What Death Note character are you, based on your horoscope

Animation beginners should not miss Death Note, which has become a classic in its own right. This anime deals with a wide range of philosophical topics. Light Yagami, a young fellow granted the power to bring death to anyone he desires by simply writing their names inside a book, is the protagonist of this supernatural … Read more

Best anime of every decade

Asking some room for the best anime can start a fight. It’s a question that tends to elicit very strong emotions, because anime generates strong emotional bonds. I already mentioned, for example, what I think is the best single episode in the anime. But comparing a series that ran for twenty-five years to a series … Read more

How the philosophy of hate’s cycle of pain preaches in real life

The philosophy of the cycle of hate Naruto Villain Pain has been widely discussed and researched for years since the character was first introduced. on condition Naruto It’s over, the discussion flared up again with Code appearing in Boruto And other villains like Madara and Obito. Since Nagato/Pain was not evil at first but came … Read more