The 12 worst anime ever to be avoided

We all want the best for ourselves. Even in animation, we are always looking for new shows to watch. When a new anime season begins, we are all looking for the best and the worst in it. If you are looking for the best anime ever, you are probably looking for it too Worst anime ever to avoid!

Don’t worry; You’ve got it covered! This list is based on some of the lowest rated shows on MyAnimeList, as well as my own opinion.

While watching good anime is fun, worst anime can be a benchmark for your standards.

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  1. Tesla note

    Tesla note, with a rating of 4.67 MAL, is one of the anime that deserves to be on our list. Not only does the anime have a poor and baffling plot, but the aesthetics and animation suffer too.

    The Tesla note The animation flips between 2D and 3D like a dying fish, making it unwatchable if you’re driven by aesthetics.

    on any occasion, Tesla note It follows Negoro, Mission T’s best intelligence agent, as he works with his partner to recover Nikola Tesla’s inheritance, while other agents from other countries try to do the same.

  2. garzy suite

    garzy suite It is one of those cartoons that makes you doubt yourself in a negative way.

    The plot is illogical, and you will be pushed to a new level of horror. The character designs are distracting, but not to the point of being unwatchable. It can be a little unattractive, but it is bearable.

    Not to mention that the performers, both in the English and Japanese version, are constantly screaming and shouting.

    The anime, which has a rating of 4.13 MAL, follows an ordinary student named Chris until he is pulled into Piston Wheel, a place halfway between heaven and hell. On the other hand, his physical body is in the real world, while his soul is not.

  3. Occult

    Occult It is a poor anime considered the worst in society. binge watching Occult Not worth your time.

    The only way to have fun with Gibiate is to post a review on Reddit about how much trouble the anime is. After all, it’s more fun to review something negative than to review something positive. Or is it just me?

    There is no plot. The characters simply like to live to the end. It will upset you, but you will be encouraged to watch subsequent episodes to see if things will improve over time.

    Occult In the year 2030, when Japan becomes a haven for humans who suddenly turn into monsters.

    Gebiya was the name of these creatures, and they succeeded in wreaking havoc throughout Japan. The anime follows a samurai, a ninja, and a doctor as they try to endure the worst in the world Occultism.

  4. Imagine

    Imagine Known in the community not for its quality, but for being one of the worst shows ever produced. The show is often referred to as one of the dumbest shows in anime history, and is frequently discarded.

    Regardless, many people still recommend Imagine Because it contains some of the funniest moments ever, even when the show is very serious about making up for itself.

    MAL gives it a rating of 4.61. Yuge Itsuki is a character in the anime Imagine who was summoned to expel the impurities of the earth.

    Yuge’s purpose requires him to carry women in order to generate star children who will put an end to the plague in Granvia.

  5. former arm

    former arm It is a Crunchyroll original that will have you questioning the safety of the producers, with a record low rating of 2.93 MAL.

    Some describe the show as groundbreaking not because it is visionary, but because it will make your eyes bleed. Not literally!

    I am not exaggerating at all. former arm Not even a good watch, thanks to a horribly done 3D CGI. Not to mention the fact that the studio behind it had no prior experience producing anime show.

  6. pupa

    pupa It’s one of those anime that I watched just for the title. Although I am not familiar with the series, it is highly recommended Kodomo no Gikan And Boku no pico.

    In the end, it’s a disaster. To say the least, it’s sad and creepy. Warning that the show deals with incest and cannibalism.

    pupa It has a rating of MAL 3.32 and relates to the siblings, Utsutsu and Yume. When Yume contracts with pupa Virus, Otsutsu exposes his body to Limi to feed on.

    Otsutsu is also affected by pupa The virus that allows him to regenerate parts of his body that were broken down by his sister, which is very annoying.

  7. sky skelter

    Because of her terrible reputation, sky skelter It is one of the well known anime. sky skelter Waste of time that would have been better served as a promotional ad instead of OVA.

    Even if you’re only interested in watching the anime because it’s been recommended by so many people, it’s still worth watching for a laugh. sky skelterThe MAL rating of 1.85 speaks volumes about how bad it is.

    In Tokyo, a genetically engineered female is tasked with protecting the world from a circling UFO. They are taught to drive mecha robots to their breath under the supervision of Funagai Otoya.

  8. Mars from destruction

    Mars from destruction It is a barely produced anime. The plot is shallow, and neither the characters nor the plot are considered interesting. Anime is only fun if you want to laugh at the introduction to the show.

    It’s a science fiction comedy that will make you laugh even if you have no idea what’s going on. It elevates the word “bad” to a new level of horror.

    The anime follows Hinata Takeru, a high school student who helps the special team to combat the Unknown Ancients prevent the Ancients from killing humans. He is tasked with moving the fragments of the 2010 Mars Exploration Rover into good hands while wearing the old anti-Mars suit.

  9. Abunai sisters: Coco and Mika

    Abunai sisters: Coco and Mika It has a low rating of 2.48, making it one of the worst animations ever made by IG Productions. Abunai sistersEven if you stick to watching her get better.

    The Abunai sisters It first caught my eye because it reminded me of pictures from the famous Jimmy Neutron cartoon. Both offers are incomparable. If you are an adventurous anime fan, check out the Abbunai Sisters.

    The anime follows two well-known celebrities, Coco and Mia, who want to relax on the beach but are interrupted by evil forces. They want Coco and Mia exclusively! Fortunately, Mia and Coco are broke enough to avoid getting hurt!

  10. my sister is a writer

    my sister is a writer production disaster. The animation is so horrible that you will ruin the entire first episode. The story, the characters, and everything in between is a complete train wreck.

    Look far if you are looking for anime like Oreimo. It’s a low budget animation with very little effort from the cast and crew.

    The anime follows the siblings, Yuu and Suzuka. While Yuu strives to win the light novel competition, Suzuka manages to win the competition with her entry into the amateur romantic comedy.

    Since she doesn’t know anything about the world of light novels, she asks her brother to stand up and take the identity of her nickname, Tuano Chikai.

  11. Aiken

    Probably one of JC’s worst employees, Aiken It is an exceptionally terrible anime that has eliminated all previous Ecchi anime shows.

    . format animation Aiken It’s the weakest side and will make you doubt the reputation of JC’s crew since the very first episode. The characters are overrated for sex, and the jiggling physics are the standout anime metaphor! Just looking at a character’s body types will make you uncomfortable.

    Eiken is a comedy anime that follows Mifune as he tries to join a school club full of beautiful skinny women.

    Among the cool and boisterous students, he is the only guy in the club. He often finds himself in compromising conditions with club members.

  12. vampire holmes

    vampire holmesReleased in 2015, it stunned the anime community with its awesome animation, which will stay with you for years.

    It appears to be a flash animation, with the characters standing there as if they were being shown on a green screen. They lack emotion and are technically unexpressive! if Mars from destruction And pupa Awful, then vampire holmes It is even worse.

    I recommend watching cartoons if you want to feel the same pain you felt when you were younger. It has no recovery properties. There’s no plot, the characters are superficial, and it’s simply a waste of time.

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