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Why would you accept an anime set in a city with superpowers and another anime with stealth announcers, when? Specific magic catalog He has both? In this kind of combination that suits all, index It tells the story of Kamijo Touma, a seemingly ordinary high school student in a special city full of students with supernatural powers called Espers. However, things change for Thomas when he meets Index, an English nun whose mysterious origins lead her to be hunted down by both Espers and Espers alike.

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This stand-up comedy originally began as a light feature series by Kiyotaka Haimura, whose work has been published and adapted into several anime series. With one anime, some spinoffs, and some movies, how will viewers start watching Specific magic catalog?

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8 Certain Scientific Automatic Rifle (2009)

Strange to start a string with the name Specific magic catalog With its own show, but its nature and place is exactly what it makes A certain scientific relgan The best way to start a franchise. Misaka Mikoto and her friends sit on the Student Discipline Committee at the city academy where most of its students are espers or beings with supernatural powers, working to maintain peace among the city’s residents.

Things work out especially well for Misaka Mikoto, particularly due to her being placed in third place among Level 5 Espers, or those with the most powerful superpowers. It is equipped with a Railgun, or the ability to shoot a powerful blast with the power of an electromagnetic cannon with coins. As things eventually run its course at the beginning, Misaka and her friends are drawn into a conspiracy where a mysterious audio file allows listeners to gain various superpowers. Despite her independent nature, it’s essential to get to know Misaka as she grows to become one of the most relevant side characters in the main plot. Not to mention that Misaka has always been met by a mysterious black-haired boy.

7 A Certain Scientific Railgun S (2013)

While most of the story in A certain scientific relgan Independent, it exists A Scientific Railgun S. Where the plot begins to speed up. Misaka and her friends are back in Judgment to investigate various rumors across Academy City. However, they did not expect to be drawn into a plot involving evil experiments that killed hundreds – if not thousands – of Esper in the process. Even worse is the revealing of the true nature of this project, which leaves Misaka at the same time devastated and guilty.

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As a more serious take on rielgen story, railgun s It’s a powerful sequel that shows just how seriously Esper matters outside the rather cheerful nature of Academy City. It’s true when they say Academy City and Espers always make every day fun, but it’s not like that. Despite her most serious intrigues, railgun sThe main story is a central plot point at some point in the main line magic index a series.

6 A Certain Magical Catalog (2009)

The “official” story of the franchise has finally begun Specific magic catalog. Set in Academy City, the story is starring Kamijou Touma – a rare case in Espers because he’s practically level 0, or without powers. At least, that’s what he thinks. In fact, he possesses Imagine Breaker, his right hand capable of disabling all forces that come into contact with him.

Toma’s ordinary life is somewhat thrown into chaos when he finds an English nun named Index who has lost her memories. When he discovers that the Index is the living incarnation of the Index Librorum Prohibitorum – or 103,000 magical grimoires banned by the Vatican – Thomas also becomes the target of witches, spellcasters who live secret lives in the world. Things get even more dangerous when other fellow Touma intervenes, including level 5 Esper Misaka “Railgun” Mikoto, and a mysterious criminal known as the Accelerator.

5 A Certain Magical Catalog 2 (2010)

While Thomas succeeds in saving the Index from danger throughout the first series, Specific magic index 2 He reveals that Thomas’ story is more than meets the eye. Index’s presence in Academy City began to break the balance between both the magical world and the scientific world, and Touma’s stay as guardian of the Index turned him into the number one goal for both magicians and Espers who wanted to control it.

Fortunately, Toma was not alone in his battle, as new allies and former enemies would come to his aid. However, with a threat looming far greater than they anticipated, Thomas and Index may find themselves in an inevitable war between two parties. While index 1 has its drawbacks, index 2 Pretty much this fits with a more coherent approach to plot.

4 Certain Scientific Accelerator (2019)

Before the advent of a large-scale war then index 2it might be helpful to understand what is at stake on a smaller scale with another side story, Specific scientific accelerator. This time starring an Accelerator, the story now shows his point of view as Academy City’s highest-rated Level 5 Esper, practically making him the best dog in town. Unfortunately, this also means a harsh and brutal life that must exceed everyone’s expectations.

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Things change when he accompanies the Last Order, a clone of Misaka, on various adventures around town. While he had originally started out as a berserk villain, he was seeking to atone for what he had done by doing more good throughout Academy City. Unfortunately, there’s a lot more to his adventures than meets the eye in the end.

3 A Certain Magical Catalog: The Movie – The Miracle Of Endymion (2013)

Another interesting point of view before the larger scale 3 . index The movie will be Certain Magical Catalog: The Movie – Endymion’s Miracle. The story begins when the Endymion space elevator, whose completion will eventually bring the citizens of Academy City to the stars, becomes the center of a plot that involves a Level 0 girl named Meigo Arisa. Not only does Meigo and Index have a strange connection, but Arisa suddenly becomes the target of magicians.

Due to their new friendship, Index and Toma seek to help Arisa escape from the people who are after her. And when Academy City deploys a special unit led by Shutaura to protect Arisa, Touma and Index realize that Arisa is more than she looks.

2 A Certain Scientific Railgun T (2020)

When the Daihasei Festival takes place in Academy City, not only do different schools compete for dominance, but Academy City also opens its doors to visitors. This of course means different factions finally enter the city, which means that a lot of unexpected chaos can occur throughout the sports tournament. As Misaka and her team from Tokiwadai Middle School focus on winning the tournament, ominous factions begin to appear and be targeted throughout the story. A specific type of T . machine gun weapon.

Throughout the story, Misaka and her new and old friends begin to uncover another dark conspiracy surrounding Academy City. and while railgun tThe story of Academy City is largely self-contained, and Academy City’s exposure to outside forces is a relevant detail to keep throughout the context. 3 . indexbigger plot.

1 Certain Magical Catalog 3 (2018)

A large-scale war begins between witches and spears in Specific magic index 3, with Touma and Index smack dab right in the middle. With the Magicians and Espers occupying the City Academy, the tensions had reached an all-time high. Not only that, but Espers and the scholars within the city academy seemed well prepared to wage war against the factions within the Roman Catholic Church.

As the last installment of index franchise business, 3 . index You’ll have Touma and Index, as well as friends in the form of Accelerator, Misaka, and the level 0 weak real Hamazura Shiage, doing their best to stop a full-scale war and solve things once and for all.

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