The Death Note sequel improves on the more exciting original Kira scene

The first chapter of Death Note Short Stories eerily mimics the most dramatic scene in the original manga and animation — and it’s even more disturbing.

warning! spoilers ahead for Death Note short stories Chapter 1!

Annoying twist off of death noteThe manga’s official sequel is actually a lot more dramatic than the original manga’s more epic scene. Both moments aptly share similarities with each other as they involve a plethora of simultaneous murders that result from the notebook named after the underworld but the way the violence takes place in Tsugumi Ohba Death Note short stories It is more disturbing.

Although it was first depicted in the manga in 2003, fans are more easily attached to the moment death notes The tragic first Kira, Light Yagami, finally embraced his eponymous Death Note to adapt the high-energy anime. As Light furiously writes down a bunch of victims’ names in his notebook, he finishes each entry with a dramatic stroke of the pen. Although effective on its own, the anime immediately teleports to the victim dying of a heart attack, creating the impression that Light is physically assaulting his victims in real time. All of this is further embellished by the emotional energy of the orchestral chorus’ powerful performance in “Low of Solipsism,” adding to the intensity of the moment.

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Chapter 1 of death note sequel, Death Note short stories It simulates this moment to a disturbing degree. The scene begins with a group of ordinary citizens arguing over live TV about what they mistakenly assume is Kira’s reappearance. In fact, the culprit is actually one of two Kira who received a death note from the Shinigami Ryuk. This Death Note holder Detective N refers to Kira-C, while the other refers to Chapter 2 of Death Note short stories It is designated as Kira-A. The citizens who come on TV to discuss Kira-C hide behind a barrier to protect them, but during the discussion, they soon realize that they all want to die, and once they reach this frightening revelation, they become even more emboldened, demolished. Barrier as they dash into the TV camera, begging Kira-C to kill them. In a manner that matches Light’s successor, Kira-C adheres, causing everyone to fall to the ground in dramatic fashion.

The citizens beg Kira-C to kill them in the first chapter of the Death Note short stories.

What makes this scene so disturbing is watching these poor souls beg for death. They are all very young, and each one says disturbing things to explain why he or she would not want to live on this earth, giving readers a chilling glimpse into their tormented minds. It is even more disturbing to see those who initially survived the first wave of murder become more and more resolute in their desire to die, even excited, once they realize for sure that they are already pleading with someone who can actually free them from their torment. . They do not run away in a panic. They just beg more. Furthermore, anime watchers wanted Light to be written in death note In doing so, he killed the criminals that Light chose to harm, for they were the most violent and troubled convicts to walk the earth. On the contrary, readers Death Note short stories We do not want the same fate befell citizens who beg for death. It is an absolute tragedy, and the fact that it is all happening on live TV highlights the main implications associated with such a horrific spectacle. While the light might make the world safer death noteIt obviously didn’t make it any more correct.

Although it is unlikely that death note short stories Will it ever be adapted into a series by OVA, readers can only imagine how this scene could be shot in such a medium, and the soundtrack alone would be really scary.

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