The anime Oshi no Ko is set to become a blockbuster movie

Members Kaguya-sama: Love is War In the near future. Author Aka Akasaka is a busy mangaka, not only writing chapters Kaguya Sama But also his simultaneous drama series Oshi no Kowith scum desire Painter Mingo Yokoyari paints all art.

Oshi no Ko The series has been shown in Japan since April 2020, but this series has only recently begun to be translated and serialized in the West over the past two months. Fortunately, the industry is working hard to attract manga fans Oshi no KoThe Japanese version, and best of all, Studio Doga Kobo for Shikimori is not just cute Fame will be created Oshi no KoNext anime series. It’s a good time to be a fan of Aka Akasaka.

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The story, characters, and themes of Ushi no Kou

Author Aka Akasaka continues the high-stakes, high-IQ romance themes in his new series Oshi no KoBut in a different way this time. While Kaguya Sama It is a light comedy-drama about a battle of wits in high school. Oshi no Ko It is basically a drama with some partial isekai elements added, which helps to set this series apart. The Ripper plays a role this time around, but it never overshadows the very touching and emotionally touching personal drama. Oshi no KoThe teenage characters are compelling. This helps keep this story familiar but fresh at the same time, showing the breadth of creative abilities of Aka Akasaka.

Oshi no Ko It focuses on the Japanese idol industry, the dramatic reality TV industry and the child actor industry all at once, with characters involved in one or more of these areas. The protagonist is a rural gynecologist named Guru – a man in his mid-twenties who is in love with popular teen idol Ai Hoshino, and Sarina, Guru’s young patient, feels the same way. Tragedy takes place in the first act, when a mysterious masked man stabs Goro to death. Next, Goro literally finds himself reborn as Ai’s newborn baby – a child that Ai must hide from the world. Goro, who is reborn under the name Aquamarin Hoshino, is not alone; He has a twin sister named Ruby.

Now, Aquamarine and Ruby have got another shot of life right from square one, growing up as son and daughter of mega idol Ai as they try to discover what this new life really means to both of them. Can they follow in their teenage mother’s footsteps and make it big in Japan’s cruel and lies-ridden entertainment industry – or are they reborn only to face disappointment and failure once again. It wouldn’t be easy, even if Aquamarine and Ruby had serious acting chops and inherited their mother’s good looks. It’s a dramatic adventure/isekai/idol like no other, and fans of both manga and anime can soon dive into the story.

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Where to read and watch Oshi No Ko

There is little information yet about the upcoming anime adaptation of Oshi no Ko Although studio Doga Kobo is the choice to animate it, anime fans can follow any production or release schedule updates that the studio may release later. Meanwhile, the Oshi no Ko The manga is a great option to explore Aka Akasaka’s latest seinen story.

Manga is available in the West exclusively on the Manga Plus app and website – a popular free app with a massive library of titles, including exclusive titles like Don’t be shy, Sekime-san! And the Hokkaido girls are so adorable. In an effort to catch up with Japanese publications, Manga Plus releases four fully subtitled chapters every Wednesday at 10:00 AM CST.

As of this writing, Manga Plus contains 32 chapters of Oshi no Ko Available to read, with the first and last six chapters made permanently available to read and the remainder available to be read twice before being locked. maybe Oshi no koThe manga for Manga will soon be licensed for a manga release in the West, since the same has happened to another Manga Plus title, Kubo won’t let me be invisible. If so, details of where to buy Oshi no ko The manga will be added when this information becomes available.

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