The new ranked system Apex Legends appears to be designed for professional gamers

Play classified in Apex Legends It is where players go to test their strength against opponents of similar skill levels. While regular duo and duo encounters offer more freedom to try out different weapons, legends, and strategies, the ranking is where all of these skills are put to the test. Ranked Leagues play the same game as Trios except for the points system and associated levels. Lower level matches, such as those in the levels Rookie, Bronze, and Silver require a few Ranked Points (RP) to participate in, while higher ranks such as Diamond, Master and the coveted Apex Predator require more RP to enter. Players offset the entry cost by defeating opponents as a team or placing higher in the match – with the most placement points awarded to the winning team.

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Leagues ranked before release saviorsAnd the Apex LegendsThe final season, it contains elements that make ordering relatively easy. Things like rank protection were implemented, which prevented players from dropping to a lower level, keeping players safe if they lost too much RP. The revamped classified system was introduced using saviors It seeks to get players to be more active if they want to rise and maintain their rankings, but in the end it makes the rankings more popular designed specifically for professional players.

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New is not always better

Season 13, AKA saviorshas undergone some big changes in Apex Legendsranked tournaments. The Kill RP cap has been removed, allowing bloodthirsty players to collect more points by defeating other players (albeit with a lower RP bonus with more kills). The assist timer has been increased from 10 to 15 seconds and an updated revive aid system has been implemented – enhancing team play and appropriately rewarding players for defeating enemies as a team. On the downside, players can now lower the rank of tiers, with a new penalty for lowering players’ rank halfway to the previous rank if they fail to accumulate the required number of points within 3 matches. The cost of entry per tier and division has also been increased, as well as the number of points needed to rank up.

While things like removing the kill cap and increasing the help window positively affect players, the higher entry cost per match, longer RP limits, and chance of ranking down greatly increase players’ chances of losing their hard-earned RP. The new ranked system forces players to choose their battles more carefully, with more at stake should they be defeated. This means getting into the late game to get placement points before getting into a fight – placements are the only surefire way to get a lot of RP. Waiting until the final episode closes gets boring not because of the time it takes, but because players don’t get into much play. Finding a spot in the ring to punch and poking into opponents’ shields from a distance to level up their Evo Shield doesn’t sound like fun, but it’s the best way to ensure the team gets as many RP as possible.

Ranked play looks like a professional scene

If any of the above playing styles sound familiar, it’s because these are the same as the professional strategies Apex Legends Players use them in tournaments and high-level play. Unlike normal games where players run in search of killing, players rank high Apex Legends Full of ready-made teams that tend to avoid combat as much as possible. Matches begin with teams landing far from each other so they can loot properly. Once they have the equipment and information they need (recovery legends are necessary to find the next episode), they find a useful location in the episode and hold it until it closes.

There are cycle differences, but that’s basically what happens to infinity until the final loop closes. Apex Legends Play only appears when fighting for territory is necessary or when teams have no other choice. It quickly burns through the squad’s resources if they can’t secure the kill and loot the death chest, so the risk of a third party entering and taking the spoils of battle is greater.

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Playing like a pro doesn’t sound fun

The new ranked system seems to guide players to adopt a professional playing style of ranking effectively. The increased entry cost for each class and division, combined with longer RP thresholds and the risk of rank lowering, requires players to do more if they want to keep the same rank they had prior to Season 13. While this makes each rank feel earned, it seems It’s very difficult for casual and semi-serious players Apex Legendsranked tournaments.

If the order is in Apex Legends It requires players to avoid the most fun parts of the game (shooting players and using abilities), then something is wrong with the ranked system. Players love to get into fights. What they don’t like is sitting in a building, setting up caustic traps, and waiting for the loop to close. It might have been okay for the rated rewards to be better, but as it stands, players still get the same seeps, gun amulets, and seasonal dives they did in past seasons. Respawn Entertainment needs to offer better rewards or update the ranked system to reflect a fun way to play the game for everyone – not just the pros. By making the ranked system more focused on professionalism, Respawn may end up alienating the rest of its fans.

Apex Legends Available on PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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