The most manipulative hero in anime

Anime heroes are supposed to be role models without bad traits. They are expected to be full of kindness and compassion, but there are some cartoon heroes, who have many negative traits and do not hesitate to flaunt them.

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One of the most toxic qualities a hero can possess is being manipulated. These characters feel free to use their wits to outwit their target and trick them into doing things for them. On many occasions, these manipulative personalities have taken advantage of the feelings of others and used them to achieve their own ends.

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7 Lelouch VI Britannia (Code Geass)

Lelouch is among the most famous anime characters of all time. He resented the Kingdom of Britain and their sick and vile ways, and as soon as he laid his hands on Geass, he knew exactly what to do. Lelouch’s Geass gave him the power to make anyone obey him.

It had its limitations because the force did not act on the same person twice, so Lelouch had to be very careful before deciding to use it. Use Lelouch Geass to lead others and make them do whatever he wants. Lelouch didn’t care what happened due to his orders, which were made clear when he used Al Ghias on his cousin and it led to a massacre.

6 Light Yagami (Death Note)

Yagami Light is the main character in death note series. Before he picked up the Death Note, he used to be a very smart student, living a normal life, but as soon as he got his hands on it, everything changed. Light became paranoid, and wanted to punish all the criminals in the world, at least that’s what he was initially planning to do.

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Once the police began investigating, Light became a manipulative serial killer. He began to dominate everyone around him, including the likes of Rem, Miza, and Soichiro. Light’s manipulation did not stop after L’s death, it continued to influence members of the police force until his death.

5 Eren Yeager (Attack on Titan)

At the beginning of the series, no one would have believed that Eren would become a sadistic mass murderer. But as the series continued, Eren’s dark side came to light. He went to Marley and stayed there for a long time to get more information about her. Eren’s visit to Marley also served another purpose, which was to compel the Survey to take action.

Eren also deceived his friends into doing his thing, and they couldn’t believe he deceived them all. The true nature of Eren’s plan wasn’t revealed until the final season. Another example of his manipulation was when he used his power to force his father to steal the Founding Titan.

4 Reigen Arataka (Mob Psycho)

Despite his appearance, Reigen is actually a very intelligent person, able to read someone else’s body language, and this special ability helped him give advice to others or discover their weaknesses. With his sharpness, Reigen easily managed to send his clients, enemies, and even his own disciple down the wrong path.

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Reigen considers himself the best psychic and, in fact, has absolutely no skill, so he uses Mob to cover up his tracks. Reigen’s biggest trait is definitely his ability to take advantage of other characters. On numerous occasions, he has manipulated Mob to finish quests, and has also made young Reigen believe that his master is irreplaceable.

3 Escalade (Vineland Saga)

Askeladd was an interesting character. When he first appeared in the series, Asklad only appeared as a mercenary, having no other skills, but as the series continued, he showed himself to be a complex character.

Thanks to his amazing intelligence, Escalade was able to plan in advance and adapt to the situation without any problems. Because of his high intelligence, Escalade had no problems manipulating others. He used his wits to deceive others, and they didn’t realize that they had been deceived until much later.

2 Griffith (Bercerk)

Griffith used to be the leader of Hawk’s gang and under his supervision the mercenary group gained great fame. They had gone from being nobody to being the Knights of the Midland Empire. Griffith had many qualities that made him dangerous and among them was his ability to influence others.

His attractiveness made it difficult for others to reject him. When the King’s assassination fails, Griffith is given Foss no other choice but to betray the Queen and the others, resulting in their deaths and leaving Griffith without enemies.

1 Yoshino Takigawa (Storm Explosion)

Yoshino is the main protagonist of the series, however, at times, his behavior makes him seem quite the opposite. On the surface, he appears to be a completely normal guy, but that could not be further from the truth. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to describe him as a psychopath, who manipulates people and turns them against each other.

An excellent liar, he could maintain a natural face while lying, which made it almost impossible for the people around him to tell if he was lying or not. Throughout the series, he manipulates other characters, causing severe damage to their mental health.

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