The anime missed a chance with Ash . team

Pokemon Journeys It cemented itself as a heritage series by assuring that the World Series podium would conclude with a Master Eight tournament, consisting of Ash Ketchum and every regional champion from Lance to Leon. During this saga, Ash meets old rivals and friends alike as the series continues to showcase its extensive and rich history of characters. However, the series missed its biggest opportunity by having Ash use a team made up exclusively of freshly caught Pokémon, instead of making him use all the Pokémon he caught on his long journey.

Pokemon It did not break its formula as with Trips Anime since Generation 3’s Battle Frontier Saga. Back then, Ash similarly roamed the familiar territory, engaging in fights that weren’t the challenges of a traditional gym. While doing this, use all of his Pokémon instead of whichever of the last five he had recently caught. Ash’s pool of Pokémon has grown exponentially since then, and the World Series coronation was the perfect opportunity for Ash to fight alongside more than just his five new partners – especially considering that WCS might just be a swan song.

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During the World Series, Ash fights and defeats gym leaders, Elite Four members, and even Champion Unova, his old friend Eris. Each of these battles saw Ash using one to three of his newly caught Pokémon – Dragonite, Lucario, Gengar, Dracovish, and Sirfetch’d. Ash is now ranked 8th out of more than 10,000 original competitors who use Pokémon he merely It’s unbelievable or satisfying as if he’s using the entire Pokémon arsenal throughout WCS.

ash Trips His team is undoubtedly his strongest to date, but his Pokemon hanging out in Oak Labs and Kukui aren’t quite as slack either. His Chargard has defeated Articuno, and his Septelle has defeated Darkray, and these are just two of the dozens of powerful Pokemon he’s trained and tied to this thing that is now eagerly awaiting his rare visits to their labs. Ash has enough Pokémon that he could have gone to most of the World Coronation Series without using the same Pokémon twice, which would have helped to repeat his sighting on the coast on the strength of the five Pokémon who outrageously beat the new Pokémon.

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In the anime, Ash recently (briefly) met up with his own Greninja, who left him in the Kalos area only for the next episode to confirm that Alain—the coach who Mega Charizard beat Greninja to win the Kalos League—was returning to the series as a member of the Eight Masters WCS. However, Ash Greninja has yet to get back into the fold after his reunion, which makes Ash-Alain’s seemingly inevitable match less important. With so many old characters popping up all over the WCS, this was a perfect opportunity to settle some old accounts if Ash had been using every Pokemon from the start.

Whether Ash wins or loses the World Series coronation, it’s hard to imagine what the series could do with his character next. If this was really Ash’s last moment, it would be more appropriate and rewarding for him to compete using every Pokémon he met along the way. Pokemon Journeys It was all about fan service, however the series chose to forgo following the path which is the easiest way to get there Pokemon Fan heart – this is either a fatal mistake or a sign that there may be more to Ash Ketchum’s endless adventures.

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