The Most Underrated Anime Shows

Women in animation can be pretty cool, especially in animation. Watching them kick their butt, take some lumps, and work hard to get stronger makes them just as likable as the male characters. However, in a lot of action movies, no matter how good they are in themselves, they tend to stay on the sidelines during the most important fights and scenes. It sounds bad, but there is a simple solution to this – to have a story in which the girl is the main character.

If the female characters in the anime are great, the female threads are even more awesome. Become the biggest players in small battles And Major battles. Not only that, but they are generally more developed as characters. They have a place in the merchandise, not just because they’re the avatar girl or even because they’re the main character; that they happened Respect and admiration for men and girls alike. The only problem is that there is not a lot of good animation with a heroine. At least not in the mainstream.

If someone has trouble thinking of good action stars, they can try to look in places they aren’t expecting. There’s a lot of anime out there with great leads, but it’s either not that big or it hasn’t been talked about lately. In order to kill two birds with one stone, here’s a look at some of the female action stars and their own anime, both of which deserve more credit for how awesome they are.

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1 – Medaka Kurokami (Medaka Box)

Medaka looks like the mother of all Mary Sues, but she makes it work. Its strength in the universe is to be 120% good at whatever it is you’re trying to do. She has incredible levels of intelligence and physical prowess. With no needs of her own, she dedicates her life to making the lives of others happy. To this end, she becomes the entire student council of her school and sets up the application box of the same name.

Kemal Medaka means that her conflict in the story does not come from any of the antagonists. As a matter of fact, most of her enemies admit that they cannot stand her in a direct confrontation. Instead, her struggle comes from her inability to connect with anyone. Not having anyone in her life who could stand her on an equal footing makes her feel isolated from her peers. It helps people as a means of understanding and communicating with others.

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2. Lena Inverse (The Killers)

the killers Not just a good anime with a heroine; It’s a good anime in general. The series revolves around Lina Inverse and his party of mages as they travel through a fantasy world of swords and sorcery. At first, this sounds like all modern Isekai, but the show stands out thanks to its unique charm and sense of humor. It’s fun with fairytale metaphors while also celebrating it and making it feel epic when needed.

For Lena herself, she has a lot to do. She is knowledgeable, resourceful, and extremely skilled at magic. Of course, she can also be absurd, irritable and gluttonous, but these quirks can also be entertaining. She knows how to take charge and is easily the most active member of her group. Traveling with her guarantees big adventures, epic battles, clown new friends, hilarious festivals and happy times everywhere.

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3 – Michiko and Hachin (Michiko and Hachin)

Michiko and Huchin It is an all-inclusive deal as far as the leading women go. At first, the two are just as different as they come in. One of them is a former hot-blooded convict. The other is a quiet child who matures after years of age. The only thing that connects them is their search for Hiroshi Morionos, Michiko’s ex-lover and Hutchin’s biological father. After ‘Michiko’ rescues Hutchin from an abusive orphanage, the two go on a journey through a fictional place in South America in search of this man.

Whoever saw Samurai ChamplooThis series may sound familiar. Each episode features characters in a new location that they think will bring them closer to their McGuffin Man. They meet all kinds of people and escape the law due to Michiko’s criminal record. They quarrel a lot, but as they travel more, they get closer and eventually become inseparable.

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Honorable Mention – Pink Cures (Pretty Cure Franchise)

nice treatment A little more representation could always be used. At least in the United States. This combination of Power Rangers and Sailor Moon doesn’t just make the girls wave a wand to defeat the monster of the week. They are ready and willing to beat them in well-designed hand-to-hand combat and even take some good punches in the process. Despite being a weekly series, some of its better fighting sequences are on par with the seasonal anime.

Usually the main character in this series is Pink Cure. Many of them share a number of similar traits; They are energetic, athletic, love to eat and are poor breeders. They are also the friendliest members of their groups; They are often the ones who start a friendship with girls who, by chance, end up becoming Cures themselves. They’re not always the most sophisticated member of the cast, but they are a clear ray of sunshine.

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4. Claire (Claymore)

Claire is the guts after Guts and Tanjiro before Tanjiro. As Claymore, she spends her days hunting Yoma, demonic beings that hide in human form and devour people. She is not only trained in the art of swordsmanship, but is also partially endowed with the powers of Yoma, which regularly threatens to overpower her and turn her into the monsters she fights. Because of this, she does not make many friends; She’s been targeted by other Claymores for how close they come to getting around. This is what makes the few friends and allies you have more valuable.

As far as the fight goes on, it’s a sight to behold. She can either deal with her enemies with speed and efficiency or with fierce brutality. Her tenacity is also impressive. As skilled as she is, she is always impaled and dissected by opponents stronger than her. Regardless, you will struggle on your way to victory.

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