The heroines run the show: From Vocaloid to Anime

One of the somewhat unexpected results of the anime season was Spring 2022 The heroines run the show. Produced by Lay-duce, the series combines the popular subgenre of idols and sports anime, creating a genre of anime. Cinderella The story is in the process. This is particularly strange given its primary source, which is not a manga or light novel but rather a series of Vocaloid songs.

Taking the basic concepts of hit song, The heroines run the show Somehow that turns this into what appears to be a recipe for a successful anime series. It’s not the strangest concept the anime is based on, but some viewers may be shocked to learn that their new favorite anime was originally just a song. Here is how heroine The heroines run the show She carried her tune from music to animation.

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The heroines running the show were originally just a Vocaloid song

Anime series The heroines run the show: The Unpopular Girl and the Secret Mission It is a recently launched spring anime series – a series that sees an unexpected young girl facing two different challenges. The protagonist, Hiyori Suzumi, is a high school student who leaves her humble hometown to encounter the world of her pride and passion: track and field. Hiyori also secretly longs to fly away in a romantic fairy tale, going from some kind of ugly duckling to a beautiful princess.

In order to support herself, she takes a part-time job that might be too intimidating for anyone else. After becoming a training director for pop duo LIPxLIP, Hiyori quickly realized that the job was much more than she could ever imagine. In her desperate quest not to fail and to summon all of her inner potential, she has dedicated herself to finding success in each of her current endeavours. This makes the unique series a bit of a mixture of both a female-led sports title and an idol anime.

The heroines run the show It takes its premise from a song called “Heroine Tarumono!” of which she herself was a part Cocohaku Gekko Enkai. All of these songs deal with love stories, usually between high school students and young adults, as they go through their lives. One of these characters is Hiyori Suzumi, one of the new first year students in the franchise.

Kohokaku Gekko Enkai He had two movies and an anime series before The heroines run the show, although it is unrelated and based on different songs. The songs are produced by HoneyWorks, a Vocaloid music group that began placing their material on the Japanese website Nico Nico Douga. The continued success of their music, especially “Heroine Tarumono”, has made them and Vocaloid sound relevant in the past decade, resulting in the production of The heroines run the show.

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The heroines are running the show loosely adapted as Nico Nico Douga Deity

There doesn’t seem to be a lot of material to use to turn a pop song into an anime series, but The heroines run the show Includes a lot of elements from the words “Heroine Taromono!” Much of this is somewhat universal, describing an unexpected heroine who must live up to the proverbial occasion against the odds. The biggest recurring element is the fact that the show and the song Cinderella Stories, with a seemingly humble girl destined for greatness. Hyori even dresses like a princess throughout the series to contrast her usual family look, further enhancing the theme.

Other concepts include embracing dreams with the realization that others may not come true or be exactly what one wants. This is shown in the series through Hiyori’s relationships with others and her own desires. Of course, there is also the term heroine, for which the program got its name. The original song can be listened to on YouTube, while The heroines run the show Through Crunchyroll, which licensed the series.

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