5 best AMD processors for playing Fortnite in 2022

Fortnite is one of the most intense Battle Royale games in the world today, due to the dual handling requirements of in-game combat with shooting and building. As system requirements increase, ensuring smooth gameplay becomes more and more expensive. AMD’s Ryzen line is making headlines across various price segments as the product of choice for … Read more

Ranked Top 5 Fortnite YouTubers as of June 2022

Fortnite users on YouTube have been a big reason behind the popularity of the video game. In the early days of Fortnite Battle Royale, the creators posted a lot of interesting videos on the platform, which helped the game grow and gain millions of players. Besides Twitch, the most popular streaming platform, YouTube Gaming has … Read more

Which hunting rifle is the best in Fortnite? All shots are arranged

Fortnite has an abundance of weapons that can suit any player, regardless of their skill level. Developers often add and replace firearms, thus popularizing them and maintaining a balanced loot pool. The weapons in Fortnite range from pistols to heavy-duty sniper rifles, with a huge range of options in between. The shotgun is a close-range … Read more

3 Fortnite pay-to-win variants (and 3 used to be)

What would Fortnite be without a selection of skins? Just another battle royale. With its third-person perspective (TPP), Fortnite provides an immersive experience that other games in this category cannot achieve. The irony of the recent news about Fortnite developing a first-person perspective (FPP) was the debate over what would happen to the skins. Skins … Read more

What Death Note character are you, based on your horoscope

Animation beginners should not miss Death Note, which has become a classic in its own right. This anime deals with a wide range of philosophical topics. Light Yagami, a young fellow granted the power to bring death to anyone he desires by simply writing their names inside a book, is the protagonist of this supernatural … Read more

5 Fortnite characters who could break the cycle (and 5 who would fail to try)

As the name suggests, The Loop in Fortnite is an endless cycle of rebirth and death. The characters within this system could not be killed and slowly lost their minds until their primal instincts for survival became the only thing left. However, in a strange twist of fate, some characters manage to challenge her. They … Read more

Best high refresh rate monitors for Valorant and Fortnite

Fortnite and Valorant are both competitive shooters, and having a fast screen is a major advantage over the competition. The higher refresh rate screen helps you react faster to the enemies that appear on your screen and win the duels. Today’s gaming monitors have extremely high refresh rates, low response times and other features that … Read more