The best completed manga series for reading from start to finish

Here’s the best completed manga series from start to finish for your reading pleasure!

The world has thousands of manga series. Some of them have been completed, while others are still in progress. There are few compromises, so if you’re tired of waiting for a new chapter, here’s it Best completed manga series from start to finish to have fun!

This list excludes many of the most popular manga series to date, such as The attack on the GiantsAnd Fullmetal AlchemistAnd death noteAnd haikyuand others, to discover a new series to read!

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  1. Heaven’s Heaven: Jigokuraku

    Hell’s Paradise It is an action-adventure manga that follows Gabimaru the Hollow, one of Iwagakure’s most ruthless ninja assassins.

    He was caught during a mission and sentenced to death. Jabimaru’s body seemed immortal because no punishment could kill him.

    Gabemaru believes that his love for his wife is what keeps him alive. Yamada Asemon Sagiri, the executioner, thinks otherwise.

    He offers Gabimaru an agreement to pardon all his crimes in exchange for the elixir of life from the mythical realm of Shisenkyo.

  2. fire punch

    fire punch It is another complete manga that combines action, sci-fi and drama.

    Since it contains mature themes such as cannibalism, physical abuse, suicide, and outright violence, a disclaimer is provided.

    Manga, by the same person behind chainsaw manfollows siblings Agni and Luna in a frozen and barren world where cannibalism is practiced.

    In the village of Agni and Luna, one of the chosen few with special abilities known as Blessings appears.

    Duma, disgusted with the city’s cannibalism, burns the inhabitants, including Agni and Luna. While Luna died, Agni survived thanks to his rapid regeneration. Agni vowed to take revenge on Douma ever since.

  3. whatever

    whatever It is a historical and romantic manga set in 19th century Victorian London. The manga, first published in 2002 and later adapted into an anime, traces the faltering relationship between Emma and William Jones.

    While whatever William Jones is a beautiful and hardworking young maid, the son of a wealthy merchant. This complicates their relationship because William’s family is fiercely opposed to her social standing. William will soon marry Eleanor, the daughter of a Viscount.

  4. Angel Densetsu

    Angel Densetsu It is one of my personal favourites. It is an action-comedy manga that has also been animated.

    Seiichirou Kitano, who has the face of a demon but the heart of an angel, is the protagonist in the manga.

    Seiichirou is often assumed to be a delinquent and a heroin addict due to his fearsome appearance. He rose through the ranks of school thugs, and made friends who expected him to act according to his appearance.

    Seiichirou, on the other hand, is a very peaceful young man who, among other things, despises violence.

  5. Jürmungand

    Jürmungand It is an action and manga with lots of guns, mercenaries, army and violence.

    In the spring of 2012, this completed manga was also made into an anime.

    The manga follows the story of Coco Hekmatyar and her unexpected crew of ex-soldiers as they sell firearms and weapons through an international shipping company and an illegal smuggling operation known as HCLI.

    Juna, an apathetic, murderous child soldier who despises Coco’s methods, joins their team.

    Regardless, Coco is pursuing her plans for world peace in her own unique way, despite the fact that the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) is controversial.

  6. She is yours

    She is yours It is an action and fantasy manga that follows a human hero She is yours As he fights to become the next Demon Lord.

    In a world where the Demon King has been defeated by a lone hero, creatures and people of all races gather for the world’s most important tournament. Red Vamirio, one of the Four Kings of Heaven, oversees the tournament while Helck emerges victorious.

    The Red Vamirio seems to have some reservations She is yoursreal intentions. After all, She is yours He carries the title of Demon King on his shoulders.

  7. Pluto

    Pluto It is an action drama and manga seinen that follows Gesicht, an advanced robot who can solve the world’s toughest cases.

    He’s dealing with one of the toughest cases he’s ever faced. One of the world’s greatest robots was killed, his head desecrated with makeshift horns.

    In addition, human rights activist, Robot North No. 2, and the creator of the International Robotics Laws were assassinated in the same way. Shocking as it may sound, Jesset concludes that anonymous attackers target all of the world’s most powerful robots.

  8. Oyasumi Bon Bon

    Oyasumi Bon Bon It is one of the best manga on the list. It represents maturity, dysfunctional families, social and personal issues, suicide, and other mature themes.

    To say the least, it’s a frustrating manga. Regardless, the engaging narration makes reading worthwhile.

    Bonbon, a regular student, is the protagonist of the manga. While everything he does seems normal, the people around him keep him on edge.

    Among the things that bother him are his teachers’ radical reactions to the smallest things, his father’s arrest for domestic violence, and his unemployed uncle keeping tabs on him.

  9. Voynich Hotel

    Voynich Hotel It is a complete manga that combines comedy, horror, mystery, slice of life and supernatural elements.

    The manga follows Kazuki Taizou, a former yakuza who seeks refuge in The Voynich Hotel after fleeing his family.

    Voynich Hotel It is unlike anywhere else on the planet. It is staffed with deadly maids of war and is located in the heart of a war-torn island.

  10. Tokyo crazy paradise

    Tokyo crazy paradise It is an action comedy manga that follows the budding relationship of Ryuji and Tsukasa. Ryūji is a yakuza manager who has absorbed simple-minded Tsukasa after her parents’ death.

    He intentionally credits Tsukasa with keeping an eye on his friend. On the other hand, Tsukasa is looking for a way to pay off Ryūji.

    Ryūji and Tsukasa’s friendship grows stronger as they take turns saving each other’s lives amid dangerous drugs and weapons that could destroy Tokyo.

  11. The holy land

    The holy land It is a unique completed manga series. They include perverts and martial arts as well as some psychological and psychological aspects. It’s a strange combination, but it results in a manga worth reading.

    The manga follows Yuu Kamishiro, a weak little boy who is often bullied by his peers. Yuu, tired of the harshness of reality, began to hone his martial arts skills amidst a world of violence and permissive law.

    Yuu earned the nickname Thug Hunter, a man who roams the streets and defends himself against street thugs. Yuu approaches him The holy land With every fight.

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