The most stylish legends in Apex Legends

Apex Legends has some cool and stylish character designs for its multiple characters. They feature a wide range of aesthetics, styles of clothing and accessories. But as Heidi Klum says, “In fashion, one day you’re in and the next, you’re out.” These are the same rules for Apex games when you think about it.

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Anyway, of all the legends, does there have to be one that is the most elegant, right? I mean, it can be difficult, because they all actually look great. However, the world of Apex is a world of winners and losers, so let’s really explore who’s the most stylish.

Side note: We’re judging this based on default skins, and unfortunately, we’ve excluded all bots because they don’t really wear clothes.


7 Watson

Watson is the queen of classes. A white jumpsuit looks great on her, and a thick orange jumper with a hood creates a really cool dynamic silhouette. Add the blue hooded jacket, and you’ve got a really solid set.

Watson’s colors are great too. You have the complementary blue and orange, with a red accent on its electricity symbol, and a large base of white.

On top of all that, it has cords, padding, and tactical belts, which really give it the tech-tactical look.

6 cipher

Speaking of technology, Crypto totally rocks the look of technology. He’s hip, he’s cool, he’s edgy, and he has the clothes to support him.

Encryption is all about the accessories. bits and bobs. It has belts, has buckles, buttons and zippers. Neon green and white are clean and modern, and rare blue accents really highlight his elegant look. Plus it matches his drone.

Like Wattson, Crypto also loves accessories. Necklaces are really pièce de résistance, but what is the cherry on the top is a black piece from neck to ear. J pillar fortify strengthens? shield? Who do you know.

5 Luba

Luba got it, and Luba flaunts it. Her self-confidence would probably make her rock a burlap sack, but luckily she has a more elegant flair. Despite her technological demeanor, her look is period fashion, with a sparkly collar, corset, and flared shirt below the skirt (technical term). However, references to a more conservative time period are put together with Luba’s sharp appearance. Dramatic eyeshadow and voluminous Dutch braids really give Luba her trademark look.

Her multicolored hair and eccentric cane give her she is so famous and loved. Add a weapon, and you get the approved Loba look.

4 seer

An entertainer and artist, it’s no wonder Sir knows how to dress. He is no stranger to attention, and this was evidenced by his slightly flashy outfit. Like Luba, he is self-confident, and wears a short, armor-like tunic that has architectural strength, which underlies his appearance. Moreover, he wears a hat, which is a strong move in blood sport.

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Without being too technical, Seer is clearly cool, old fashioned. He’s got dark blue and shiny gold accents, he has edgy lip piercings and a light blonde. He has a look and sticks to it.

3 bloodhound

The Bloodhound shakes what you might call a “gorgor”. They seem ready for camping, zombie apocalypse, or even zombie apocalypse camping.

While the Bloodhound is unlikely to take fashion and beauty into account when dressing them up for games, the end result remains the same; Nice outfit.

Greens, browns, slicks, and sauerkraut all work well together. And there really is something flashy and cheerful about owning a live bird as an accessory. The headdress with the decorative dangling pieces really tie them together, giving the Bloodhound an ancient look and alluding to the ancient Norse deities they worship.

2 octane

Octane might be a surprising addition to this list, considering he probably wears the least amount of cloth out of all the Legends (except robots), yet he still manages to transform looks.

Like many of the legends above, Octane rocks the tactical look, especially with his jacket. It has pockets and compartments, but most importantly it has a camera so he can record all his crazy actions for his fans (which is a nice touch from Respawn).

What gives Octane his edge is the tattered pieces of clothing under all his gear. The shapes and lines are compositionally fascinating, and create a fascinating story and intrigue around this legend – which earned it a place on this list.

1 fuse

Another surprising entry on this list, Fuse is probably the closest thing we get to a “normcore” in the Apex universe. Because really, he doesn’t have much going on. A tank top, a jacket, some pants, and shoes are the base of his look. This may not seem all there is to it, but for Fuse, it just works.

His attire is a great representation of his casual personality and confidence. Then, once you add in all the armor, and that cool metal arm, it goes from just plain casual looking to just being a super warrior.

Bullet and grenade attachments are somewhat badass, but the most revolutionary thing for motorcyclists is his metal eye point. It is just wonderful. Destroy everything according to his character if you want to, but Fuse seriously looks great on that battlefield.

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