The best Shonen Anime heroes, ranked according to their fashion senses

The life of a shounen hero is far from easy, but that doesn’t mean that an appearance has to go out the window! These heroes prove that having style is totally possible with a busy schedule and that saving lives is no excuse for a bad hair day!

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The trick is to catch the eye without compromising the job you do, and it’s safe to say that no one here lacks abilities. Some of the strongest characters pack a terrible punch, opposing their enemies in the most fashionable way possible. From sophisticated chic to glamorous and glamorous, these popular figures cover a variety of trends.

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11 Saiki K: The Disastrous Life of Saiki K.

It’s true that Saiki K wears the same streamlined outfit as the rest of the boys at PK Academy, but somehow he manages to dress it up with his own unique flair. The perfect combination of trendy paper-colored glasses and bright pink hair will allow Psyche to look good in just about anything, with his cute personality and selfless attitude as the cherry on top.

When not in uniform, Saiki generally opts for a collared shirt, jersey, and long pants, giving him the refined look of a potential Lacoste model.

10 Sieg: Fate / Apocrypha

As a major component of the Great Holy Grail War in Saucepan A franchise brand, Sieg doesn’t let his lack of humanity get in the way of his style. With the classic sophistication of a black bodice and breeches set accompanied by a crisp white shirt, Sieg has a style that’s reserved and functional for him. He got an increase in oomph by simply absorbing Siegfried’s core, adding some extra volume and muscle tone to fill his shape.

Originally born as Homunculus, Sieg was destined to become a Yggdmillennia battery, used to boost the powers of a Black servant. Fortunately, he became conscious and escaped from slavery, only to be caught up in the Holy Grail War.

9 Blue rose: tiger and rabbit

Karina Lyle has an icy touch that forms the basis of her next ability and the theme of the hero suit in tiger and rabbit. In a world where superhero actions are broadcast on Hero TV and rated by viewers, appearance means everything, and even Blue Rose matches its patron with its colorful theme. Now that’s attention to detail!

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Kareena has received extra attention for being a pop star, which makes fashion a vital aspect of this high-profile teenager’s life. Her everyday wear exudes strong contemporary Pocahontas vibes, with cool coffee and dusty florals accentuated by bold boho style and elegant layers of fabrics.

8 Karino Chuka: Darwin’s Game

As the Queen of Thorns, Carino reflects her siegel by representing the rose in her elaborate gown, consisting of a deep crimson layered dress and matching heels. Fans have no doubts that Karino is dressed in designer clothes, and as one of the best players in it Darwin game (Hence one of the richest people), that’s a fair assumption.

When Karino is attacked by Sota, she is more enraged by the fact that her dress has been destroyed than by putting her safety on the line. Ever the model lady, this glamorous woman rarely even lets her hair fall out of place, and she is always the best out of all the sunset crows.

7 Rimuru storm: That time he reincarnated me as slime

Rimuru has a costume for every occasion and… blob? Yes, even when it is Reincarnated as a slime, Rimuru ensures that you dress accordingly! Previously known as Satoru Mikami, he is now the king of the Jura Tempest Federation with the ability to adopt the appearances of others, giving Rimuru a wide range of character designs.

Returning to his humanoid form, Rimuru usually wears an elegant fur-trimmed coat, but has been known to take any opportunity to do dress-up or disguise when he’s not trying to free the Storm Dragon Veldora.

6 Faye Valentine: Cowboy Bebop

The beautiful Faye Valentine is very attentive to her looks, and at 77, she has clearly done a great job! After being accidentally cryopreserved for fifty years, she is forced to live a life of crime and is captured by Bebop as a possible bounty. Fortunately, she beat Jet and Spike and joined the crew on their escape-filled adventures instead.

Faye’s perfect look consisted of cute sunkissed cropped shorts, a matching turtleneck top, and a contrasting red jacket for added color. And not many fans can deny the fact that Faye and Spike’s fashion tastes compliment each other easily!

5 Nico Robin: One Piece

One might expect her to be an archaeologist stuck in the past, but Robin’s obsession with history hasn’t stopped her from keeping up with trends. She’s a huge fan of glamorous heels (which somehow don’t hinder her speed…) and has become a follower of the Straw Hat Pirates of the Alabasta Ark. Robin has been known to give Luffy valuable fashion advice when needed, he’s a true friend indeed!

Robin was known for her dramatic wardrobe changes with clothes that accentuate her long legs and show some skin. This “devil baby” has caused an even bigger stir since her bra size has comfortably increased after skipping the time, with a perfect hourglass shape to boot!

4 Tanjiro Kamado: Demon Slayer

One would think that saving the world would leave no time for style, but Tanjiro is fortunate to have a practical and sophisticated wardrobe at his disposal. The black and green patterned black and white haori has become iconic, and one of the easiest ways to get to know a fellow Demon Slayer admirer. The sea green foam color contrasts brilliantly with Tanjiro’s ebony and burgundy hair, making it the center of attention in any scene.

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As a member of the Demon Slayer Corps, Tanjiro is expected to wear a white belted tattsuke-hakama pants and tabi socks, however, each member is allowed to add their own personal touch, providing a colorful assortment of trendy characters. accordingly, Demon Slayer Filled with traditional Japanese clothing accentuated by elegant and contemporary flair.

3 Jolene Kojoh: JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stone Ocean

Julien’s fashion sense never falters, even after she is unjustly imprisoned in Green Dolphin Street Prison in Season 5 of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure. Jolyne’s hair is a modern blend of ’90s pop with a contemporary color scheme (it goes perfectly with the Spice Girls!). Unlike most anime characters, Jolyne has gone through many wardrobe changes, particularly in the manga.

Julie’s father is the notorious Jotaro Kujo, however, he has been absent most of her childhood. That didn’t stop Dio Brando Who tracked down Jolyne and used her as a pawn in his war against the Joestar family.

2 Alucard: Hellsing

Arguably the most formidable of all vampire hunters in the history of animation is Alucard from HellsingDressed from head to toe in blood red, they bleed nothing but elegance! As one of the strongest characters in the series, it’s clear that his awesome looks have to match his amazing skills. Alucard takes on his less valuable opponents in a red Victorian-inspired three-piece suit topped with a matching tie, fedora and tinted round-rim glasses.

Alucard has the ability to change his shape, and his clothes also change depending on the shape he takes. He crosses the border into anti-hero territory, as an agent of the Hellsing Organization, in an especially cruel way to exterminate vampires.

1 Jotaro Kujo: JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure

Inheriting the incredibly cool Joestar traits, and to say that Jotaro is easy on the eyes is a serious understatement. While his attire may change depending on the situation, he is not without his trendy wide-brimmed hat and sweeping trench coat topped with a massive, eye-catching gold chain, allegedly inspired by Babylon II.

JoJo’s style exudes luxury that can only cost a pretty penny and bold prints match his confident personality. As a first stand receiver, Jojo is blessed with the incredible versatility of Star Platinum, one of the most powerful close-combat weapons in the world. JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure.

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