The 10 most written sports anime of all time

Sports anime proves that if there is something to it, there must be an anime about it. Sports are among the most diverse in the medium just because of the number of sports out there – including some that most people have never heard of.

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Even if viewers know nothing about the sport, they are sure to charm each individual game. The sports animation makes the audience cheer for their favorite team when they win and mourn each loss along with their favorite characters. While some titles fell through the loopholes, many of the well-written and critically acclaimed titles in the genre deserve praise and recognition.

10 Ping-Pong animation enhances the attractiveness of table tennis

When people think of exciting sports, table tennis isn’t necessarily the type that comes to mind. Most people don’t even consider it a sport. But, ping pong animation It shows sport from a new perspective. When viewers watch this anime, they are sure to invest in the sport – even if they have no desire to play it themselves.

The anime follows Peco and Smile, two childhood friends who join a table tennis club in their high school. After both suffered a devastating loss, they became each other’s competitors. They forced each other to improve and reach their full potential. The anime has an interesting psychological dynamic among deuteragonists that distinguishes it from others in the genre.

9 Chihayafuru turns card games into captivating sports games

Most people do not consider competitive card games to be sports, but chihafor proves that these assumptions are wrong. Players may not be dealing with each other or trying to score a goal, but the psychological warfare in it all makes a simple card game feel like a magical rollercoaster ride.

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chihafor It is about Karuta, a competitive Japanese card game. Chihaya, the protagonist, becomes the master of the game but finds herself tired after a while as she loses touch with what originally made her interested in her. In the end, the anime reflects the importance of youth and never lose sight of one’s basic identity.

8 free! Iwatobi Swimming Club is all about competitive swimming

Although swimming is not one of the most exciting sports, free! Iwatobi Swimming Club He approaches it from a new creative perspective. Protagonist Haruka Nanase believes that water is his only true love.

After winning the elementary school swimming relay race with his childhood friends Makoto, Rin and Nagisa, the four went their separate ways. Three out of four reunited in high school. Rin attended a different high school and had held a ridiculously long grudge against Haruka. He is committed and determined to prove, once and for all, that he is the better swimmer between them.

7 Megalobox is a dystopian anime about boxing

Most sports animation events take place in average daily settings that most viewers can relate to. But, Megalobox He sets himself apart from his contemporaries since he sets out in a dystopian future where community bugs engage in a unique boxing competition.

Boxing in this anime is very different from what everyone is used to. While they’re still wearing a pair of gloves and entering the ring, Megaloboxing requires competitors to wear mechanical exoskeletons to ensure they really pack a punch against their opponent.

6 Ace Of Diamond is a skilled player who is struggling to find his place in one of the best teams in Japan

ace diamond It has a nice, dry premise, but its execution is excellent. It’s about a high school student named Egon Sawamura, a talented baseball player who, unfortunately, lost his last game in middle school due to a stray field. However, he got a free trip to one of the most elite high schools in Japan because the baseball team was interested in his style of play.

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He’s by no means a miracle, and he soon learned just how skilled those around him were after enrolling in Seidou High. The anime follows his journey to find his place in this elite team and prove that he deserves to be a part of the starting lineup.

5 Yuri!!! On Ice immerses the audience in the competitive world of figure skating

Yuri!!! on the ice It follows Yuri Katsuki, a figure skater who suffers a heavy loss in the final Grand Prix race. Just when he felt all hope was lost, did his top model, Victor, watch a video of him skating on one of his chores.

Victor takes Yuri under his wing, and from there, the audience is immersed in the world of competitive figure skating. Each routine is compelling and beautifully designed, and fans won’t be able to take their eyes off the screen. Additionally, the relationship between Victor and Yuri has become one of the truest anime examples of queer representation.

4 Sk8 The Infinity is a skateboarding anime with an important message

Sk8 Infiniti It’s primarily about skateboarding, but it’s the core messages that drive the story. Ricky Kian and Langa Hasegawa are high school students who are both very passionate about skateboarding. While Ricky has been a skater for years, Langa is new to the sport. Ricky teaches him the basics, but Langa really has a learning curve thanks to his background in figure skating.

At its core, anime is about remembering to enjoy one’s feelings. Ricky, for example, suffers from an inferiority complex because he’s not a prodigy at the sport he loves, so he feels like he’s falling behind. On the other hand, ADAM has a distorted view of life in general and forgets that skateboarding is a fun outlet. This anime reminds its characters that every victory is meaningless unless they enjoy themselves.

3 Blue Lock forces his characters to improve their skills

While most sports animations exist to remind the audience of the potential fun they can have with sports, blue lock It paints a completely different picture. The Japan Football Association felt that Japan lacked an arrogant striker to lead their national team to victory. Jinpachi gathers hundreds of talented high school contestants and takes them to the honorary Blue Lock.

All of these strikers are competing against each other, and only one of them will be able to achieve victory. Every unsuccessful striker will be disqualified from the Japanese national team. The protagonist, Isaji, was chosen. He feels guilty that he failed to lead his high school team to victory over one fatal mistake: passing instead of shooting. Isagi takes advantage of the opportunity presented at Blue Lock to prove his worth as a player and reconcile his decision. Combining shonen battle and sports anime, blue lock It is sure to be a huge hit having aired later in 2022.

2 Basketball in Kuroko may not be realistic, but it is one of the best places in the genre

Kuroko Basketball Received a lot of ridicule for her plays that are overtaken by irony, but it is undeniable that her premise is one of the most unique in the genre. Kuroko was a member of the Teiko Middle School basketball team. He served as the phantom sixth man of the Miracle Generation.

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The Generation of Miracles is a group of five geniuses, each with their own supernatural moves. Kuroko joins Seirin’s team after witnessing their teamwork the previous year. Kuroko vows to help make Seirin the best team in Japan, but he has an ulterior motive. Ultimately, he wants to force the generation of prodigies to lose one by one, until they stop being arrogant and learn to enjoy basketball again.

1 Haikyuu! He is a leviathan of this type

Haikyuu! She received accolades and communicated with audiences much better than any of her predecessors could have dreamed of – the true leviathan of the genre. The anime follows Shoyo Hinata, a short volleyball player who falls in love with the sport and aspires to surpass the “little giant”. After losing to Tobio Kageyama in middle school, he enrolls in Karasuno – only to discover that his rival now attends the same school he attends.

Despite their constant bickering, the two became a notable duo on the court. The only thing that determines Haikyuu! Aside from his contemporaries, he represents all of his teams – not just the main team. There is never a dull moment in the series because every character is so likable, and there is no real “antagonist” in the story.

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