The new Marvel & DC crossover is only possible because of Fortnite

Thanks to Fortnite and Zero Point, the Marvel and the DC Universes have a chance to collide (as proven in publishers’ Fortnite crossovers)

warning! spoilers ahead for Marvel x Fortnite: Zero War #1

Fortnite’s Their own comic series marvel And the Capital They created a secret intersection between the two universes. Thanks to Zero Point and its ability to open portals to other realities, Fortnite’s the new Zero War Comic with Marvel has confirmed that the events of Batman / Fortnite: Ground Zero It is just commonplace. While the new relationships may currently be indirect, they support the possibility of a future Marvel/DC transition in legendary proportions.

As previously revealed in Fortnite’s The foundations of science who are they Batman Crossovers (and the game itself), a group known as the Imaginary System (or IO) are the primary antagonists who threaten the stability of the universe in their pursuit of knowledge and power. Not only that, but they also manipulate Zero Point to travel the entire universe, often pulling the greatest fighters from multiple realities to fight on the island of Fortnite in a continuous cycle of conflicts. While they can be saved from the episode, copies are created known as snapshots that continue the fight. Case in point, when Batman was sent to the island and broke himself out of the ring, he met other beings who had also broken their rings. Together, they actively resisted IO as they tried to return to their respective reality. However, The Imagined Order also joined forces with Lex Luthor, Deathstroke and Batman Who Laughs in DC.

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Now, the new Marvel x Fortnite: Zero War #1 Found here from Donald Mustard and Christos Gage (same team that wrote DC Scratch). The new version features art by Sergio Davila, and sees Spider-Man enlisting help from his universe after spending time on Fortnite Island. While he missed the in-game intersection with Marvel known as nexus war In 2020, he and the Daily Bogle came to the island at the beginning of fortnite Chapter 3 In 2021. Saved from the episode by the Enterprise and his team of heroes known as the Seven, Spider-Man joins the resistance movement against Doctor Slone and the Imagined Order. However, the death fortnite The Fishstick character has been confirmed to be a screenshot and a file truly Matt Fischstick in Batman / Fortnite: Zero War. Furthermore, the end of this first issue reveals that no one but Dr. Dom was recruited by the imagined system which means that he and Lex Luthor now belong to the same overarching organization.

Lex-Luthor-Doctor-Doom-members-of-Fortnite's Imagined Order

While the links may be small now, the fact that the events of both series exist in the same reality fortnite It creates some exciting potential for the future. Marvel and DC haven’t had a crossover since Kurt Busiek and George Perez JLA / The Avengers in 2003. Given the challenges that have occurred to get this crossover off the ground, publishers are unlikely to work together again. but, Fortnite’s Epic Games clearly has good relations with both, and that may be enough to spur more collaborations for a true Marvel/DC intersection.

The fact that there are now Marvel and DC villains that belong to the imagined system and heroes fortnite Fighting alongside both Batman and Spider-Man is impressive in its own right. If anything is planted to the seed for a crossover greater than what is currently happening Zero Warwhere one marvel And the Capital Heroes unite in earnest to save the universe together. If anyone can make it happen, it looks like it’s Epic Games and fortnite.

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