Star Wars Jedi Studio Boss Stands Up For Trans Rights

Vince Zampella brings Titanfall 2 to the stage at E3 2016.

picture: Kevork Djansisian (Getty Images)

Vince Zampella, General Manager of Respawn Entertainment and President of some Electronic Arts Biggest Perkstook to Twitter in defense of transgender rights ahead of the start of Pride Month on June 1. Kotaku I learned that this rare offer comes after an internal roundtable discussion earlier today, as executives at the FIFA maker once again faced questions from staff about their relative silence on these issues.

“Trans rights are human rights,” Zambia wrote on Twitter on Tuesday. “It’s simple that way. Respawn has grown on the principles of diversity, equality and inclusion and strives to uphold these values. Let’s be better human beings.”

Zampella was previously the co-founder of Call of duty Studio Infinity Ward and is currently President EA studios close to Apex LegendsAnd the Star Wars Jedi: SurvivorAnd the battlefield. The publisher has staked so heavily on his vision and leadership, which now includes speaking out on pressing social issues that the employer has remained silent. Several developers, including some at EA, thanked Zampella in the tweet comments for expressing his support. Zambia did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Lindsay Pearson, Vice President Franchise for Sims At Maxis, she’s also rated. “Women’s rights are human rights,” EA veteran for 20 years wrote on twitter. Transgender rights are human rights. Maxis and Sims We value diversity, equality and inclusion at our core and strive to achieve this through our teams and our work. We see you and stand with you.” The Sims 4The last update added custom pronouns, and in recent years the Series made concerted efforts To be more inclusive.

The comments by game industry veterans came after a meeting earlier in the day on LGTBQ+ issues led by EA’s chief DEI director, Asha George, and Kate Kellogg, EA Studios’ chief operating officer, according to two sources familiar with the event. There, they again encountered questions from employees about why EA did not take a public position on topics such as transgender rights and the right to abortion.

Sources said some employees were again dismayed by the lack of clear answers from management, whose response again appears to be based on the idea of ​​abortion and transgender rights that lack company-wide support. Kellogg and George effectively echoed the remarks of Chief Personnel Officer Mala Singh of The company’s inner city hall a week ago.

“These are incredibly complex personal issues and part of being an inclusive company means being inclusive of all of those perspectives,” she said at the time, without specifying what other “views” might be on issues like transgender rights. Sources said Kellogg and George have followed in her lead by trying to focus the conversation instead on what EA can do to support the individual healthcare needs of its employees amid ongoing right-wing culture wars and attacks on human rights.

The battlefield was the publisher Previously sponsored by Dallas Morning News ad Along with dozens of other companies condemning a blatant government order against transgender people in Texas. “We are proud to join the Human Rights Campaign, along with others in the business community, to stand against discriminatory laws and policies being introduced in Texas, Florida and other states across the country,” she said in a statement to the press. the time.

However, neither that sentiment nor Zampella’s has been shared on EA’s website or social media channels. This is in stark contrast to studios like bungee And the certain affinity, which has not held back on issues of polarization, seems to be viewed by other game companies as too controversial to influence. It is not yet clear how EA in particular will reconcile its current silence with the 2022 Pride Month activities.

Pride does not mean ignoring this cruel fact in order to celebrate, pride was and still is a celebration in the face of hate. Wrote in a blog post At the start of Pride Month last year. “We know we can do more for our LGBTQIA+ employees and players.”

Update on 05/31/2022 7:41 PM ET: An EA spokesperson commented, “EA’s support for the LGBTQIA+ and transgender communities is long-standing and enduring, and has been shared widely and publicly,” providing a link to Pride 2021 EA mentioned above. Blog post.

Update on 05/31/2022 9:55 PM ET: A new tweet has been added by the Franchise Head of Creative Development for Sims.

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