The anime that put their heroes in Hell

Anime isn’t always about cute, weird, romantic characters. There are a lot of anime that put their hero in hell and forced them to face many trials and tribulations. Of course, this means that you can see the protagonists of the novel fighting through the obstacles they face, and how they overcome each one of them.

In some anime shows, the heroes pass so much that fans are surprised when the character is still alive. It is an interesting watch to see what will happen to the hero, and viewers can be glad that they are not going through it. Read on to find out some of the characters who had a rough time during their animation, and came out of it stronger.

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10 miroko chan

miroko chan It offers fans a mixture of comedy and truly terrifying horror. Miku Yotsuya’s daily life can be very difficult for her. She is introduced to viewers as a high school girl who can see terrifying monsters. These monsters follow her and repeatedly ask her if she can see them, but she vows to never admit their existence.

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Understandably, this negatively affects Miku, as these monsters grow in terror throughout the show. Miku begins to find it very difficult to ignore the presence of the monster, but she fights through it no matter what.

9 blue period

Yatora Yaguchi feels as if his life is meaningless and not going anywhere. He worries about his lack of ambitions and has no idea what he wants to do in the future, which makes him feel stuck. After getting a spark of stimulation from seeing the landscapes of Shibuya, he has the urge to get creative. Yatura’s first thought was to draw, and he does just that.

He is surprised to receive positive feedback about his first ever painting, and this gives him the motivation to work towards a place at Tokyo University of the Arts. Throughout the show, Yatora struggles with his confidence in his art, and suffers badly during exams. Viewers see a sleep-deprived and exhausted Yatura having a rough time with auditions, a struggle that many can likely relate to.

8 Deadman Wonderland

Ganta Igarashi is thrown into a dangerous world when he is accused of killing his classmates. He finds himself trapped in a prison called Deadman WonderlandWhere he lives among some terrifying individuals. Because of the severity of his punishment, he must wear a collar that slowly injects poison into his neck.

Inmates must participate in risky, life-threatening games to slow the poison down their collars. Ganta meets many characters throughout the show, and finds it difficult to determine their true intentions, which creates a great sense of mistrust towards his fellow prisoners.

7 Hanako-Kun . Bound Toilet

Nene Yashiro immerses himself in the spirit world after summoning Hanako-Kun, the spirit that haunts pigeons at Kamome Academy. Hanako-Kun vows to protect her after they develop a strong friendship, but thanks to Nene’s inquisitive tendencies, she gets into all sorts of trouble.

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She is often thrown into a different world by school spirits, which leads to Hanako-kun on his way there to save her. Nene must deal with the terrifying spirits that threaten her existence while also struggling with the romantic side of life.

6 Demon Slayer

After his family is found dead after a demonic attack, Tanjiro Kamado vows to destroy all demons. The only surviving family member is his sister Nezuko. To his dismay, he realizes that Nezuko has turned into a demon, but refuses to kill her.

He promises to find a cure for his sister and notices that she still has humanity inside her after she refuses to kill him. Tanjirou becomes a member of the Demon Slayer Legion and faces many dangerous demons throughout the show who want nothing more than to kill him.

5 future diary

Yukiteru Amano suddenly finds himself in a dangerous world when he receives the Pottery Future Diary. This is a device that informs him of the future, and each future diary has a different power. Yukiteru must participate in the game of survival against other players, and the object of the game is to be the last player alive.

Fan-favorite yandere character Yuno Gasai develops strong feelings for Yukiteru and protects him when other players come to kill them both. Yukiteru lives in a constant state of fear, waiting for the next attack and trying to hide away from those looking for him and Yuno.

4 Neon Genesis Evangelion

Shinji Ikari is a middle school student until he met nerf officer Misato Katsuragi. Due to the loss of his mother and a neglected father, Shinji has a lot of pent-up feelings that no one his age should deal with. Comforted by Misato’s kindness, he wants to escape the dullness of everyday life.

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Shinji moves in with Misato as he begins training to command Evangelion-01. Throughout the anime, viewers witness Shinji rolling downhill after suffering further losses and life-threatening situations. He bears great responsibility for the safety of others, and it is clear that he has taken a toll on such a young student.

3 Tokyo Ghoul

At the beginning Tokyo Ghoul, Ken Kaneki takes Rize Kamishiro on a date after she’s hooked up with a book – much to his surprise, since he’s quite an introvert. It is soon revealed that Rize is one of the terrifying ogres that have been roaming Tokyo. After an accident, Rize is killed and Kaneki is seriously injured. This leads to Kaneki needing an organ transplant, and due to Rize’s death, the hospital uses her organs to perform the operation.

Since Rize was a ghoul, this then started to turn Kaneki into a ghoul. He becomes an elusive hybrid of a human and a ghoul as he attempts to pressure his impulses to eat human flesh and blood. Kaneki must evade the government’s search for the ghoul and find a path to his new life.

2 Re: zero

Subaru Natsuki is an ordinary student who takes a trip to a nearby convenience store and suddenly finds himself transported to a strange fantasy world. Events lead to his murder, along with a girl he meets named Emilia. Subaru is then brought back to life, but is transported back through time.

He remembers his murder, but also realizes that his day has reset. Subaru has the ability to come back again every time he dies. This becomes frustrating at times but also gives him multiple opportunities to achieve the best outcome for a situation.

1 when they cry

Keichii Maebara moves to a rural village, and life feels great for a while. He makes new friends, joins a new school, and enjoys the peace of a small village. He makes strong friendships with four girls: Rina, Myeon, Satoko, and Rika.

However, Keichii slows down and realizes that everything may be too good to be true, and finds out about a number of murders that have taken place in the village during the annual festivals. An anxious Keichii asks his friends about these murders, but is met with silence and a sudden mistrust of his friends. He began to believe that they knew more about these murders, and that for some reason they were hiding the information.

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