The heroines are running the show Is the Anime Cup makeup better than most

The following contains spoilers for Heroines Run the Show Episode 6, “Producing Hiyori,” now streaming on Crunchyroll.

When it comes to stories with the protagonist, her story makeup is pretty much universal. In both East and West, stories about girls can be divided into a few camps. The two most common are when she meets some definition of the perfect girl, or she’s a nagging mess in desperate need of some femininity. In the latter case, one of the metaphors is very likely to appear: regeneration.

Whether it’s American films like Princess Diaries And Beauty queen or anime like Oran High School Host Club And jellyfish princessThe story beats are the same. The girl is somehow convinced to leave her comfort zone and wear more stereotypical feminine clothes. This in and of itself isn’t a problem, but often, the character themselves have no say in it. You may not want to do this, but no one cares about her saying no. The heroines run the showHowever, this metaphor is used differently – and it works better than most others.

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The Refinement Cup has been manipulated in different ways lately – like how darling dress up Marine has taken leading man Gojo to shop for new clothes – but there’s more work to be done. The heroines run the show It is the latest anime to take that metaphor, and make it even better by giving its female role, Hiyori, an agency in its makeover.

Hyori is the typical tomboy character. She is athletic, puts no effort into her looks and shows that she is “not like other girls” because she is not interested in idols. As if that wasn’t enough, she’s also from a country town and has moved to the big city. It’s a classic setting, set up from Episode 1 to make her get a city girl makeover at some point.

However, the way it is done The heroines run the show Very different from the norm. When the idea for the change was first presented to her, Hyori was vehemently against the idea. She sees nothing wrong with her appearance and refuses the boys’ strong offer to change it. This is par for the course, but when she runs away from Aizo and Yujiro, they don’t chase after her or urge her to. They take “no” as an answer and move on.

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As the episode progresses, though, Hiyori contemplates the idea of ​​dressing up and her mind gradually changes. She feels that putting effort into her looks is just something she does when she wants to impress someone. On top of that, events from her past made her afraid that others would tell her that she looked bad at something she was good at. Ultimately, she feels insecure about her appearance and doesn’t care about that as a result.

Hyori started asking her peers about dressing and noticed their looks. She asked her friend Gauri if she dresses as elegantly as she does with her boyfriend. Gauri says she loves it when he compliments her look, but she also enjoys fashion and loves to look cute. Hyori even talked to a stranger named Mina about this, another cute girl she saved from a persistent guy.

This is where Hiyori’s concerns really come into play; She tells Mona that she sees herself extra, while all the cute girls around her are the heroines of their story. Mona explains that she was feeling insecure in herself and felt the same about getting dressed, but in the end she decided to try it for her own happiness. Using the metaphor of her new friend, she decides to make herself a hero and believes that Hyori can do the same.

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After hearing these different opinions, Hyori changed her mind and became curious about fashion and makeup. This time when the boys offer to help her, she accepts. They take her to get a haircut and go shopping for new clothes, and while Hiyori is worried about what she will look like, she has fun.

This simple change made a world of difference. Episode 6 of The heroines run the show Not a girl who is constrained and forced into traditional femininity like so many other stories. It’s about Hiyori realizing that she is unsafe and making a decision to change that. She wants to prove to herself that she can look just as attractive as all the other girls around her, and it works. It doesn’t leave change uncomfortable in any way, making it a positive experience for all involved.


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