How important are lore of the sevens in Fortnite?

No story is complete without a protagonist, and Fortnite is no different. Over the years, and across seasons, the game has faced threats from various enemies, threatening the island and all the life it contains. In Fortnite, the protagonist is The Seven, a group of guards out to protect the island from danger. The Seven … Read more

3 Fortnite pay-to-win variants (and 3 used to be)

What would Fortnite be without a selection of skins? Just another battle royale. With its third-person perspective (TPP), Fortnite provides an immersive experience that other games in this category cannot achieve. The irony of the recent news about Fortnite developing a first-person perspective (FPP) was the debate over what would happen to the skins. Skins … Read more

What happened to the Fortnite ‘Community Choice’ Item Shop tournaments?

Only OG players remember the Fortnite “Community Pick” feature in the Item Shop. This feature from 2019 allowed players to choose the theme they wanted to appear in the store. Unfortunately, after a few cycles, the feature completely disappeared and hasn’t come back since. The unique feature was definitely something that many players enjoyed. This … Read more

5 Fortnite characters who could break the cycle (and 5 who would fail to try)

As the name suggests, The Loop in Fortnite is an endless cycle of rebirth and death. The characters within this system could not be killed and slowly lost their minds until their primal instincts for survival became the only thing left. However, in a strange twist of fate, some characters manage to challenge her. They … Read more