The 10 Healthiest Couples in Mecha Anime, ranked

In the world of mecha anime, fans will find their favorite characters face to face with many fearsome enemies and challenges. Anime mecha is filled with aerial dog fights in futuristic planes that can transform into giant robots and duels between giant suits of armor. Mecha anime protagonists tend to always find their lives in constant danger.

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With the possibility of death usually just around the corner, these cartoon heroes tend to form unbreakable bonds with their comrades. These high stress environments sometimes lead to ineffective relationships, but as is often the case, the bonds transcend trust and friendship and become romantic.

10 Ang Warrior and Mechanic Fang (via Ang)

Revealed to be Norma and expelled from her kingdom, a title character via Angie She finds herself a pilot for the RAGNA post and takes part in dangerous battles against alien beings called DRAGONS. After a violent battle, Angie meets Tusk while they are stranded on a deserted island. Despite the initial mistrust, the two eventually get close and fall in love. Tusk will do everything in his power to help Ang, and she will do the same for him, despite her seemingly cold attitude. A clumsy mechanic paired with a strong-willed pilot makes the pair really cool and powerful.

9 Yukina and Kinosuke prove that polar opposites attract (KuroMukuro)

Originally from the Sengoku period, Kinosuke awakens in modern Japan and somehow finds himself driving an alien robot with the help of Yukina, a Japanese high school student. Yukina does her best to help Kennosuke adapt to the 21st century, all while learning how to co-lead the mecha, the Black Relic.

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As these two continue to fight and protect Japan from the attack of space invaders called Ogres, Yukina and Kinosuke can’t help but gravitate toward each other. Even with their opposite polar personalities, Koro MukuruMecha master pilots make a great pair.

8 Silvia and Apollo have a love that has stood the test of time (Aquarion)

Because of his sudden appearance and apparent talent for commanding the honorary Aquarion, Silvia decided Apollo would be a nuisance. However, despite the constant bickering and clashing between the characters, Sylvia and Apollo can’t help but find themselves getting closer. These new feelings may stem from the constant battles they had together. But there is also a possibility that they were reincarnations of the legendary lovers Apollonius and Sillian. It doesn’t really matter, because Apollo and Sylvia will always fight side by side.

7 Kaname and Susuke have a secret personal romance (full metal panic!)

Tasked with protecting Kaname Chidori, Sergeant Sousuke Sagara is a mecha pilot trying to navigate the do’s and don’ts of high school. However, high school is a little more dangerous when terrorists pursue Kaname Chidori for unknown reasons. Just as Sousuke was tasked with protecting Kaname from outside dangers, Kaname chose to protect his elusive Sousuke from the dangers of high school. The closer the two get, the more the desire to protect each other is no longer a matter of duty but of love. Full metal panic! It is the typical high school romance with a military and robotic touch.

6 Amy and Lido are the girl from the ocean and the boy from space (Grantia on the Green Planet)

in Grantia on the green planet, Lido and the Machine Caliber cabin find themselves light years from their war and on a post-apocalyptic land covered in water. As strangers in a strange land, Lido takes time to adjust to his new surroundings and trust the people who have offered him help.

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Amy, one of those individuals, is a delivery girl in the Gargantia fleet. As she helps Lido adjust to life on the sea and away from war, the two find themselves getting closer. So when you find Gargantia’s problem, Ledo is willing to sacrifice his life to protect the entire fleet. In the end, it is Lido’s feelings for Amy that inevitably save him.

5 Cute Kokoro and proud Mitsuru make a perfect pair (Franks’ darling)

Although Zero Two and Hiro might be the first couple that fans think of darling in franks, Mitsuru and Kokoro also have a very sweet love story. Mitsuru’s proud and arrogant personality is affected when he is accompanied by the cute and adorable Kokoro. When the two share a Genitsa pilot, they slowly begin to understand each other, their fears, and their dreams. When tensions come to a head for all of the FRANXX pilots, Kokoro and Mitsuru face their own personal challenges. Fortunately, even when everything seemed bleak for these two, they still managed to find their way back to each other.

4 Idol Freyja and pilot Hayate fall in love on the battlefield (Macross Delta)

Although these two didn’t necessarily start off on the right foot, they instantly became fast friends. When Hayate becomes a pilot on Delta Flight and Freyja a new member of their idol group, Walkure, they must trust each other with their lives as they battle the Aerial Knights and Var Syndrome. Their constant teasing and ripping off allowed them to remain positive despite the serious battles they faced. It shouldn’t be a huge surprise that their hilarious teasing evolved into something more macross delta I continued.

3 Kira and Lacus share a love story in space (Gundam Seeds)

Kira saves Lacus when they first meet, despite being coordinated on opposite sides of the war. The two felt an instant connection, and became closer with each day they spent together in Archangel. No matter if the war stops, Kira and Lacus fall in love. Their relationship, although complicated at first, became the source of their strength. The war they were fighting had a new meaning, as they were now fighting for each other.

2 Maya and Akira begin as mortal enemies (Aquarion: Logos)

in World Aquarius: logos, A part of humanity has a mystical power called verbal. A group called DEAVA uses these abilities to battle monsters in Vector machines. Vector pilots Maya and Akira start out as enemies.

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Maya blindly follows the teachings of the evil Sōgon Kenzaki and self-proclaimed Akira as the savior of DEAVA. The two are an odd duo, but they are slowly getting to know each other. As they fight together, Maya learns not only that she was wrong, but also that Akira may actually be her savior.

1 It’s acne and robotics with Eureka and Renton (Eureka Seven)

After a chance encounter with Eureka, the mysterious young Nirvash pilot, Renton’s life is not what it used to be. Now part of the Gekkoskate group and partner Eureka, Renton finds himself falling in love with her and quickly falls for it. With the conflict between Gekkoskate and United Liberation reaching its climax, it is up to Renton and Eureka to protect the planet and all who live there. Fans will love to watch Eureka Seven Not only for the epic battles but for the love story of Renton and Eureka as well.

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