quite tricky thanks to the exact time. Inserting the sash may have made crossing a lot easier, but asking players to grab the edge and pull themselves up five times in several seconds was too difficult for players, and caused more than a few to lose patience with the challenge.

riding a bull

fortnite He loves to add some weird and wonderful elements and elements to his seasons, whether they are set as part of a collaboration or whether they are just the product of the creative minds of the developers. An added element in Season 7 was the awesome Inflate-A-Bull, which players can use to bounce around the map and get from point A to point B faster and in a more silly fashion. One challenge had players track down an Inflate-A-Bull and travel inside it dressed in a comical skit. This seemed simple enough, but actually finding the item is what made this challenge more difficult than it first appeared.

fortnite Currently available for Android, Nintendo Switch, PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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