The importance of learning each legend in Apex Legends

Everyone who played Apex Legends They must have a few favorite legends they are drawn to. Whether it’s because of those characters’ unique abilities, the backstories, or how they fit into the game’s definition, players who spend any amount of time with these legends will find that they are just as well-designed and well-written as the characters from other video games.

From Apex Legendsthirteenth season saviorsThere are 21 playable legends. Not all of these legends can say they have abilities of their own, but each character brings enough change to the game’s formula to rock it up and keep players excited for each new season. And while it’s nice for players to have their own personal list to choose from, it’s essential that they take the time to learn how. Apex LegendsPlay the characters.

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Get to know your enemy

There are four types of general myth as of this writing. Offensive legends tend to have the most mobility, and thus are the ones who usually instigate fights. Defensive Legends excel at capturing an area with traps and cover. Recon Legends locates the next episodes and provides vital information such as enemy locations. Finally, support legends help their team by providing them with the best equipment and (in the case of Lifeline) reviving them when they fall.

Not everyone will like all the legends’ play styles, but it does help players learn how they work. The Wraith, for example, can temporarily turn invincible through her Void Tactical ability. It’s an annoying ability to fight, but when players realize that it takes 1.25 seconds to activate followed by an indomitable window of four seconds and a short time where Wraith can’t perform any other actions, then they can find ways to counter it. The same can be said about the capabilities of any other legend. Tactical ability of the Gibraltar Protection Dome, VTOL Jets of the Valkyrie – all these capabilities have their own strengths and weaknesses. Part of the fun Apex Legends He learns how these abilities work and how to stop them if they are used by enemies.

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On the allied side of things, knowing how each legend works can greatly benefit anyone who has a particular legend on their team. Newly released Newcastle, for example, pair well with the Rampart, whose Amped Cover tactical ability can be used to add some firepower to Newcastle’s Castle Wall eventually. Newcastle’s Mobile Shield can also be used in conjunction with the idle Lifeline’s Combat Revive, allowing the team running both legends to unceremoniously resurrect the Lifeline’s Shield. There are many useful combinations of legend abilities that can greatly benefit the team – combinations that players can learn by experiencing other legends.

Another feature to play every Apex LegendsIt is a pleasant surprise to find a new favorite legend. People tend to gravitate towards things that are familiar to them, but they can never grow without trying something new. Octane players may not use any other Legend because it makes playing with others slow, but switching to Valkyrie or Horizon will allow them to experience the power of repositioning and verticality that Octane doesn’t always have. Doing so could add another favorite character to Octane’s player rosters, making them more diverse and more original to their squad.

Knowing the enemy and knowing the team is an important part of Apex Legends. While aiming and fireworks are key, properly customizing and combining Legend abilities is what differentiates the good teams from the bad ones. By taking the time to understand each legend, players will enhance their knowledge of the game and become a reality Apex Legends.

Apex Legends Available now on PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X.

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